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Fisherman’s Diary Puts Cameroon Film Industry on Global Map With Oscars Representation
January 11, 2021 | 0 Comments

By Boris Esono Nwenfor

Cameroonian Movie The Fisherman's Diary picks up from where it left in 2020
Cameroonian Movie The Fisherman’s Diary picks up from where it left in 2020

Picking up from where it left behind in 2020, Cameroonian movie The Fisherman’s Diary is going full steam ahead in 2021. The movie fronted by Kang Quintus and Faith Fidel and Directed by Enah Johnscott has been accepted to represent Cameroon at the 93rd edition of the Oscars.

“The movie becomes the 1st ever Cameroon film to achieve this milestone. Thank you to the Cameroon Oscars committee and CFI,” Kang Quintus posted.

“It is a statement that the Cameroonian film industry is doing a lot of work. We have stepped up the game a little bit and it is quite a humble experience that the Fisherman’s Diary is the first-ever Cameroonian film to be accepted into the Oscars to represent Cameroon,” Kang Quintus told Pan African Visions in a telephone interview. 

“I am very humble and it tells us that whatever we are doing here we are doing the right thing and a lot of work is to be done. I can tell you that this is the beginning of many great films as we are heading to August and we are open to partway for that to be possible.”

With the Fisherman’s Diary already making headways, Kang Quintus is already envisaging the production of a new movie before the year ends. “The Fisherman’s Diary is the beginning of many films to come from Kang Quintus Films,” Kang Quintus said.

“As soon as we are done with the marketing and distribution of this film we are getting to preproduction for the next film and all of that is in the pipeline. We have to put all energy behind the Fisherman’s Diary right now because it has to get all the attention it deserves.”

“There are many awards that we have submitted this film to and as soon as the good news comes in we are going to make it public,” Kang Quintus, the Best actor of the 2020 Golden Movie Awards said. 

Last year the Fisherman’s Diary was one of the major success stories for the Cameroonian movie industry picking up awards in the country and beyond. At the Golden Movie Awards in Ghana and the African Movie Academy Awards (AMAA) in Nigeria, the Film snapped up 10 awards, adding to awards in Instanbul, Cameroon, and a host of other countries.

The movie fronted by Kang Quintus and Faith Fidel has won big at the Golden Movie Awards in Ghana and the African Movie Academy Awards (AMAA) in Nigeria.
The movie fronted by Kang Quintus and Faith Fidel has won big at the Golden Movie Awards in Ghana and the African Movie Academy Awards (AMAA) in Nigeria.

An insight into The Fisherman’s Diary

The movie directed by Enah Johnscott and produced by Kang Quintus is a storey of a 12-year-old Ekah (Faith Fidel) who got inspired by Malala Yousalzai, the youngest noble prize winner.

She is determined to go to school in a village of fishermen where it is considered as taboo. He drives to break this adage gets her embroiled with her father Solomon (Kang Quintus) experience with girl child education, critiqsite reported.

The film features other actors such as Ramses Nouah, Onyama Laura, Neba Godwill, Mayohchu and Daphne Njie.

The film has won best film in India and New York, picking up Best director, best film, best soundtrack and best production nominations at the prestigious PAMA in Paris, France.

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Cameroon: The Fisherman’s Diary Gets 15 Nominations at Ghana Golden Movie Awards
November 23, 2020 | 0 Comments

By Boris Esono Nwenfor

Kang Quintus and Faith Fidel
Kang Quintus and Faith Fidel

Cameroonian movie The Fisherman’s Diary has received fifteen (15) nominations at the Ghana Golden Movie Awards. This is a record that The Fisherman’s Diary has been able to set as no film from Cameroon has been able to get that at an international festival.

“We have had 61 festival selections so far in 29 countries internationally. Recently, we became the first film to win 6 awards at the Festiva Ecrans Noirs in Yaounde. It is a sign to say we have a product that does not only cut across Cameroonians but cuts across the national boundaries,” Kang Quintus told Pan African Visions.

The Fisherman's Diary amongst the nominees for Official Golden Movie
The Fisherman’s Diary amongst the nominees for Official Golden Movie

“We have made waves in 29 countries and 6 nominations in a festival like that with other great films in Africa and we dominating the entire festival is an honour for not just me but the entire country Cameroon. It tells us that the Cameroonian cinema is there and we are ready to compete with any other country and not just in Africa but the world at large.”

Kang Quintus has been nominated in 2 categories; Best Actor and Best Sound Editor and he say it is a humbling experience. “It tells you that whatever you want to do in life you should do it right. Take your time, make sure that everything is 200 per cent and do not settle for 100 per cent. Shoot for 200 per cent and if you end up with 100 per cent you are still perfect but if you shoot for 100 and end up with 50 per cent it is a failure,” Kang Quintus said, as he continues the national tour of the Fisherman’s Diary.

“It was a lot of time and talent that went into the project and this is just a reflection of hard work that went into the film.”

Faith Fidel, the young actress continues to make headway into the movie industry as she was nominated in three categories. She was nominated under the categories of Best Actress, Most Promising Actor, and Golden Discovery.

Fisherman’s Diary Premiers in Buea/Limbe Back on

Following the killing of six children at Mother Francisca International Bilingual School in Kumba, South West Region of Cameroon on October 24, 2020, the Management of Kang Quintus Films cancelled the premiers of the movie in Buea and Limbe. The premiers were to be held October 30 for Buea and October 31 in Limbe.

Speaking to Kang Quintus he says work is underway to have the movie premiere in Buea and Limbe. “Right now we are currently talking with our sponsors Orange Cameroon, the Ministry of Arts and Culture, and other well-wishers of the project,” He said.

“We are looking at how to reschedule the date probably it might be this week or next week for Buea and Limbe but we are working on it. This decision will be communicated soonest.”  

Kang Quintus nominated for Best Actor in a Drama
Kang Quintus nominated for Best Actor in a Drama

Complete Nominations

Best Actor – Kang Quintus

Best Actress – Faith Fidel

Best Overall Film – The Fisherman’s Diary

Best Director – Enah Johnscott

Best Cinematographer – Rene Ettat

Best Screenplay – Enah Johnscott and Proxy Buh Melvin

Best supporting Actress – Ndamo Damarise

Best Supporting Actor – Cosson Chinepoh

Best Art Director – Nkanya Nkwai

Most Promising Actor – Faith Fidel

Best Sound Editor – Kang Quintus

Golden Discovery Actor – Faith Fidel

Best Soundtrack – Ewube Official

Best Indigenous Film – The Fisherman’s Diary

Best Editor – Diba J Blerk

About the Fisherman’s Diary

The movie directed by Enah Johnscott and produced by Kang Quintus is a storey of a 12-year-old Ekah (Faith Fidel) who got inspired by Malala Yousalzai, the youngest noble prize winner.

She is determined to go to school in a village of fishermen where it is considered as taboo. He drives to break this adage gets her embroiled with her father Solomon (Kang Quintus) experience with girl child education, critiqsite reported.

The film features other actors such as Ramses Nouah, Onyama Laura, Neba Godwill, Mayohchu and Daphne Njie.

The film has won best film in India and New York, picking up Best director, best film, best soundtrack and best production nominations at the prestigious PAMA in Paris, France.

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Ecrans Noirs 2020: Cameroonian Movie The Fisherman’s Diary wins Best Central African Film
November 10, 2020 | 0 Comments

By Boris Esono Nwenfor

The Fisherman’s Diary won big at the 2020 edition of Ecrans Noirs

Cameroonian movie The Fisherman’s Diary has won big at the 2020 edition of Ecrans Noirs. The movie picked up 5 awards to add to their numerous awards won in the country and across the globe.

Directed by Enah Johnscott and starring Kang Quintus and Faith Fidel, the film tells the story of a young girl battling to get an education in a society where a girl’s education is forbidden.

Faith Fidel, the lead actress in the movie won Best Actress. She also took home the Special Jury Prize. The Fisherman’s Diary won the Best Screenplay. The movie was voted the winner of the Best Cameroon Film category, while also winning in the Best Central African Film.

Shortly after winning at the Ecrans Noirs, the team from The Fisherman’s Diary in a video were seen presenting their prizes to Cameroon’s Minister of Arts and Culture, Pierre Ismael Bidoung Kpwatt.

This year, the movie has succeeded in winning numerous awards across the world. At the London’s I Will Tell International Festival, Faith Fidel who played Ekah in the Fisherman’s Diary won Best actress in a feature drama. The movies also snapped up the best feature drama at the best feature drama.  

This October, the Fisherman’s Diary succeeded in winning four prizes in Istanbul, Turkey. The best Lead actor went to Kang Quintus. Enah Johnscott won Best Director. In the Best Film category, the Fisherman’s diary came out a winner. The Best Original Score went to the song by Ewube and produced by Blaise B.

What is Fisherman’s Diary?

The movie directed by Enah Johnscott and produced by Kang Quintus is a storey of a 12-year-old Ekah (Faith Fidel) who got inspired by Malala Yousalzai, the youngest noble prize winner.

She is determined to go to school in a village of fishermen where it is considered as taboo. He drives to break this adage gets her embroiled with her father Solomon (Kang Quintus) experience with girl child education, critiqsite reported.

The film features other actors such as Ramses Nouah, Onyama Laura, Neba Godwill, Mayohchu and Daphne Njie.

The film has won best film in India and New York, picking up Best director, best film, best soundtrack and best production nominations at the prestigious PAMA in Paris, France.

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New Release: ‘Gambian Lives Matter’ Omid Wisdom New Provoking Single
October 9, 2020 | 0 Comments

By Bakary Ceesay

Omid Wisdom, a prominent Gambian actor cum artiste releases has a new thought provoking single, ‘Gambiano Labaluwo’ or Gambian Lives Matter available in all digital platforms worldwide.

The song  features four  prominent Gambian artistes includes: Og Log, Sparklyn Black, Hussein Dada and Bigg Faa.

In an exclusive interview with Pan African Visions, Wisdom explained the motivation behind the song he said:”We all know there are lots of mishaps going on in the country, such as corruption, high rate maternity deaths illegal fishing in our sea by the Chinese which resulted to shortage of fish in the country”.

He added that: “This is the reason I came up with this song. Telling the duty bearers that Gambian Lives Matter people. Deserve better than the situation we are facing. I recently was in a fire situation and the fire service was nowhere to help me. Had to fight out the fire on my own which thank God I did but I incurred a lot of damages in the process. In fact, taking this moment to say thank you to all my fans and friends that have been reaching out”

He further explained that collaborating with the other artists was smooth, adding that when he explained the concept to them they were delighted and felt the need for a song like this.

“I hope the listeners will see the need to understand the importance of civil education. Not to vote blindly during elections. I hope the listener will aim to understand the state of affairs of the country by acquiring the necessary information on how the country is being governed so the listener, if a citizen of our beautiful Gambia will be proactive in nation building, ” he emphasised.

