On The Platform Of All Miracles Happy New Year 2023

By Chief Charles A. Taku

Barrister Chief Taku

A few hours from now, many people around the world will be rejoicing at the coming of the new year 2023. This event is remarkable because  another yearly timeframe of  our incremental lifespan  ordained by our timeless God will commence. The celebration of this event is therefore warranted. Making it to the finish line of the  critical date and time of the new year, is a divine injunction of God, the Eternal Sovereign of all life.   Glory be to God.

The few hours between now and the finishing line of access to 2023, provide an opportunity for critical introspection and profound reasoning about  2022 and what 2023 may be.  There may be no gainsaying that the challenges of the 2022 will continue in 2023. These  magnitude of these challenges must significantly mitigate the celebratory mode of the new year. There are several reasons for this dire assessment:   Escalating self-destruction mission embarked by humanity;  genocidal carnage in Ukraine and in the Southern Cameroons; terrorism in the Africa Sahel and many parts of the world;  devastation of the environment, climate change and  consequential world-wide pandemics and viruses; escalating nuclear threats; emerging  world order of impunity and declining relevance of  multilateral treaty regimes for the resolution world problems, etc.  In all these, human life has lost its worth.

These beg the question, is there any reason to celebrate the advent of the new year?  The answer may be an ambivalent, Yes and No.  Yes because, humanity has not completely lost its moral compass. This is the reason for the  heroic resistance mounted by the people of Ukraine and the Southern Cameroons against the  ferocious genocidal  onslaughts against their people. The remaining forces of good in the world must redouble every effort to halt the genocide in 2023 and hold the masterminds of genocide accountable. No, because genocide and atrocity crimes have a price tag which the moral guarantors of world peace and security draw large benefits. The United Nations, African Union, Commonwealth of Nations, European Union, and the Super Powers have paid lip service to the genocidal carnage in the Southern Cameroons precisely for this reason.

The voices of the Churches in which the victims have placed their faith, are silent, muted or even complicit. Be this as it may, the Devine authority of God will prevail because God, the Sovereign God will prevail. Alleluia. Amen.

We endured sad and happy moments in our families.   We lost loved ones in the pandemic, accident and by illness.  In these situations, we deferential to the fact that God who created them in His Sovereign will called them to heaven by His side. With the grace of God, and the fortitude of His love, our family were united in Him and with prayers, supplication and love, we interred the departed, with prayers to the Lord to give us a respite from illness, misfortune, and any acts which may bring pain and suffering.  We will not relent in prayers O’ Lord for your grace, protection, good health and promotions in all respects, for your glory. Amen.

The new year 2023, must strengthen our affirmation and faith in God. We must live to the reality of the Devine injunction, or commandment that Love God your father and  Love one another as I love you. This is the commandment which is the platform on which all the miracles of God on earth are manifested.

Happy New Year 2023 and may each one of us, nations, big and small, pray and contribute to making the world a better place for humanity for the glory of God. Amen.


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