Zim Opposition Party Takes Careless Whispers over IMF Fund

……Under spotlight Finance Minister breaths hell fire , defends  President Mnangagwa Government …..

By Nevson Mpofu

Big shadows of uncertainity over transparency of IMF fund takes critical lines of further division between opposition MDC led by Nelson Chamisa and ZANU PF . Opposition Leader mid this week on 27 August on Friday blasted ZANU PF expostulating on fair use of the close to US$1 billion received by Zimbabwe .

Zimbabwe received US $ 961 million from the International Monetary Fund . Alas , notwithstanding the importance of the huge amount , Nelson Chamisa and  MDC cites lack of transparency , accountability in the management of this chunk of finance which is still in its infancy. MDC spokesperson Fadzai Mahere took the ruling party ZANU PF for a blast , swiping it in past reflections that  , the party is ,

“The past is replete with examples of how ZANU PF misuses public fund to fund its campaigns . There is no reason to believe this time it will be different.”

“we call the government to be transparent in the disbursement of the funds . it should not be looted by the political elite.”

The country received the money under SDR , special drawing rights . It is meant for economic development , step up on covid 19 , for national reserves for future use , for fiscal and monetary policy space , domestic and external debt sustainability , financial stability too  , this has been spelt out by Finance Minister who defended the government , ZANU PF and President Mnangagwa .

“We hear of section of opposition talking of lack of transparency in the management of this fund . The money will be used wisely , with transparency in every part of it for the development of the country .

” President Mnangagwa under the new dispensation runs a fair , transparent government  that has the vision for this country in terms of development . The money shall boost our economy transparently , contrary to the thoughts of some people “.

Minister Ncube  talked in length curtailing public fears thet the fund is doomed to fail the economy . MDC spokesperson added that ZANU PF in 2008 used the money to fund its political election campaigns and to repay its loan to IMF after the global financial crisis .

The spokesperson adds on that they urge citizens to stand up and expose corruption and demand accountability .

“of the US $ 400 million received by the country , in 2009 US $140 million was used to settle IMF arreas . The country is still walloping in debt challenges , this is a challenge for future generations , ” she said .

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