Future plans

“My future plans involve making more music for the Gambians and the world at large. Making more movies as I also am an actor. To incorporate my entrepreneur activities, and businesses under one umbrella, connected to my music all in the hope of giving Gambians and the world at large entertainment, edutainment as well my participation in socio-conscious advocacy; toward the development of the society. I have an EP, an album and videos lined up. A new movie too. Hopefully as the covid-19 situation becomes less of a problem, I will bless the world with more blessed material. Even if it doesn’t. I will find a way”

Omid Wisdom’s name is not new to the music and entertainment scene in the Gambia. With the most talked about occurrence of 2020, the Corona Pandemic, artistes have contributed their quota in speaking on the subject with Omid Wisdom’s controversial Corona song also on everyone’s radar.

A song that is guaranteed to be on the lips of every Gambian citizen, ‘Gambiano Labaluwo’ urges Gambians to not be quiet concerning the truth that Gambian Lives Matter and directs this concern towards the politicians.

It is a song mention worthy of every Gambian media platform as it touches on the very critical subject matter concerning every Gambian at the moment. The fate of the country, the direction of it’s politics vis a vis it’s citizenry’s well being.

He continues to be one of the most respected artist to grace the Gambian soil with his multitalented display of musical styles, his influence, his relevance crossing boundaries in it’s representation of himself, his fans and the world.

A simple Omid Wisdom in Google’s searchbox opens up more than a surprise box into the work of one stated by vox populi, the people, as the voice of the Gambia. Literally due to his very special and unique sounding voice, mentioned on MTV’s website a few years ago as an “act to watch out for on the global music scene”.

With countless radio friendly hits, MTV features, numerous nominations, outstanding awards, socio-conscious artivism, and a new Gambian/Nollywood produced movie making rounds in various African countries just to name a few.

Below the link of song :

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Ayoba and MusicTime® partner to bring free music listening to Africa
September 28, 2020 | 0 Comments
Listen while you chat

 Ayoba and MusicTime® are proud to announce their partnership to bring free music listening to ayoba users, with the launch of a new feature in the ayoba app titled MusicTime in ayoba.

MusicTime® in ayoba [or MTiA] is now live in South Africa, Nigeria, Ghana, Cameroon, Rwanda, Uganda, Congo Brazzaville, Guinee, Guinee Bissau, Sudan, and Afghanistan.

Each territory offers users free access to 10 playlists with 20 songs in each. In addition, the app has a new mini player that allows you to listen to music while you chat to your contacts with no interruption. Playlists are curated specifically for each territory, and always include music from the region as well. Users can subscribe [free] to the channel as per all ayoba channels, and numbers are rising quickly as users discover the new feature.

An important feature of MTiA is the ability to listen to music with no data costs. Ayoba is zero rated for data in most of its markets via its partnership with MTN allowing MTN users to listen to a limited amount of music with no data costs.

The MusicTime® channels also include editorial content, music video clips and artist polls. A major feature will be channels in partnership with artists, such as the newly launched Sark Nation channel, featuring top Ghanaian rapper, Sarkodie; currently available across Africa. Many more artist partnerships will be launched in the coming weeks.

Ayoba has evolved significantly since its launch in 2019 as an instant messaging app. Users can now enjoy content in more than 50 channels covering topics from Coronavirus news to education to cooking tips, football, Formula 1, music news and more. In 2020, ayoba has also added gaming, and offer users free access to top mobile games. In some markets (Cameroon, Ghana and Uganda) the integration with MTN Mobile Money (MoMo) allows users to send and receive money on ayoba.

About ayoba:
Since its launch in 2019, ayoba has reached over 2 million monthly active users. It offers users free access to an ecosystem of digital and rich media services through channels, micro-apps and payment solutions, embedded within an African super-app.

Ayoba is highly localised and tailored for African and Middle East consumer needs, supporting 20 relevant languages. Users can send and receive encrypted messages, share photos, videos, files and voice notes and can also subscribe to live channels. Localised content is available through curated channels aimed at entertaining, educating and empowering communities as well as a range of games. Ayoba is available for Android users on the Google Store, via its website and on Apple Store.

About MusicTime:
MusicTime is a unique, localized Android app offering “pay as you go” music streaming as well as limited free music listening. It is presently available in South Africa, Nigeria, Ghana, Congo Brazzaville, Cameroon, eSwatini and Zambia. There is a strong focus on local artists, supported by a strong international catalogue.

*SOURCE Ayoba and MusicTime®
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Gambia’s Stylish Female Singer Releases Lovers Music Video
September 19, 2020 | 0 Comments

By Bakary Ceesay

Stylish golden Sarah Joy, Gambian female singer has slammed music fans with amazing love music video called ‘Du Teey’ featuring the rap star of Bakoteh (BK) Tam-50.

‘Du teey’ harmonics translate from wollof language meaning ‘the love is not today’, capturing the overall sense of footage gave prolong novel story of relationship between two lovers that shared strong love for each other but could not settle together as couple.

It takes courage to love, but pain through love is the purifying fire which those who love generously know.

Speaking to Sarah Joy in an exclusive the singer said she was inspired by people who complained and regret spending lot of time that will later be term as a waste. She said some relationships, some people spend decades together only to realised that they are not meant for each other. At some point they felt is a waste of time, energy and investment. Many instances you see your younger ones settling down which make the whole issue dramatic.

She said that kind of long waiting relationships frustrate both parties involved because is hard to continue life without the person you pictured yourself with, but however sometimes all they need is little motivation and incentives which will either make them stay or leave yet there is a point when you have to give ultimatum to act on.

“Basically the song is to encouraging them to give alternative to the person either to leave or get it official (marriage).”

The song is recorded, mixed and mastered by leading production house in the Gambia, Stylzz Records.  Produced by KAINAWA Beats and shapely video shoot by Ultimate Media.

Already the video geared 4, 081 views on YouTube and still counting the streams. 
Sarah Joy is not only known for her beautiful melody singing but also a TV and radio mogulist who has won the hearts of many follower. She often used her platforms to champion Joy house entertainment/promotion, identified as music advocacy group established with the primary objective of empowering female musicians in the music business.

In same exclusive she added that very soon her team (Joy House Entertainment/ promotion) will embark on the famous Girl Power project which entail a bundle of things but the basic idea aimed at creating opportunity and using music to empower the women.

Below is the link of the music video Du Teey

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A Legend In His Own Right: The Making of Stanley Enow “King Kong”
September 15, 2020 | 0 Comments

By Joseph Besong

With passion and hard work, Stanley Enow has become a force to reckon with in the world of music

Stanley Ebai Enow “King Kong” was born on February 8th in Bamenda, North West Cameroon. He hails from Eshobi, Mamfe Central Sub Division. The pride of his origin and tribe influenced him to assume the pseudonym ‘’Bayangi Boy’’.

Stanley grew up in Bafoussam, West of Cameroon, where he owes allegiance. He was raised in a typical Presbyterian family adhering to religious tenets. He became an entertainment enthusiast as a teenager.

After primary school, Stanley Enow’s zest for music and dancing developed significantly. He penned his first lyrics in form two while at GBHS Bafoussam. Massively inspired by Usher and peer influence, he indulged into break dancing. He says ‘’If you weren’t a break dancer, you weren’t cool in school’’. In an interview on Afternoon Express in November 2017, he disclosed his elder brother (Martin) also a sucker for Hip hop music, bought tapes of 2 Pac and Ja Rule which helped to hone his lyrical artistry.

After obtaining his Advanced Level, in 2007, Stanley moved to Douala to pursue University studies. Considering Bafoussam wasn’t showbiz-inclined, Stanley had the conviction the economic heartbeat Douala would be propitious for him to chase his dreams.

He enrolled in the University of Douala to study Business Communication and eventually graduated in 2010.

Exceptionally talented, Stanley became a young highly solicited radio host in Douala. He featured as host on The Groove and Cocktail Hit Parade, two shows with substantial and ardent following. Private radio stations sought after his skills as animator, offering him a huge platform and status.

His knack, unmatched charisma and ability to effortlessly express himself in French and English enabled him to clasp a working relationship with prominent TV host and rapper Tony Nobody. In 2010-2011, Stanley became a regular host for the Hip Hop show ‘’MBOA’’ aired Wednesdays 4pm and rebroadcast on Saturdays 4pm on Canal 2 International. He was also selected to host shows for international artists including Sexion D’Assaut as well as voice-over actor for MTN Group.

Stanley’s relationship with music industry heavyweight Tony Nobody unveiled a new horizon in his life. With unreserved humility, he served as a mentee under Blaxity alongside artist Black La Rue.

In February 2012,he gave an electrifying performance at Sefyu’s concert in Douala. He mounted the stage and chanted the national anthem brandishing Cameroon’s flag. This was the beginning of a positive twist. It was glaring, success was imminent . He was co-host with the MTN caravan at the University Games held in Buea in May 2012.

In an interview, Stanley Enow narrated a scenario which sparked his inspiration for the song ‘Hein pere’ in 2012. He says he was trying to pacify a man who had lost his cool after spending so much time in a queue trying to pay an invoice. He said to the man ‘’what else can you do, hein pere’’. This culminated into the biggest Hip Hop song ever from Cameroon. ‘’Hein pere’ is a song of motivation and hope to the youths in despair. The song was released in March 2013 under Motherland Empire imprint and rapidly earned viral rotation across Cameroon.

I remember Stanley called me saying he’s about to drop a song which was going to change the face of Cameroon’s urban music landscape. And yes! He did.

He declared himself ‘’Cameroon’s Hip Hop Messiah’’ on Facebook and in July 2013, ‘’Hein pere’’ became a chart-topper on Trace Urban. He indulged into merchandise with record-breaking sales of ‘’Hein pere’’ T-shirts and hats.

Stanley Enow has earned numerous lucrative endorsement deals with reputable brands including Guinness, BICEC, and is presently Samsung brand Ambassador

In December 2013, he won Male Artist of the Year and Urban Artist of the year at Cameroon Academy Awards (SONNAH). In 2014, he won Best Video of the Year 2013 and Trace New Artist of The Year 2013.

He later released ‘’Tumbu Boss’’ video in April 14th 2014 and ‘’Njama njama cow’’.

2014, was a massive breakthrough when he bagged Best New Act at the MTV Africa Music Award in a category comprising Burna Boy, Phyno, Heavy K and Uhuru. He also won Best Newcomer at AFRIMMA 2014, Best Male Central Africa at KORA Awards.

In 2015, he collaborated with Ghanaian superstar Fuse ODG and Olamide on ‘’Black Commando’’, a Guinness ‘’Made of Black’’ ad campaign. He also collaborated with Sarkodie on ‘’Njama Njama cow’’ remix and DJ Neptune on ‘’King Kong’’, shot in Johannesburg. ‘’Work hard (Le pere Noel) ’’ was another phenomenal song released in September 2015. The video was shot in Paris by Max Ngassa. He unleashed ‘’Soldier Like Ma Papa’’ in 2015.

