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Reflections… My First Trip To The Motherland

March 04, 2020

By Renée Dugué-Strother *

Pilanesberg, North West Province, South Africa September 2017 Photo Credit: Renée Dugué-Strother

The Anticipation...
Eyes wide
Heart open
Wings spread
Feet landed

At First Sight...
Soul weighted
Stomach pained
Tears flowed
Fists clenched

Settling In...
Being welcomed
Hands held
Energy soothed
Spirit imbued

Parting Gift...
Mind opened
Ears pierced
Back strengthened
Soul stirred

Each one, reach one, teach one
So much work, to be done

*Mrs. Renée M. Dugué-Strother is a Healer, Artist, Writer, Humanitarian, Co-founder, and Executive Director of Reborn And Rising, a nonprofit based in Houston, TX, USA. This organization provides support to minority male child homicide survivors beyond the grieving period. Through music, art, education, entrepreneurial ventures, travel, and humanitarian efforts, with the support of dedicated mentors, our RISERS are encouraged to discover their passions and explore the tangible possibilities of making their dreams come true. Reborn And Rising's desire is to empower youth to find strength in their experiences and rise above the pain to choose life after loss.

Reborn And Rising will continue to implement their Water Station Restoration Project 4 times annually. A long term partnership with Investing In People Worldwide (Buea) and Solid Fort Construction (Douala) has been established, and plans for the 3 remaining public tap rehabilitations this year are already underway. Reborn And Rising is committed to continuing to support the efforts of IPW, as Ruth Besong works tirelessly in ensure women and children's rights are respected. Additional plans are also in progress, as Mrs. Renée has identified the boys and men of Cameroon are critically in need of assistance. Reborn And Rising will return in 2021 specifically to support them.

Renée’s spirit is as free as her mind is determined. The consummate seeker of light and insight; she encourages all to seek the pathological origins of their behavior. She provides support in identifying, accepting and ultimately appreciating every aspect of existence, as completely necessary to fulfill our divine purpose. She is laser focused when achieving an objective, yet never forgets to laugh and love along the way.

A native of New Orleans, Louisiana, she has resided in Houston, Texas since Hurricane Katrina devastated her hometown in 2005. She loves spending quality time with family and friends, as they enjoy what she considers life’s must-haves...lots of love, beaucoup laughs, tasty treats, and scrumptious sweets...while music that moves your soul plays on repeat.

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