Mental assessment for Kenyan woman who beheaded son

By Samuel Ouma

Kenya court on Monday ordered a mental test for a 23-year-old woman who beheaded his son who refused to suckle.

The accused appeared before Principal Magistrate Mary Ochieng but was directed to undergo the test pending plea taking within the next seven days.

Night Akoth Otieno is accused of beheading her one-year-old Briton Ochieng on Saturday night of February 27, in Ndhiwa, southwestern Kenya.

Reports indicated the suspect used a machete to sliced his son’s head after he refused to breastfeed several times, leaving the head and the body lying separately in a pool of blood.

She was arrested on the fateful night after the residents alerted the local authorities.

Upon the interrogation, the local authorities said the woman confessed to having beheaded her toddler after refusing to breastfeed.

“We do not know the main reason why the woman killed her son. However, she is saying she killed him because she tried several times to breastfeed the baby, but he declined,” revealed the local authorities.

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