He was invited to the Congressional Black Caucus Annual Legislative Conference in Washington DC which was held in September 2015.

In January 2016, he collaborated with Ice Prince on ‘’Yours’’ produced by Sammy Gyang. He collaborated with Locko on ‘’Bounce’’ and on May 9TH he dropped the video with South African rapper AKA without Locko, evoking polemic. From his ‘’Afro Series’’ in prep of his sophomore album, he dropped ‘’Follow me’’.

In July 2016, he collaborated with Biz Ice on ‘’We are Hip Hop’’.

In 2017, Stanley Enow released ‘’Pray’’, ‘’Love Song’’ featuring Claude Ndam and ‘’Adore You’’ featuring Mr Eazi and ‘’Caramel’’ featuring Davido, starring Lagos-based Zimbabwean TV personality Vimbai.

Stanley Enow has received numerous international awards and inspired a generation of so many other talented young Cameroonian artists

Stanley Enow delivered ‘’Elle est la’’ in March 2018 and ‘’Casanova’’ video in June 2018. He was backlashed for switching to singing, but this seemed to be a new lane for award-winning artist. In September 2018, a massive collabo with Locko and Tzy Panchak was served. It has hoarded 4.7 million views on Youtube.

He churned out ‘’Good day (Fire)’’ on March 15th 2019. ‘’Stanley Vs Enow’, a’ 12-track album in November 2019 followed by a video of ‘’La fete’’.

In January 2020 , ‘’My way’’ was remixed featuring Tanzanian superstar Diamond Platnum and Ivorian Ariel Sheney.

Multiple award-winning artist Stanley Enow became UNICEF Goodwill ambassador on August 19th 2020.

He has earned numerous lucrative endorsement deals with reputable brands including Guinness, BICEC, and presently Samsung brand Ambassador.

Stanley is a successful entrepreneur owning Motherland clothing and other businesses. He has created a remarkable impact across Africa and keeps conquering the world.

If you believe and stay focused, you shall definitely thrive.

Get inspired !

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Rising Nigerian Artiste Returns With Double Single Release Titled “Grateful”
August 28, 2020 | 0 Comments

By Bakary Ceesay

The Ebro-endorsed Nigerian act is back after the success of “Spaceman 2.0” with two new singles “Tables Turn” and “Gotta” ft. SDaWG

On 14th August 2020 sees Port Harcourt based rapper Kiienka release two singles dubbed “Tables Turn” and “Gotta” featuring SGaWD. It’s been 3 months since we last heard from Kiienka when he debuted “Spaceman 2.0”; a hard-hitting blend of modern-day trap and R&B which quickly secured his spot as an artist to watch in the new wave of African trap music and even a feature on Ebro’s Discovered on Apple Music with his acclaimed single “In The Ends”.

Kiienka comes through with a collection of 2 trap-infused Hip Hop singles, which are both self-produced. His signature deft rap flows inspired by Atlanta style rap, layered psychedelic beats, and speaker-bumping baselines, as well as braggadocio, are all heavily present in both songs as Kiienka repeatedly boasts of his wins pointing out the ones who said he would fail are now his fans.

Tables Turn’ carries Kiienka’s signature trap synths and melodies to let us know how much his life has switched up; “…Tables turn round, Look at me I’m a star now…”. He acknowledges his success expressing his passion and gratitude for the love he is receiving in his music career thus far “…No vvs on my neck but I keep flooding the arena. Shawty make it work and she keep busting all my mental…”

Kiienka’s artistic versatility on “Gotta” is evident with the help of SGaWD and her soul-infused vocals. We feel the passion that drives Kiienka’s everyday grind introducing a hardworking persona aiming to get the bread for his family and friends “…Gotta go get it for all of my G’s, gotta go get it for my family too…”. With honest and relatable lyricism Kiienka circles around daily struggles experienced while securing his bag “…Came out the mud I got dirt on my shoes, These bitches didn’t love me, they said I was broke, Had to go get it by any means, middle finger to all of my foes…”

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Mali: Oumou Sangaré tops World Music Charts Europe
August 9, 2020 | 0 Comments

By Bakary Ceesay

Oumou Sangaré

Malian Oumou Sangaré has claimed the No 1 spot on the World Music Charts Europe(link is external) (WMCE) with her album titled Acoustic.

Acoustic rose 13 places after making its entry on the chart at No 14 in July. The offering is essentially an unplugged version of her 2017 release Mogoya. The album was released digitally on 19 June through record label No Format.

“I suggested to Oumou that she record this album after a show in London to celebrate 15 years of No Format,” No Format founder Laurent Bizot said. “At that concert, for the first time, she had agreed to try out this acoustic approach, which is all about letting go. The space it created for her voice was wonderful.”

The Pace Setters, a reissue of Ghanaian band Edikanfo’s 1981 LP, ranks second after its debut on the chart at No 7 in July.

Making its entry at No 4 is The King of Sudanese Jazz by musician Sharhabil Ahmed via the Habibi Funk label. The seven tracks were recorded in the 1960s and feature a mix of rock and roll, funk, surf rock, traditional Sudanese music and Congolese rumba.

Maghreb K7 Club: Synth Raï, Chaoui & Staiif (1985-1997) is another newcomer on the chart ranking at No 7. The album features an impressive compilation of music recorded and produced between 1985 and 1997 by musicians from the Maghreb region in Algeria.

Further down, Santrofi’s Alewa – the No 1 album in July – drops to No 9, while Tamotait by Tuareg band Tamikrest from Mali fell eight positions to No 13. The album was at the top of the chart in June.

At No 17 is Afropentatonism by Nigerien desert blues musician Alhousseini Anivolla and Ethiopian jazz guitarist Girum Mezmur. The pan-African project dropped six places after debuting at No 11 last month.

Nayda! by Bab L’Bluz from Morocco completes the list of African albums on the chart with a debut at No 18. Real World Records says the album features “a new wave of Moroccan artists and musicians taking their cues from local heritage, singing words of freedom in the Moroccan-Arabic dialect of darija (‘nayda’ means both ‘to rise up’ and ‘to party’) and mixing influences as and when.”

The WMCE features albums selected by radio producers and presenters across Europe. The albums are then played for a month on various radio stations, and an official poster is displayed in multiple music stores.

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July 24, 2020 | 0 Comments
First new artist signings include respected rappers; Tenor (Cameroon), Suspect 95 (Côte d’Ivoire), & Omzo Dollar (Senegal)

Universal Music Group’s label dedicated to supporting the best in African hip-hop talent and culture across the continent, extends reach into French-speaking Africa.

ABIDJAN, July 24, 2020– Universal Music Group (UMG), the world leader in music-based entertainment, today announced the further expansion of its Def Jam Africa division into three new markets within French-speaking Africa; Côte d’Ivoire, Senegal and Cameroon, effective immediately.

Def Jam Africa launched in May 2020, as the first label dedicated to representing the best hip-hop, Afrobeats and trap talent in Africa, and follows the blueprint of the iconic Def Jam Recordings label, which has led and influenced the cutting-edge in hip-hop and urban culture for more than 35 years.

Def Jam Africa will now have additional A&R, marketing and digital resources based within UMG’s offices in Abidjan (Côte d’Ivoire), Dakar (Senegal) and Douala (Cameroon), dedicated to discovering hip-hop talent across all French-speaking African markets and will operate under the leadership of Franck Kacou, Directeur Général, Universal Music Africa.

Kacou will work closely with Sipho Dlamini, CEO, Universal Music Sub-Saharan Africa & South Africa and Def Jam Africa teams in Johannesburg, South Africa and Lagos, Nigeria, to ensure the Def Jam Africa continues to identify and sign the best artist talent from across the entire continent.

The first flagship artist signings to join Def Jam Africa from these countries are highly respected and hugely popular rappers; Tenor (Cameroon), Suspect 95 (Côte d’Ivoire), & Omzo Dollar (Senegal), The trio joins some of Africa’s most influential artists and MC’s already on the label including: Cassper Nyovest, Nasty C, Larry Gaaga, Boity, Nadia Nakai, Tellaman, Tshego, Ricky Tyler & Vector.

In making the announcement, Franck Kacou said, “We are excited to launch Def Jam Africa in Côte d’Ivoire, Senegal and Cameroon with three of Africa’s most exciting hip-hop artists; Tenor, Suspect 95 and Omzo Dollar. There is a wealth of domestic hip-hop talent here and in the surrounding countries, that has the potential to transcend language and geographical boundaries to appeal to audiences throughout Africa, France and beyond. I look forward to working alongside Sipho to expand our community of artists across the continent, and to help elevate hip-hop from Africa to new heights.

Jeff Harleston, interim Chairman & CEO, Def Jam Recordings said, “The reaction to the recent launch of Def Jam Africa showed the weight and respect that the Def Jam name and brand carries globally. We are excited to welcome these new markets to the Def Jam Family. It provides an important opportunity for audiences worldwide to discover the incredibly talented hip-hop artists emerging throughout the continent.”

Olivier Nusse, Chairman & CEO, Universal Music France said, “African hip-hop is one of the most exciting movements in music today. In recent years we have seen an increase in its popularity in France, but the appetite for African hip-hop continues to grow amongst audiences around the world. We are excited to further expand Def Jam Africa into Cameroon, Senegal and Côte d’Ivoire, and for these incredible artists to help build Def Jam Africa into the authentic and collaborative home of hip-hop across all of Africa.”

New tracks from Suspect 95 – ‘Merc*On’; Tenor – ‘Ce Que Je Veux’ and Omzo Dollar – ‘Dictature 1’ are released today on Def Jam Africa.

Click HERE to download artist images and label assets.

About Def Jam Recordings

Founded in 1984, Def Jam Recordings has represented the cutting-edge in hip-hop music for more than 35 years. Def Jam began as a maverick independent label inspired by downtown New York City’s vibrant street culture and the emerging sound of hip-hop, pioneered by iconic stars like LL Cool J, Slick Rick, The Beastie Boys and Public Enemy. Over the following two decades, Def Jam established its dominance with superstar acts like Jay-Z, DMX, Ja Rule, Method Man & Redman, Ludacris, Rihanna, Jeezy, and the inimitable Kanye West. Now in its fourth decade, Def Jam’s music and lifestyle has grown into a global brand – synonymous with creativity, quality and authenticity – encompassing a diverse roster of marquee and emerging stars like West, Justin Bieber, Alessia Cara, Logic, Pusha T, Jadakiss, Vince Staples, Jeremih, Big Sean, YG, 2 Chainz, Dave East, and Jhene Aiko, among others. Today, Def Jam has reaffirmed its passion for and commitment to hip-hop culture and has expanded its global brand reach to become the most-followed major label on all major social media platforms.

