Mozambique: Missing journalist to be extradited to Rwanda through Tanzania

By Jorge Joaquim

The Rwandan journalist Ntamuhanga Cassien, who has been missing since 23 May after reportedly being abducted, has been handed over to the Rwandan embassy in Maputo, according to multiple unnamed sources.

Media reports say that it is believed that Cassien will be extradited to Rwanda, where he escaped from prison. Mozambique and Rwanda do not have an extradition agreement, so his extradition would be unlawful, according to political analyst Muhamad Yassine.

Command Post reports that Ntamuhanga has been transferred from the police station to one of the safe houses in Maputo as authorities from the two countries finalize plans to have him transferred to Kigali.

It also revealed that the two governments plan to transport him from Mozambique using a road through Tanzania to Rwanda.

Cassien’s abduction is believed to be in response to a request from the Rwandan president, Paul Kagame, to President Filipe Nyusi, in exchange for support in the the fight against the insurgency in Cabo Delgado province.

After his abduction, Cassien was held at the 18th police station in Maputo city until 1 June, when he was handed over to the embassy, reports say.

Rwanda’s ambassador to Mozambique denied to Canalmoz that Cassien had been arrested on Kagame’s orders. The police have also denied knowing of any arrest of a Rwandan citizen. Cassien’s lawyer, Henrique Buque, said that he had not been able to contact his client yet.

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