Kenyans online roast Senator Millicent Omanga alive

By Samuel Ouma

Senator Millicent Omanga

Nominated Senator Millicent Omanga was on Thursday on the receiving end of criticism after she lashed out at police for disrupting the much-awaited Deputy President William Ruto’s meeting.

Ruto was expected to lead a fundraiser for motorcycle riders and women groups in Nyamira county, south-west of Kenya but the anti-riot police stormed Kebirigo High School where Ruto was expected to meet with motorcycle riders and dispersed the youths terming the meeting as illegal.

The second in command was forced to postpone the meetings to Thursday next week after consultation with his hosts.

“After consultations with MPs Kemosi, Mose,Nyamoko, the bodaboda (motorcycle) SACCO and church leadership who had invited us, we have postponed the two functions in Nyamira County to Thursday next week, ” said Ruto.

He castigated the police department for disrupting the meeting.

Omanga’s statement elicited criticism from Kenyans with others reminding her that the government is mandated by the constitution to protect and preserve peace.

 “Instruments of state brutality now fully mobilized and unleashed on harmless hustlers. Are we officially a police state?” she posed.

Kenyans accused the Senator of hypocrisy while reminding her how she celebrated when police were used to brutalize opposition politicians and supporters in 2017.

“It is very much in order, you cannot expect poor Kenyans to follow the law when you leaders are doing the opposite,” said Hezbon Milley.

“It is your turn to enjoy teargas and live bullets. Raila and his supporters had enjoyed while you were cheering on during the good days when Tanga Tanga was part of Jubilee. Hustlers do not complain of such a small issue. Develop a thick skin and stop the hurly-burly,” reiterated Hassan Adow.

They further reminded her of Siaya Senator James Orengo’s warning that Jubilee government would punish them worse than it had done to the opposition.

“You were once told by Hon. Orengo that governments eat their own. Did you care to listen?” asked Akungah o’Nyangeri.

Sagini Gerald Mogire added, “A few years ago you were celebrating when NASA supporters were going through the same. It is payback time for you and your team that supported police back then.”

“This is what it was when you were stupidly supporting the illegitimate government that now has turned against you. I think they should serve it hotter,” noted Mynaros Mark.

“Yes, you feel what the likes of Orengo, Muite, Timothy Njoya and Raila felt. When Jubilee was united and had the numbers, you passed all kinds of draconian laws to deal with NASA. Now your short-sightedness is haunting you…” said Kabilu Daniel.

“That is just step one. Next is in the line is the deputy president…” said Dominic Kuria Njoroge.

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