About Universal Music Group

Universal Music Group (UMG) is the world leader in music-based entertainment, with a broad array of businesses engaged in recorded music, music publishing, merchandising and audiovisual content in more than 60 countries. Featuring the most comprehensive catalog of recordings and songs across every musical genre, UMG identifies and develops artists and produces and distributes the most critically acclaimed and commercially successful music in the world. Committed to artistry, innovation and entrepreneurship, UMG fosters the development of services, platforms and business models in order to broaden artistic and commercial opportunities for our artists and create new experiences for fans. Universal Music Group is a Vivendi company.

Def Jam Africa artists on social media


Suspect 95

Omzo Dollar

Cassper Nyovest

Nasty C


Nadia Nakai


Larry Gaaga



Ricky Tyler

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Sierra Leone : Over alleged Police shooting IPCB Commences investigation
July 22, 2020 | 0 Comments

By Ishmael Sallieu Koroma

Sierra Leone’s Independent Police Complaint Board (IPCB)  has in a press statement on Monday said they have commenced preliminary investigations over the alleged shooting by security forces resulting in the killing of five people during a protest on Friday 19th July  in Makeni , Northern Sierra Leone.

 Residents in the Northern part of the country were protesting against the relocation of 1.65 megawatts thermal standby generator from the city, to temporarily service the airport town of Lungi when Police opened fire on protesters.

 The IPCB in a  release  stated they were initiating the investigations on its own pursuant to Regulations 9 of the said regulation with a view to determining the conduct of the SLP personnel involved.

“The  attention of the Independent Police Complaint Board (IPCB)  has been drawn to fracas between some residents of Makeni City and security forces ,including personnel of the Sierra Leone Police (SLP) allegedly resulting in the discharge of fire arms killing five (5) members of the civil populace and some others severely left wounded on Saturday 18th July , 2020 in Makeni City , Bombali District, ‘’the IPCB release stated.

According to IPCB, it was  reported that some residents took to the streets to protest against an attempt by the Electricity Distribution and Supply Authority (EDSA) to temporarily relocate a 1.65Mega Watts Thermal generator to Lungi Town in Portloko district.

“As provided for under Regulation 3(1) (c) of the IPCB Regulations, 2013 the IPCB is mandated to investigate among others ,”a shooting incident where a police officer has discharged  a fire arm or killed a person’’

IPCB however assured the public that they  will be informed of any development on the matter.

Mean while many civil society organisations ,rights groups and social movements have condemned  the heavy handedness of the security forces and thus calling for an independent investigation into the incident in the northern part of the country.

 Network Movement for Justice and Development  (NMJD)  on Tuesday said in a statement that it strongly condemned the killing of civilians in Makeni and called for an immediate impartial investigation.

“Network Movement for Justice and Development (NMJD) strongly condemns the recent killings of protesting civilians in the northern headquarter town of Makeni allegedly by the Sierra Leone Police . we are deeply disappointed by the alleged use of live bullets by the Sierra Leone Police to disperse unarmed civilian protesters . This action was uncalled for and could have been avoided,’’ NMJD said in a statement.

Director of Communications Renaissance Movement,  Makmid Kamara,  in an interview on local television Africa Young Voices expressed sympathy to the families and victims and called for accountability for the unlawful killings of compatriots urging the government for an immediate and independent investigations into the incident.

“As a movement we condemned all forms of violence and urged the young people across the country to channel their grievances to the relevant authorities in a peaceful and non-violent manner ,’’he said

Renowned human rights lawyer , Augustine Sorie -Sengbe Marrah wrote on his twitter “ There’s nothing wrong with removing standby generator from one place to another . what is unlawful and un justified is to shoot and kill those who protest such move (even if the protest is unreasonable ). What is also wrong is the Bar Association silent mode when compatriots are wasted….’’

However, government has called for calm and expressed sympathy for the lives loss and injuries that resulted in the Makeni saga.

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Cameroon: Makoge Collins, Biggy237 Contestant “Extraordinaire”
July 13, 2020 | 0 Comments

The King of “Talk and Do” has the prime objective of winning the competition and giving back to his community.

By Boris Esono Nwenfor

25-year-old Makoge Collins was born in Kumba and is a Journalist and sales representative

The inaugural version of a reality show termed “Biggy237” is set to hit TV screens across the country this August 1, 2020. Biggy237 was set to begin in January 2020, but due to the coronavirus pandemic, it was pushed forward.

61 contestants from across the country are set to enter the inaugural show. One of the contestants set to thrill viewers is Makoge Collins, Biggy contestant No.18. A graduate from the Department of Journalism and Mass Communication, 25-year-old Makoge Collins was born in Kumba, into a family of six children, being the last child, is a journalist at HiTV Cameroon, a sales representative at Colgate-Palmolive Distribution Company.

In an exclusive interview with Pan African Visions Cameroon correspondent this July 13, 2020, the self-styled king of “Talk and Do” say through Biggy 237 he intends to be one of the best Cameroonian entertainment journalists and also plan to become a creative Director.

PAV: How did you get involved in Biggy 237?

Makoge Collins: I saw the ad on Facebook but I was not interested because I was like it is another competition in Cameroon that things will go sideways. When it comes to competitions in Cameroon they always give it to the wrong persons, focusing on like, votes, and shares which for me is not a good way to say somebody merits an award. I was persuaded by my friend to go in for it, and I sat I thought what do I have to lose if go in for it? I did an audition video and send, and everything just exploded from there. With time, I knew that I needed the exposure, for people to see what I can do, and to see entertainment at its core.

Collins Makoge, contestant No. 18 for the inaugural Biggy 237 competition

PAV: What are some of the tasks you have been able to achieve so far?

Makoge Collins: We had four tasks that were presented and voted on. The first task was selling our location since as I am from Buea I sold it to tourists to make them interested to come to Buea. We had other tasks like how will you protect the environment; show how you care about your family and do an advert. All these things were very easy for me because it is something I love doing. It was a fun exercise.

They (organizers) told us that the winners will get a prize or something as it was based on votes and likes. There were many contestants whose tasks were not good at all based on quality and content. The panel knew that but since the contestants were popular hey had more views, likes and shares and votes because they could afford it. That is the only issue I faced with the assigned tasks.

PAV: What makes you stand out from the other 60 contestants competing?

Makoge Collins: What you see is what you get. I will not go there and be fake but I am going to be myself. I am confident and if I know I can’t do something I say it. With me Collins I am the king of talk and do. Even if it means I might fail or not always the winner it won’t stop me because I will work hard next time so I do better. I will not let anything stand in my way, I am a fighter. It is all about impressing people, creating awareness of what I can do. Many contestants will be like I can do this and that but with what I have seen, not all can do what they say they can do. What I see is just a brand but it is empty, it does not come with a package.

PAV: So what is your ambition?

Makoge Collins: I want to be one of the best entertainment journalists in Cameroon. With this (Biggy 237), it will give me great exposure. I also intend to become a creative Director. I like coming up with unique ideas, something different because with entertainment or fashion, unique or something different stands out more. I intend owning a business as it is my plan B. Apart from journalism, I want to be a great business person because have that mindset.

PAV: What are your telling your supporters and fans?

Makoge Collins: I am telling them that that thank you very much for standing by Collins, for being on this journey, for the push, for believing in me even when I did not fully believe in myself because what they tell me I feel like I can do more. I want to do more, not just for myself, my family but for them. If I end up winning, it is not just for me because it is always good to give back to society. I will make sure that they get a token of my prize, it might not be much but just to say thank you. I want to make them know that they are under the right flag, they are supporting the right person and we are going to fight till the end.

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CFI Faults Draft Law on Cultural and Artistic Association in Cameroon
July 10, 2020 | 0 Comments

By Boris Esono Nwenfor

Officials of the Cameroon Film Industry decrying the law on Culture and Artistic Association in Cameroon
Officials of the Cameroon Film Industry decrying the law on Culture and Artistic Association in Cameroon

The Cameroon Film Industry (CFI), a platform of film stakeholders in Cameroon with representatives from the producers, directors, actors, technicians, and writers’ guilds have called for a revision of the draft law on cultural and artistic associations tabled before parliament on June 29, 2020.

The members amongst other things made it categorically clear that the draft law greatly ignores the bicultural nature of Cameroon enshrined in the preamble of our constitution. To them it is reflected in the fact that the law does not take into consideration the organizational differences that exists in the two cultural systems of Cameroon.

“The law is unconstitutional because it raises a lot of conflict with other laws, Takum Fred Che, Financial Secretary of CFI said. “You cannot take a situation where the 1990 Laws that have guaranteed that Associations can be created at the grassroot level bringing it to the people. But this draft is centralizing the whole thing back to the Minister of culture.”

He added: “You have to procedurally suffer and even have to do a lot of documentation to make sure your application move from the sub divisional level to divisional, regional, and national level. It makes the Minister the only person to accredit and authorize the existence of federation. This totally goes against the 1990 liberal laws.”

The members further indicated that the law makes room for just a single federation totally taking away the freedom to form one which makes the draft unconstitutional. “The law is also practically difficult to apply because finally it is unclear if associations shall be under the management and control of MINAC or MINAT, thus creating a fertile ground for conflict of functions, responsibilities, and powers,” a concept note from CFI noted.

CFI which is a major stakeholder in the film sector of the country according to officials were and are being ignored and sidelined in the drafting of the law. The law to the officials does not have what it takes to harness, nurture and maximize their potentials.

CFI added: “The September 22, 1979, law which is used as base is misrepresented in the present law because whereas the 1979 law was intelligent enough to know that cultural groups and artistic groups cannot be governed under the same law, this one erroneously thinks they are the same. While the 1979 law uses the terms, “company,” “union,” and “guilds” to distinguish the appellations used depending on the area of competence, this drafts attempts to use them as hierarchical structures that are directly related and dependent.”

Proposing solution to the draft law on cultural and artistic Associations in Cameroon, the members of CFI said a clear distinction between cultural groups and artistic groups had to be made, with specific laws elaborated for each to ensure their smooth functioning. 

“Artistic groups should be governed by internationally established rules that respect and know guilds as agglomerations of common interest,” CFI said. “A confederation of federations representing our bicultural nature should be established in the artistic groups with equal representation.”

The draft bill has however been adopted leading CFI, and other stakeholders involve grappling with the fallout of the “bad” bill as stated by some officials.

The bill according to the Minster of Territorial Administration Paul Atanga Nji is one that is going to make the industry more profit and make it closer to their minister than how it was before.

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Awards winning DJ People’s Choice Release Debut Single ‘Kumpo’
July 5, 2020 | 0 Comments

By Bakary Ceesay

Awards winning Italian based Gambian prominent DJ People’s Choice, cum artiste has released his debut  song called ‘Kumpo’ available in all digital platforms.

It is recorded at Atomizer Records available in YouTube and Spotify. Kumpo is a Senegambia cultural traditional masquerade blend with African cultural and historical backgrounds in Mandinka language with house music making waves international. 

He is been the first person to blend house music and Afro-House in a African grand style which is well-known and accepted across the globe in live music scene.

