Global Business Growth and Development affliate partnerships , IATA and UNCTAD set to benefit Developing countries .

By Nevson Mpofu

UNCTAD Technical and Logistics Director Shamika N. Sirimanne

Air Transport and Global Trade takes a commercial unison centre stage meant to benefit developing countries at most length of advantage .UNCTAD , United Nations Conference on Trade and Development extended partnerships with IATA , International Air Transport Association in order to facilitate lucrative global trade . This has been learnt through information posted by an media expert Linden Birns from South Africa who manages Plane Talk communication.

The two organisations promote the adoption of intergration of a globally recognised air cargo which measures standards for automated customs management by each country’s revenue service .

This stands vital to facilitate international trade especially e-Commerce .This has been learnt at a high note . One hundred countries , 100 , are to choose deploy latest version of ASYCUDAworld . This enables more efficient processing of cargo shipment .

UNCTAD Technical and Logistics Director Shamika N. Sirimanne said through extended partnerships they look forward to leverage leadership of UNCTAD and IATA in their respective fields inorder to boost e-Commerce in developing through improved data exchange .

“Through extended partnerships we look forward to leverage leadership of UNCTAD and AITA in their respective fields in-order to boost e-Commerce in developing countries through improved exchange of trade data “.

ASYCUDAworld will manage e-Commerce shipments efficiently. It will include adding proper risk management and assessment for mail shipments and facilitating access to IATA enhanced partnerships identification and continue utilising( epic ) platform .

This enables customs authorities to share advanced cargo mail information requirements across the digital supply chain ( Air logistics , freight forwading , ground handlers and third party messaging service providers .

Collaboration will include potential exchange of additional operational electronic information such as air cargo rules , flight schedules and others that can assist customs officials in their risk assessments .

“UNCTAD and IATA are working together to support economic operations for e-Commerce by modernising data exchange needed for customs clearance”

Global standards enable accurate information and effective risk assessments .This in-turn promotes stronger compliance.It will contribute to a safe supply chain which should give authorities confidence of modern processes.”

Nick Careen , IATA Senior Vice President for operations , safety and security .

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