DJ People’s Choice said he is currently on another song in the studio entitled ‘Manneh’  aim at blend the African tradition with house music.

“I am determined to sells our African culture to West to know that our culture is beautiful so that it can be an inter cultural exchange, dialogue and diversity across the globe,” he added.

He has colloborated with Gambia’s finest artiste ENC, in a song and Joe Nevix, a vateran music producer making waves across the globe.

Open for colloboration

The young determined DJ cum artiste calls on all artistes, Djs and promoters to come on board and work for the betterment of the industry across the globe.

He called on all Gambians and non to come and work with him. 

Below the link of song:

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SyncFloor Partners with Mavin Records, Launches Afropop-centric SyncSite
June 30, 2020 | 0 Comments
Afropop is golden, and Mavin Records is a powerhouse of African talent,” explains SyncFloor CEO Kirt Debique

SyncFloor, the commercial music marketplace, is announcing its partnership with Mavin Records, bringing the label’s catalog to more potential sync buyers via and its newly launched Mavin Records SyncSite. SyncFloor’s SyncSites allow its rights holder partners to surface a sync-oriented website that presents thematic, customized blocks of tracks and allows potential users to search for and find tracks from within the partner’s one-stop catalog, using natural language and cultural references.

“Afropop is golden, and Mavin Records is a powerhouse of African talent,” explains SyncFloor CEO Kirt Debique. “We are honored to get their beautiful music in front of production professionals worldwide.”

SyncFloor recently launched its commercial marketplace, along with a sister site SongsForPodcasters. Mavin’s one-stop catalog will also be featured in the podcast focused marketplace, making their infectious sounds and rhythmic vibrations accessible to the growing podcast phenomenon.

"SyncFloor's groundbreaking service promises immense access, making them fitting partners to expand our dealings in commercial music licensing," says Oghenejobo P. Tega, Chief Operating Officer, Mavin Records
“SyncFloor’s groundbreaking service promises immense access, making them fitting partners to expand our dealings in commercial music licensing,” says Oghenejobo P. Tega, Chief Operating Officer, Mavin Records

“SyncFloor’s groundbreaking service promises immense access, making them fitting partners to expand our dealings in commercial music licensing,” says Oghenejobo P. Tega, Chief Operating Officer, Mavin Records, “Over time, Afrobeats, and African culture, in general, have converted audiences across the globe with massive moments. We’re glad to offer our vast catalogue to brands and platforms looking to tell global stories in film and digital content.”

About SyncFloor

SyncFloor is a revolutionary new marketplace designed to unleash the full potential of music in commerce. We are revolutionizing music licensing, from music discovery through license clearance, for advertisements, film, TV, video games, and more. 

About SongsForPodcasters

SongsForPodcasters is a marketplace of commercial music to be used in podcasts of all types.  Built on the SyncFloor platform, SongsForPodcasters simplifies the discovery and licensing of music for podcast creators and producers through customized discovery, pricing, and licensing workflows.

About Mavin Records

Mavin Records was founded in 2012 by legendary Afrobeats producer, Don Jazzy, and produced some of the definitive music and artists such as Wande Cole, Tiwa Savage, and Reekado Banks. Currently, its roster spans a variety of genres with artists including Korede Bello, Johnny Drille, Di’ja, D’Prince, Dr. SID, LadiPoe, DNA, Rema, Crayon and DJ Big N. Today, Mavin is a community of amazing people dedicated to creativity, innovation and breaking new frontiers.

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German based worship leader Celebrate God’s faithfulness with ‘Miracle God’
June 28, 2020 | 0 Comments

By Bakary Ceesay

German-based Sierra-Leone Praise/worship leader Cyrus Richard Togba,  popularly known as Cyrus Richie has released his anticipated new single “Miracle God,” along with an accompanying lyric video.

Celebrating God’s faithfulness,  Cyrus Richie taps into his African root for this groovy mid-tempo with Afropop/Highlife influences, creating the mood for a light dance. The soul-lifting track features Stella, a Nigerian gospel singer, and vocalist based in Germany.

According to Cyrus, ‘Miracle God’ is a song of prayer and testimony of God’s steadfast love in his life over the years. He also added that it is an encouragement to someone to keep their faith and hope in God.

“This song was conceived a few years ago during a trying time in my life. Right from moving into the country newly, to living in a store-house for months, coupled with other challenges, God’s faithfulness remained consistent and steadfast,” said Richie

“God reminded me of how faithful He’s been through the years, with a re-assurance that if He did it before, He will do it again” He Adds “I trusted Him and everything changed.”

‘Miracle God’ is also Cyrus’ special gift to everyone as he commemorates his birthday on (June 28). It’s his second effort this year following “Bow and Worship,” a worship ballad featuring Kalusian which dropped in January.

Cyrus Richie has hinted at working on a new music video due in later this year and announced his debut album coming in 2021.

Produced by Tope Ajayi. “Miracle God” is available to stream and download on all digital platforms including iTunes, Spotify and Boomplay!
Below you listen to the song via YouTube:

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Gambia:ENC Urges Gov’t to open Clubs, Concert Halls
June 13, 2020 | 0 Comments

By Bakary Ceesay


ENC, one of the Gambia’s finest dancehall artiste has frown at government decision for not allowing clubs and concert halls to operate during easing the lock down of covid-19 pandemic.

Gambia government has easing the lock down by opening the markets and worship places were allowed to resume last week as normalcy returns in bits before President Barrow extended the state of public emergency to 21 more days last week, which many argued that it is unconditional.

ENC, also a club deejay has strongly urged the government to open  night clubs be reopened after the recent easing of lock down over the coronavirus.

He believed that  that sector too needs to be allowed to operate as many are depending on it for their daily bread.

“If we can go to overcrowded places like markets, local ceremonies, now mosques and churches…what sense does it make if clubs are still on lock? Open our damn clubs and concert halls we matter too and best believe we are essential! Stop sleeping on us,” he said.

However many African countries have given a relief package to their arts and culture sector during the global pandemic, but Gambia arts and culture remains broken during the difficult times with no signs of recovering from the economic losses. 

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British-Gambian Rap Star Pa Salieu unveils ‘Bang Out’ music video
June 4, 2020 | 0 Comments

By Bakary Ceesay

PA Salieu

Becoming one of the hottest names in the UK, PA Salieu presents two new singles, “Betty” and “Bang Out”.

Aged 22, young British-Gambian rapper PA Salieu made a name for himself in January 2020 with his track “Frontline” which went viral via the YouTube channel Mixtape Madness.

The track is set to become the anthem of the poorest suburb of Coventry, Birmingham, where the rapper comes from.

After working with several well-known artists such as SL, AMbush and the talented Yussef Dayes, Pa Salieu shares “Betty” and “Bang Out” with its visuals. The two tracks underline his unique style, blending his Gambian roots with the British rap scene.

To go further in Pa Salieu’s universe, listen to his tribute playlist to his African heritage he made for the Black History Month, featuring greats musicians like Amadou & Mariam, Habib Koité, Ismaël Lô or Youssou N’Dour.

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Gambia:Deejay Limbo Unveils new song ‘Tobal’
May 28, 2020 | 0 Comments

By Bakary Ceesay 

Deejay Limbo, Austria based Gambian multiple Award winning  artiste has released a new song called “TOBAL”

Recorded at LMG Studios by Dj Sap and is available in all digital platforms includes ITunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Deezer ,Tik Tok and Amazon.

TOBAL is a wollof word that simply means Ball Juggling. The Song talks about how some ladies are selective about what their partners gets for them. Tobal is a beautiful song that connects Afrobeats to Wollof melodies.

Below you can listen or download the via the link..

About: DeeJay Limbo

Deejay Limbo is a dancehall/ reggae artist and songwriter. Born in a small town, Latrikunda-German in a West African country called the Gambia. He has since relocated to Austria where he has been on the music scene since 2011 and has made a name for himself.

Limbo has collaborated with many dancehall/ reggae artists’ such as Jamaican born Jah Vinci and Ghana’s very own Stone Bwoy, and Gambia’s finest Reggae star Rebellion D RECALLER. Limbo once had the opportunity to be signed to G-Note Records, a record label in the United Kingdom, but due to circumstances things didn’t play out the way he envisioned, but he still did not give up.

He had the opportunity to work with some great producers like Hakim from Sunland Music and a former member of ‘The Boys’ group, Jugglerz Records producing hits like ´Smilling Coast´ and Stefario Brown producing hits like ´Mi Gyals Dem Badd and Overdose.

In July 2019, Deejay Limbo Dropped his Biggest Song so Far “Dohi Bandi”, The Song Happened to be the Most Viral internationally by a Gambian Artiste in 2019.

The Video to Song Was Aired on the Prestigious TRACE TV in the AFRIKORA Playlist making him among the First Gambian Artistes to Appear on that Platform. The Video was in the Top 30 Videos for weeks.

Dohi Bandi created the Avenue for Deejay Limbo to embark on his very first European tour and selling out venues in the cities of Stuttgart and Bologna.

In November 2019, he released he Debut EP called “Le Début” which was launched in a grand sold out event at Club Spielplatz in his City of Residence Linz.

Deejay Limbo Made it to the OPEN MIC FESTIVAL’S 2019. Open Mic Festival is the Gambia’s Leading and Biggest Event.

He thereafter won the Wa Sa Halat music awards Gambia  Foreign Based Artist Of The Year Award for 2019

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May 26, 2020 | 0 Comments

New label group dedicated to supporting the best in African hip-hop talent and culture across the continent

Label launch roster includes some of Africa’s most influential artists and MC’s including: Cassper Nyovest, Nasty C, Larry Gaaga, Boity, Nadia Nakai, Tellaman, Tshego, Ricky Tyler & Vector

SANTA MONICA / JOHANNESBURG / LAGOS, May 26, 2020– Universal Music Group (UMG), the world leader in music-based entertainment, today announced the launch of Def Jam Africa, a new label division within the continent dedicated to representing the best hip-hop, Afrobeats and trap talent in Africa. Def Jam Africa will follow the blueprint of the iconic Def Jam Recordings label, which has led and influenced the cutting-edge in hip-hop and urban culture for more than 35 years.

The label will initially be based in Johannesburg, South Africa and Lagos, Nigeria, but will identify and sign artist talent from across the entire continent. It will be supported by dedicated A&R, marketing, creative and digital teams from the UMG teams in both Nigeria and South Africa and will report to Sipho Dlamini, MD, Universal Music Sub-Saharan Africa & South Africa.

The label launches with a flagship roster, that includes some of the most influential, successful and followed African talent including: Boity (South Africa), Cassper Nyovest (South Africa), Larry Gaaga (Nigeria) Nadia Nakai (South Africa), Nasty C (South Africa), Tshego (South Africa), Tellaman (South Africa), Ricky Tyler (South Africa) and Vector (Nigeria).

In making the announcement, Sipho Dlamini said, “Many of us in Africa grew up on music from legendary labels under the UMG umbrella. From Blue Note for jazz fans, to Mercury Records, which was Hugh Masekela’s first US label and Uptown Records, the home of Jodeci and Mary J Blige and many more. For those into hip-hop, no label has such cultural and historic relevance as Def Jam. From Run DMC, to LL Cool J, Disturbing tha Peace, Jay-Z, Big Sean and Kanye West, Def Jam has always been the ultimate destination for hip-hop and urban culture worldwide. It is a historic achievement that we’re now able to bring this iconic label to Africa, to create an authentic and trusted home for those who aspire to be the best in hip-hop, Afrobeats and trap. Together, we will build a new community of artists, that will push the boundaries of hip-hop from Africa, to reach new audiences globally.

Jeff Harleston, interim Chairman & CEO, Def Jam Recordings said, “Def Jam is a globally recognized brand, synonymous with excellence in hip-hop, and we enthusiastically welcome the launch of Def Jam Africa as an opportunity for audiences worldwide to discover the incredibly talented hip-hop artists emerging from across the continent.”

Adam Granite, EVP, Market Development said, “Def Jam has always been a respected mark of hip-hop quality, and the calibre of artists already on the roster, shows that this is a label, truly dedicated to helping the very best rap talent from Africa, reach new audiences on a global level.”

Earlier this year it was announced that South African rapper Nasty C will release his forthcoming album Zulu Man with Some Power in partnership with Def Jam Recordings in the U.S., during Summer, 2020. Other forthcoming releases on Def Jam Africa include singles from: Ricky Tyler, Boity, Nasty C, Tellaman feat. Alpha P, Vector, Cassper Nyovest and Tshego.

About Def Jam Recordings

Founded in 1984, Def Jam Recordings has represented the cutting-edge in hip-hop music for more than 35 years. Def Jam began as a maverick independent label inspired by downtown New York City’s vibrant street culture and the emerging sound of hip-hop, pioneered by iconic stars like LL Cool J, Slick Rick, The Beastie Boys and Public Enemy. Over the following two decades, Def Jam established its dominance with superstar acts like Jay-Z, DMX, Ja Rule, Method Man & Redman, Ludacris, Rihanna, Jeezy, and the inimitable Kanye West. Now in its fourth decade, Def Jam’s music and lifestyle has grown into a global brand – synonymous with creativity, quality and authenticity – encompassing a diverse roster of marquee and emerging stars like West, Justin Bieber, Alessia Cara, Logic, Pusha T, Jadakiss, Vince Staples, Jeremih, Big Sean, YG, 2 Chainz, Dave East, and Jhene Aiko, among others. Today, Def Jam has reaffirmed its passion for and commitment to hip-hop culture, and has expanded its global brand reach to become the most-followed major label on all major social media platforms.

About Universal Music Group

Universal Music Group (UMG) is the world leader in music-based entertainment, with a broad array of businesses engaged in recorded music, music publishing, merchandising and audiovisual content in more than 60 countries. Featuring the most comprehensive catalog of recordings and songs across every musical genre, UMG identifies and develops artists and produces and distributes the most critically acclaimed and commercially successful music in the world. Committed to artistry, innovation and entrepreneurship, UMG fosters the development of services, platforms and business models in order to broaden artistic and commercial opportunities for our artists and create new experiences for fans. Universal Music Group is a Vivendi company. Find out more at:

Def Jam Africa artists on social media

Cassper Nyovest

Nasty C


Nadia Nakai


Larry Gaaga



Ricky Tyler

*Source UMG

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Blick Bassy, Bassekou Kouyaté win Songlines Music Awards
May 19, 2020 | 0 Comments

By Bakary Ceesay

Cameroonian musician Blick Bassy and Mali’s Bassekou Kouyaté have been named among the winners of the 2020 Songlines Music Awards – picking up the Africa and Best Artist awards, respectively.

Bassy was nominated for his acclaimed 2019 album 1958 alongside Souad Massi (Algeria), KOKOKO! (DRC) and Tinariwen (Mali).

The 1958 album first premiered in November 2018 at the Africolor world music festival in France.

“Blick Bassy offers a luminous album of songs evoking his country’s recent history and its courageous fight for independence,” Songlines Magazine said. “Tenderness and sorrow dominate the album, which has no drums or percussion. Instead, the pulsating Cameroonian rhythms of assiko, bolobo and hongo are played on guitar and banjo, cello, trombone, trumpet and keyboards. The result is a powerful statement that sheds light on a skeleton in the closet of French colonial history that has long been covered up.”

Kouyaté, who is nicknamed the ‘Jimi Hendrix’ of the ngoni instrument, was nominated for his 2019 Miri album. His nomination was alongside Aziza Brahim (Algeria), Asmâa Hamzaoui ( Morocco) and Dudu Tassa (Iraq).

“Innovator and proud upholder of tradition at the same time, over five albums in a dozen years with his band Ngoni ba, he has smartly crafted his music to appeal to both African and Western audiences without compromising the integrity of his roots,” Songlines said.

Other winners of the 2020 Songlines Music Awards include Leyla McCall (America category), Jambinai (Asia category), Kefaya and Elaha Soroor (Fusion category) and Cimarrón (Best Group category).

The Songlines Music Awards, which are now in their 12th year, were originally organised in response to the BBC’s decision to end the BBC Radio 3 Awards for World Music. 

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Curbing Covid-19: Gambians Artists Raising Funds For Needy
May 4, 2020 | 0 Comments

By Bakary Ceesay

In an effort to curb the spread spread of Coronavirus Pandemic in the Gambia Hardcore Production and Gambia Music Art Entertainment have team up in organizing a online fundraising campaign to help the needy Gambians.

The Gambia is currently having seventeen coronavirus cases, eight recovered and  one death recorded, this prompted the government to declared a state of public emergency which has affected the economy activities especially poor people who are living from hand to mouth.

The ‘Give Back’ is a collective featuring various Gambian artistes includes Dr. Olugander, Sophia, Limbo, Ras Pyton, Ras Askia, A2, Mad Dot, Bobo Dimo, Fafadi, An2 and The Bro. The proceeds from the album will be donated to less privileges in Gambia during this difficult situation.

The Album is released, but for the meantime  you can help donate in here and we will send you the album via email.

Ras Askia, executive producer of the collective Give Back album explained that the idea of releasing an album as a contribution to the Gambian public to release it and sell it online on all digital media platforms and all the money generated will be used to help people who really need help especially the ones that find it difficult to make ends meet

“… and if it gets successful then we can go for a charity show and maybe set up a foundation for it. That’s the plan for now and when I told Gam Music Art he got very interested and set up the page and designs etc but he’s the only party involved but I would like to bring more people into it and maybe they can add ideas to it and we make it bigger, ” Vienna based Gambian singer cum producer added.

Below you click here and donate

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Stonebwoy Releases ‘Anloga Junction’ Album With Four Million Hits in 24 Hours
April 26, 2020 | 0 Comments

By Bakary Ceesay

Stonebwoy, Multiple awards winning Ghanaian dancehall singer  has released a 15-tracks album titled Anloga Junction hits over four million streams on Audiomack less than 24 hours after it released.

The album is available on all major music streaming services. It features such top artists as Keri Hilson (US), Nasty C (South Africa), Diamond Platinumz, Alicai Harley (Jamaica), Jahmiel (Jamaica), Zlatan (Nigeria), Kojo Antwi (Ghana), Chivv (Netherlands) and Spanker (Netherlands).

The BET Award winner released three singles off the album ahead of its release, namely ‘African Party’, ‘Understand’ featuring Alicai Harley, and ‘Good Morning’ featuring Chivv & Spanker.

‘Bow Down’ featuring Nasty C is the lead single for the South African market. The song is not Stonebwoy’s first collaboration with a South African artist. He has worked with Cassper Nyovest and AKA on ‘Fever’ and the ‘All Eyes on Me’ remix, respectively.

Stonebwoy, told Pan African Visions that: “The inspiration behind the song is derived from a lit fun-filled scene, with lots of good things to celebrate,” 

He added that “Nasty C has a crazy style, very diverse and he has a lot of great energy.”

He explained that: “We have eight other great musicians featured on the album … The album is a combination of experiences and inspirations of my life from Africa and my roots to the world. This is the junction I am currently at.”

The album top number one on Apple Music world music album and 27 worldwide on ITunes. It also have three videos on Apple Music top five trending videos. 

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‘Music As A Messenger for Democracy’- Album Talks About Critical Issues Affecting Africa’s Growth
April 17, 2020 | 0 Comments

By Bakary Ceesay

Yiaga Africa and the African Movement for Democracy, with the support of the World Movement for Democracy, have released an album called “Music as a Messenger of Democracy” that uses music to inspire youth to become civically active.

This pan African effort, including musicians from Senegal, Mali, The Gambia, Togo, Nigeria, and Benin, covers themes like good governance, corruption, and peace.

This is a platform for civic-minded musicians in West Africa to collaborate with each other and with civil society activists and explore how music can be better integrated in strategies of democracy movements in West Africa.

Keur Gui Crew-Thiat and Kilifeu (Senegal) Moonaya (Senegal/Benin) Awa Bling (The Gambia) Killa Ace (The Gambia) Ami Yerewolo (Mali) Master Soumy (Mali) Cill Soul (Nigeria) Elom20ce (Togo).

Soulful and empowering, Music As A Messenger Of Democracy is a Pan-African collaboration that features nine African artistes-Thiat and Killifeu of Keurgui from Senegal, Moonya from Senegal and Benin, Ami Yerewolo and Master Soumy from Mali, Awa Bling and Killa Ace from The Gambia, Cillsoul from Nigeria, and Elom 20ce from Togo.

Executively produced by YIAGA AFRICA, the World Movement for Democracy (WMD) and the African Movement of Democracy (AMD), the four-track EP awakens the conscience and serves as a reminder that Africans deserve democracy and freedom and rights-but also that we must fight to gain and protect them.

The track, “Corruption” highlights governments marred by corruption, where citizens are left poor and vulnerable, while crooked politicians and their cronies line their pockets by looting public funds and resources.

“Good Governance” reflects an Africa where too often justice is opaque, public funds are stolen or misspent, and nepotism and clannism reign.

The Album, mixed and produced by Waliyaane studio in Senegal, concludes with “Democracy” and “Get Involved”, which captures the importance of mobilising, and standing together to demand justice, equality, security, and transparency. 

While “Democracy” reflects the experiences and perspective of youths in an Africa where too often, greed, absolute power and corruption are the talk of the day.

Music As A Messenger Of Democracy is written in four languages-English, French, Wolof and Bambara-and inspires people to use their voices, to get involved and engaged in making Africa great.

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UK based Gambian Prominent Instrumentalist, Singer Determined To Unite The Globe Through Music
April 17, 2020 | 0 Comments

By Bakary Ceesay

Musa Mboob

Musa Mboob,  is a UK based Gambian prominent instrumentalist and lead singer of Xam Xam Band aimed at entertaining, educating and uniting the world through music.

Mboob, from a griot family in Gambia is currently spreading positivity around the globe through Senegambia culture with his Band of six people.

In an exclusive chat with Pan African Visions Arts and entertainment correspondent Bakary Ceesay has an exclusive chat with Musa about his musical journey, accomplishes and plans.

Relax and enjoy the the exclusive chat……..

Hello Greetings Mr. Musa Mboob welcome to Pan African Visions Arts and Entertainment column.

Pan African Visions: can you please introduce yourself to our readers including your musical journey ?

Musa: My is Musa Mboob, I was born in the Gambia 1963 and my father is Dodou Mboob my mother is Naffie Saine.

I inherited music through my late father who was a master percussionist and when he passed away I took  over. I was leading my own percussion team in The Gambia called Mboobalahal.

Mboob Mbalahal was  very popular in the Senegambia region through performing in weddings and  naming ceremonies.

I was very lucky to upgrade my musical profile when the opportunity came for me to work with musical bands like Njom music band with former members of Glawarr band and also  Ifankbodi band.

I also played percussion in Adels Kaberr album with Sotokoto band  produce by Mr. Oko Drammeh funded by Higher Octive in America.

I traveled many times to the UK before settling as a permanent resident in England doing music and performing in many festivals like Womad festivals and many other festivals around England.

In 2007, I formed  my own band call Xam Xam Band  and continue performing in festivals Europe and Scandinavia. I traveled many times to Germany with a Jazz band with  Alen skimor and Africa Express with Demon from the gore Lars.

We played in festivals in Berlin, Dusseldorft and many other places in Germany.

In 1995 I released my second album in called ‘Jayulen’ (Get the taste) which was recorded in England and launched in a  famous venue called (Africa centre).

In 2009, I again released another album name (Harral) and both albums are available in Amazon and many online media outlets .

Pan African Visions: we understand that you have released a new album can you tell us more about this album ,how many tracks, who produced it, and where can one access it?

Musa: In  2018 I travelled to the Gambia with my band and recorded a new album called, (Gambia Session) comprised of ten tracks. The new album was released through a record label in England called ARC music record company and the CD is available online. It’s distributed worldwide.

Pan African Visions: What are some of the messages in the album?

Musa:  The  album talks about  different directions which  is based on the daily happening of life that all of us should take responsibility to commit ourselves  and fulfill.

Pan African Visions : What is the feedback from people about the album?

Musa: The album has gotten   a great response since it  was released. It has featured in many newspapers in UK and played in many radios stations .

Pan African Visions : After the release of the album what are some of the projects you are on now?

Musa: My plan with the band is to prepare for touring in the Gambia to introduce the new album and to collaborate with other Gambian musicians and tour the Gambia and Senegal.

Pan African Visions: What do you have to tell Gambians about what to expect from Musa Mboob ?

Musa: Gambians should expect Musa Mboob in different dimensions this time not just percussion only but with a full musical band in actions. We are open to bookings across the globe and we are determined to educate and entertain the audience to the maximum with captivating styles blended with African cultural backgrounds and European styles.

Thank you so much Pan African Visions and am looking forward working with you guys  to promote our Gambian music across the globe. 

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Oslo Based Gambian Reggae Dancehall artist Singateh releases New Album ‘Grateful’
April 14, 2020 | 0 Comments

By Bakary Ceesay

Singateh, a Gambian reggae dancehall artiste based in Norway has released a new album called ‘Grateful’ comprise of eight tracks.

Now Singateh, formally Freaky Joe is going to be his official five official album which is produced and mixed by Singateh features different genres of music including Reggae, Dancehall, Afro beat with a fusion of Gambian flavours , all recorded at Pak Music own by Singateh.

Singateh who is currently on his final year of studying music production and sound engineering in Norway was able to put his signature on his own personal project before opening his studio to the public.

Singateh explains that the Grateful album features Gambian artistes like Royal Messenger, Cihu Yaffa and Bai Babu.

He noted that he suppose to embark on a European tour during the summer but with this corona pandemic everything has been put on hold till further notice.

The album will be available on all streaming platforms and should be available in The Gambia when business gets back to normal by end of the year or earlier next year.

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African Development Bank approves $1.5 million emergency grant to curb desert locusts ravaging East and Horn of Africa
April 3, 2020 | 0 Comments
2020-02-14 Kiaruni/Kenya Swarm of 40-50 million adult desert locust hits millet fields in dmall Kenyan village – By Nicole Macheroux-Denault
The proposed assistance will be channeled to the Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD)

ABIDJAN, Ivory Coast, April 2, 2020/ — The Board of Directors of the African Development Bank ( on Wednesday approved a $1.5 million emergency relief grant to assist nine countries in the East and Horn of Africa on the control of swarms of desert locusts that are threatening livelihoods and food security.

The proposed assistance will be channeled to the Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD), which has been mandated to mobilize resources on behalf of the African Union.

IGAD is collaborating with the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) which is leading coordination of development partner support to provide desert locust invasion control, safeguard of livelihoods and to promote early recovery of affected households in the in the East and Horn of Africa. FAO will act as the Executing Agency for the grant.

The funds will be used to control the spread of the current locust invasion, prevent potential next-generation swarms and to conduct impact assessment and monitoring to enhance preparedness and awareness. A portion of the funds would also be allocated to administrative costs.

The nine beneficiary countries are Djibouti, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia, South Sudan, Sudan, Uganda and Tanzania.

Kenya, Ethiopia and Somalia have been particularly hard hit by the outbreak and widespread breeding of locusts that is expected to create new swarms in the coming weeks. The infestation poses an unprecedented risk to livelihoods and food security in an already fragile region and has caused huge damage to agricultural production.

In Ethiopia and Somalia, the outbreak is the worst in 25 years, and in Kenya, in 70 years.

In Ethiopia, the locusts have devastated more than 30,000 hectares of crops, including coffee and tea that account for about 30% of the nation’s exports. Despite government’s interventions, swarms and breeding have been reported in large parts of the country. In Djibouti, over 80% of 1,700 agro-pastoral farms located in 23 production zones are affected by desert locust infestations.

At least 18 of 47 Kenyan counties are affected with more than 70,000 hectares of crops under infestation according to recent FAO reports. Locust swarms are devastating pastureland, maize, cowpeas, beans and other crops despite the government’s efforts to curb the outbreak.

Locust swarms are reportedly also threatening Uganda, Tanzania, South Sudan, Sudan and Eritrea.

Efforts to control the infestations will require around $147 million, of which $75 million has been provided by governments, donors and UN agencies including FAO and the World Food Program (WFP). However, a significant funding shortfall remains.

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MePlaylistTM “a 100% African Start-Up for Music Streaming and Promotion” attracts Investment from Mathew Knowles and other Global Investors
March 30, 2020 | 0 Comments
Investors Mathew Knowles and Michael Kiladejo
The company which was founded by Olakunle Oladehin, a seasoned entertainment industry insider, is poised to revitalize the streaming market

LAGOS, Nigeria, March 30, 2020/ — MePlaylistTM ( a 100% African solution to music consumption and promotion has earned the attention of global investors and partners like Mr Mathew Knowles, father of artists Beyoncé and Solange Knowles. Mr Knowles believes MePlaylistTM offers music consumers in Africa a unique experience that is much more simplified for a continent where internet penetration and the use of smartphones is projected to experience significant growth.

“MePlaylistTM is Africa’s own answer to the popular music streaming platforms, but it takes streaming a step further by personalizing the experience for each consumer based on their consumption patterns and the technology available to them. This and the population of Africans both on the continent and in the diaspora is why I am proud to have invested in MePlaylistTM“, he said in a statement.

With increasing mobile phone usage in Africa and the global prominence of African acts like Diamond Platinumz, Davido, Tiwa, Wizkid, Yemi Alade and Burna Boy, convenient and reliable platforms with expansive catalogues of streamable are far from the norm on the continent. Many streaming platforms prioritize commercialization efforts in high-income countries and pay less attention to low and middle-income countries. This has created a gap between Africa’s rich musical contents and the need to reach fans through channels that make monetization and exchange of value easier and convenient.

It is solving this challenge that birthed MePlaylistTM; a music streaming platform that presents music content to users in an intuitive and data-friendly fashion, projecting African acts to the world and vice versa. The platform comes with a unique administrative royalty distribution, multiple plan types and subscription currencies, high-quality audio, plus DDEX standards for ingesting and reporting usage. These amongst others have attracted global music stakeholders to the platform, hence making it possible to partner with music distributors globally.

According to a year-end report ( from the RIAA, revenues from streaming services grew nearly 20% in 2019 to $8.8 billion, accounting for 79.5% of all recorded music revenues, which means the streaming music services’ share of total music revenues is bigger than ever. With the global music industry now worth about $19.1 billion, the African market is still largely untapped with its 1 billion-plus mostly young population and still accounts for a mere 2% of the global recorded-music sector and less than 1% of the royalties collected.

Unfortunately for music consumers in Africa, many of whom fall between the ages of 17 and 22, streaming services though ubiquitous, are not without their challenges. Consumers have over time complained about the high cost of subscribing to some platforms, the unresponsive and unexciting user interfaces and catalogues not as exhaustive as consumers would love. This has presented a challenge for content creators in Africa to earn suitable revenue from their work.

MePlaylistTM is a 100% African solution to music consumption and promotion. The company which was founded by Olakunle Oladehin, a seasoned entertainment industry insider, is poised to revitalize the streaming market by providing a music consumption and promotion service that will make music consumers enjoy their listening experience on an optimized app without breaking the bank or running out of options. MePlaylistTM users will also be able to curate their own playlists and get followers to enjoy new music from all over the world.

According to Olakunle, “our focus is to put our users and their music consumption habits first; our platform has been designed with the understanding that people are mobile and constantly in need of new content, so from our interface to our catalogue options, we are making the MePlaylistTM experience the best in the market”. Olakunle further emphasised the increasing importance of user-generated content (UGC) to give more visibility to music that matters. In his words “MePlaylistTM has been designed to be an intelligent music App that applies artificial intelligence to give each user a unique experience.”

His words are echoed by Ayodeji Oyenekan the Head of Technical Innovation at MePlaylistTM who says the MePlaylistTM app has been built to make expanding the catalogue on offer and other features as seamless as possible. “Because of the innovative app we have built, MePlaylistTM will offer artists, aggregators and other content owners the opportunity to better monetize their content and reach a wider audience.”

Mr Knowles’ Music World Entertainment Corporation is joining other global industry majors who have invested in Nigeria’s rapidly growing music industry. Mr Michael Kay Kiladejo, Managing Partner of Music World International, and CEO of Track Record Entertainment LTD, UK, expressed optimism in the African music landscape and cited reasons for investing in MePlaylistTM. In his words “We are very confident in the technical capabilities and expansion strategies for MePlaylistTM to deliver world-class service to music lovers in Africa and beyond. To this end, it is a timely move to be able to facilitate the availability of the iconic Music World catalogue on the MePlaylist platform, and simultaneously take advantage of access to the dynamic new market it offers to artists on the Track Record Entertainment label.”

MePlaylistTM Founder Olakunle Oladehin believes that everyone will find their favourite kind of music on the app and anticipates that pre-launch subscription figures will shoot up significantly in the coming days as more Nigerians experience the seamless features of the MePlaylistTM app. “Whether you are looking for the next Wizkid, Burna Boy or Tiwa Savage song or your taste is more Obesere and King Sunny Ade, we have something for you on an app that makes the music more interesting for you”.

Legal and Transaction advisory services for the MePlaylistTM project was provided by leading Entertainment Law Firm in Nigeria, RBMM Solicitors. According to Demilade Olaosun, the Lead Solicitor at the Firm, it was a privilege working with the MePlaylistTM Management Team to iron out critical equity acquisition terms between the Company and Mr Mathew Knowles and his team. Olaosun strongly believes the African Entertainment industry stands to gain a lot from this strategic collaboration and he is excited about the prospects of MePlaylistTM in shaping music consumption in Africa and across the world.

About MePlaylist:
MePlaylistTM ( is a subscription and ads based On-Demand music streaming application, creating an intuitive and unique media to access unlimited music. The app collects data about user tastes and preferences to create custom-curated playlists in the app for users to listen to. MePlaylistTM is available on the Google Play Store and all Web Browser services and is home to an entire streaming catalogue of new music, curated playlists, music and more.
About Music World Entertainment Corporation:
Music World Entertainment Corporation has expanded and diversified over the last two decades into one of the world’s leading music and entertainment conglomerates, with record sales exceeding 300 million worldwide. Under Music World Artist Management, Destiny’s Child became a global phenomenon and was named the Best Selling Female Group of All Time in popular music, as well as Billboards Top Ten Best Selling Artist of the Decade, selling over 100 million records and collecting nearly 200 awards globally.

Its founder Mathew Knowles, MBA, PhD, is a public speaker, #1 best-selling author and a university professor currently teaching at Prairie View A&M. Under his leadership, Music World Entertainment Corporation catalogue label boasts major names like Chaka Khan, Kool & The Gang, The O’Jays, Solange, Michelle Williams and countless others.

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Meet Gambian DJ People’s Choice in Europe who is uniting People Through Music
March 1, 2020 | 0 Comments

By Bakary Ceesay

DJ People's Choice and Joe Nevix at Afro-House
DJ People’s Choice and Joe Nevix at Afro-House

DJ People’s Choice, Italian based awards winning Gambian International Deejay is inspiring the people through music in Italy and across Europe.

Raised in The Gambia, he spent his time listening to good music and inspire that music is a tool to spread positivity across the globe inspire him to take deejay as a career to entertain, teach, unify people through music.

Passionate and talented young DJ, dividing his time between his love for music and music production with his partner Joe Nevix, a well-known music producer at Afro-House.

Rising up from humble beginnings, the fastest rising DJ, based in Sicily Messina is one the  most booked disc joker as he is already booked for on 19th February at Catania Stone Club, on 23rd February at Carnevale Villafranca, Palermo Timeless Club, on February 24th Messina and on 26th March Catania Lua Beach.

He is among the top DJs that play in Villafranca Tirrena, an annual festival in Sicily Messina which used to attract over thirty thousand people. He is now a household name in Messina by uniting and entertaining people through music.

DJ People’s Choice at Villafranca fest

He is accredited by his professionalism and humbleness earned him the opportunity to work with many promoters, artistes, Djs, event organisers and radio stations in Italy.  He is currently managed by Get Money, a prominent Gambian booking agent based in Italy.

 “My priority is promoting Gambian music, reggae dancehall, reggaeton, recruiting young DJs who want to be professional Djs in future and I also build a studio with my partner Joe Nevix, called Afro-House, Latin-House and House Music, Joe, is an international producer and we are calling on all Gambian artistes to come forward and work with us,” he explained.

He added that Afro-House is working with ENC, one of Gambia’s finest dancehall artiste and Brezzy Boy, uprising Gambian artiste based in Italy. 

He called on Gambian artistes in Europe to come forward and work with the studio as their doors are open to all artistes for professional productions of songs, EP and album project.


Due to his commitment and hard work in 2017, he was award ‘Super DJ’ Sicily Messina and in 2019 he was awarded by West African Music Mixtape Awards Dj People’s Choice as ‘excellent best music Mixtape displayed on the annual West African music competition’

Reacting to these awards, DJ People’s Choice said this motivates him that he is on right track in impacting the lives of people through music.

He commended his partner Joe Nevix, of Afro-House and all the promoters who always believed in him by booking him to entertain the audiences.

He assured he will continue the journey in educating and entertaining people through music by spreading positivity, togetherness as one people in the world.

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Stuttgart Based Gambian Promoter Connecting Gambian artistes to the European Markets
February 17, 2020 | 0 Comments

By Bakary Ceesay

King Mike

Michael Dampha, alias  King Mike, chief executive officer Warriors In a Dance has resolved his readiness to promote Gambian artistes across the European markets.

In an exclusive interview with Pan African Visions, Mike, the Stuttgart based highlighted his activities and upcoming plans he and his team are doing in The Gambia, Germany and across Europe in their quest to promote Gambian artistes across the globe.

Sit back, relax and enjoy the interview with Pan African Visions Gambia correspondent Bakary Ceesay, with King Mike.

Pan African Visions: Can you please introduce yourself to the readers including your educational background?

Mike: My name is Michael Dampha a.k.a King Mike. I get the name from Dr. Olugander Abukpapa. I promote and support Gambian music. I’m also a booking agent for artists in Europe. I’m half a German and half a Gambian. I grew up in Stuttgart Germany, Filderstadt. I attended my school careers in the same city and learn two jobs, director and security.

Pan African Visions: What is your connection with Gambia and Germany?

Mike: I’m a half German and half Gambian with a great connection in the Gambia and also promoting Gambian music in Germany. And I often visit my family in the Gambia.

Pan African Visions: You have a music promotional firm called Warriors In a Dance can you please tell us when was it established and what was the main objectives?Mike: Warriors Ina Dance was established in 2015. Two friends of mine involved me in the Gambia music industry. And link me with Dr. Olugander Abukpapa, a Gambian artiste based in Finland. Dr. Olugander was my first artist who I bring to Stuttgart Germany. He was really humble and fair to me. We had nice show with much fun. So I continued working with him and many others artists from the Gambia. As well as artists from Jamaica also.

Warriors Ina Dance we are one big family under one umbrella promoting Gambia and Jamaica music in Germany and abroad. We are struggling and working hard to achieve our goals.  We organised nice party’s once in a month where people comes and enjoy the good music. We also invite all the time artists from Gambia or from Jamaica and Dj’s to perform in Germany.

Pan African Visions: What motivates you to set up Warriors Ina Dance promotional firm and how many people you are currently working with?Mike: My real partner is Mohammed Susso a.k.a Skinny Boy Susso. He knows all my plans and ideas. But we work with lot of people together and we have good chain works and high services.

We work with radio stations together in Germany and now in the Netherlands also for interviews and they plays and promotes Gambia music.

We work with a professional music studio together where I can go all the time with artists for recordings duplates and to make good quality music videos and internet interviews. We work with Teckle-Reisen together in Germany. He is our travel Agent and we can call or contact him 24/7. If we have questions or problems with the flight.

We work also with a nice and good hotel together which is not far from my home. And we can provide to our guests nice Gambian food. So that will not miss the Gambia. The hotel owner speaks perfect English in case any problems my home is not far. We are trying and wanted to organised our dance party once in a month in Mannheim in Germany. In the Gambia we are working with Axon Ova Chat Gullykid Promotion together from Basse and Gambia All Events. We stand in good contact and touch with them. Just let us see what is coming in the future. We dream big.

Pan African Visions: Which type of music are you promoting and what category of artists you are working with?
Mike: We promote dancehall, Reggae, Hip Hop, Gambia music and more. I work with Gambians and Jamaicans artists together.

Pan African Visions:  We have seen you are being working with some Gambian artists and Dj’s why do you choose to focus on Gambian artists?
Mike: My father was a Gambian.  I love the Gambia and the people. And I’m really happy to work with Gambian artists and Dj’s.

Pan African Visions:  Do you have any plans of sponsoring some young Gambian talented artists and expose them in European markets?

Mike: This is what we are trying now, with two or three Gambian underground artists.  It’s an exciting project. Support support and let people hear the good vibes.

Pan African Visions: How it is like working with Gambian artists both home and abroad because we have seen you are partnering with local promoters in Gambia?

:  It’s nice and makes fun. I feel the love and the support. We are in good contact. And in the future we have plans and will like to do also things in the Gambia.

Pan African Visions:  How do you see Gambian music industry?

Mike: I see the Gambia music industry in a higher heights moves. We have lot of talented brothers and sisters in the musical arena. And the Gambia music flowing across the world. The world is watching, listening  and supporting the music industry.

Pan African Visions:  What are some projects in the pipeline for Warriors Ina Dance in the summer we are we going to see you bring some Gambian artists to tour in Europe.Mike: On the 27-03-2020 we are going to be in Mannheim Germany with Dj Ali Gee, the young general at club California. D’Angel from Jamaica will come to us on the 03-04-2020. Many Dj’s will be in the house on that day. Dj’s like Selekta Adi & Dj M.O.B from the Gambia will be there too. Many nice and big things are in the pipeline cooking up already. But it’s not allowed to talk about it. I just cross fingers and I hope the best.

We are in good contact with some Gambia artists. But T-Smallz a.k.a Katato, one of Gambia’s finest artiste will come to Europe this summer with us. We are really happy and proud to work with Katato Entertainment

Pan African Visions:  What is your visions in the next five years in both the Gambia and Germany?

Mike: My visions are to create more good links, partnerships, good party’s, concerts and big beats.
That the German radios and TV channels will plays Gambian music and support the Gambia music industry.

Pan African Visions:  Are we expecting a Gambian festival in Stuttgart in the next coming years?
Mike: In Stuttgart or in other places in Germany we have every year African Festivals. They’re many countries who attended it and represent their music’s and cultures. But we make this year for the first time After Show Party from the African Festival. And we hope we can continue this every year and to be part of the African Festival.

Pan African Visions:  What are some of your challenges in the music business in the past years?

Mike: I had many challenges and I learn many things from it. And I gained lots of experience in the musical arena.

Pan African Visions: Finally, what is your advice to Gambian artists, Dj’s, promoters and events organisers?

Mike: My advice is dream nice and big. No competition and bad mind.  Believe in yourself and work hard to achieve your goals. The streets and the people will see your good work, judge you and speak for you.

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