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RDC : Le Front Commun pour le Congo, le début de la fin
December 20, 2020 | 0 Comments

FCCLa déchéance de Jeannine Mabunda du bureau de l’assemblée nationale est visiblement la goutte d eau qui a fait déborder la vase. Car après, les langues se sont déliées pour dénoncer la coordination du FCC menée dans partage par Néhémie Mwilanya.

Pour beaucoup, la gestion de Néhémie Mwilanya est a la limite despotique avec en toile de fond, le clientélisme, le nepostisme et autre favoritisme au détriment de ceux qui militent effectivement au sein du FCC.

Une gestion qui a crée plus de frustrés et aigris au lieu de véritables militants réunis autour d’ une vision, celle de Joseph Kabila, président honoraire de la RDC.

Le ton a été donné par les sénateurs. Sans mettre le gang, ces sénateurs ont demandé dans leur mémorandum, à changer le staff dirigeant du FCC.
On ne peut plus claire, l’Anadec, un des partis politiques du FCC va jusqu’à citer les noms de ceux qui doivent être écartés. Sans Surprise, Néhémie Mwilanya, Evariste Boshab, Adolphe Lumanu et Emmanuel Shadary sont sur la liste.

Pour beaucoup au FCC, ces quelques personnes ont pris en otage le sénateur à vie ainsi que tout le FCC.

Chose étonnante, le FCC n a aucune autre structure sinon la coordination gérée par Néhémie Mwilanya. Les soi disant communicateurs du FCC les sont de façades. La structure n existe pas en réalité. Les communicateurs du FCC se contentent de communiqués que donnent la coordination.

Pour le FCC, la mise à l’écart de ces caciques pourra sauver ce qui reste encore du FCC.

L’article RDC : Le Front Commun pour le Congo, le début de la fin est apparu en premier sur Matininfos.NET – Information de la RDC en toute impartialité.

Source: Matininfos

Source : African Media Agency (AMA)

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RDC : Joseph Kabila à Lubumbashi
December 18, 2020 | 0 Comments

Kabila à Kolwezi

C’est au volant de sa jeep 4×4 que le président honoraire de la RDC est arrivé ce vendredi à Lubumbashi en provenance de Kolwezi, l’autre ville du grand Katanga.

A son entrée, Joseph Kabila a pu mesurer sa popularité. Malgré que le comité d’accueil avait annoncé une arrivée discrète avec un nombre de personnes très réduit pour l’accueillir, les lushois ont montré qu’ils portent toujours le sénateur à vie Joseph Kabila dans leur cœur.

Ce sont donc des chants et autres louanges qui ont accompagné l’arrivée de Joseph Kabila à Lubumbashi.

Il faut dire que l’arrivée de Joseph Kabila à Lubumbashi a été plusieurs fois annulée.

Mais cette fois-ci, c est la bonne, Joseph Kabila est enfin à Lubumbashi. Une première visite depuis son départ de la tête de la RDC.


L’article RDC : Joseph Kabila à Lubumbashi est apparu en premier sur Matininfos.NET – Information de la RDC en toute impartialité.

Source: Matininfos

Source : African Media Agency (AMA)

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Popular Kenyan Governor sent packing.
December 18, 2020 | 0 Comments

By Samuel Ouma

Mike Sonko

Mike Sonko

Kenyan Senate on Thursday night voted unanimously to uphold the ouster of Nairobi Governor Mike Mbuvi Sonko.

The decision was reached after the house found him guilty of four charges leveled against him by Members of Nairobi County Assembly (MCAs).

Sonko was accused of office abuse, gross misconduct, a gross violation of the constitution and crimes, and the national laws.

The MCAs alleged that he used taxpayers’ money to fly her daughter first class to New York, diverted funds meant for bursaries and refurbishing city roads, and molesting executives.

The vote was marred with politics as Senators allied to President Uhuru Kenyatta and his handshake brother Raila Odinga supported the impeachment. Those leaning towards the deputy president William Ruto opposed it.  Two Senators abstained.

45 Senators took part in the voting, with Garissa County Senator Yusuf Haji missing owing to illness, and Machakos seat fell vacant following the death of Senator Boniface Kabaka.

The 16 who voted NO argued the allegations were not substantiated, adding that the MCAs did not follow the due process.

“Both security machinery and resources that are given by the people of Kenya are used to impeach a Governor, then, there is a danger. Today from the witnesses and from the testimonies that we have heard from the County Assembly it is about control of the 10 percent of the country in terms of its economy. It is about power and establishment of the Nairobi Metropolitan Services,” said Senator Kipchumba Murkomen.

The governor denied all the claims accusing the ward representatives of being used politically to disparage his reputation.

“These funds were not released and that they are intact. Schools were closed during Covid-19, and this document shows that the mover of my motion exaggerated his claims. Some MCAs opened fake education accounts in 2013 and 2017, and I unearthed this scandal in 2017 and stopped it.

“The directors of these fake schools were wives and relatives of MCAs. They were receiving cheques from CDF accounts of various constituencies. The matter is being looked into by investigative agencies,” he defended.

Before the voting session, Sonko had sought public apology over his general conduct and utterance and pleaded with Senators to be lenient with him.

“Out of frustration, I may have made utterances that may have offended many people in ways that I did not intend. And today, I stand before you here with remorse, and having learned my painful lessons,” he said.

Sonko’s impeachment means the Nairobi County Assembly speaker Benson Mutura will take over for 60 days before a by-election is held.

Nairobi County has been operating without the deputy governor since Polycarp Igathe resigned in January 2018.

Sonko became the second governor to lose his seat after former Kiambu Governor Ferdinand Waititu was impeached in January this year.






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Furious Race To 2023 Finishing Line:Who Will Be APC’s Next Face To State House In Sierra Leone?
December 17, 2020 | 0 Comments

By Elhaj Malik Shabbaz


former Vice President Sam Sumana

former Vice President Sam Sumana

THE political atmosphere in the country is becoming tough among high ranking members of the main opposition All People’s Congress party. This begs and eggs the question who will lead the party for the grassroots and also attract huge international respect to the promise land come 2023? As concerns hiking up from die hard supporters of the party, who is fit to take APC through the 2023 presidential race is still left unanswered. Taking into cognizance the supposed gains of the NRM and their positive ramifications – this will leave in its wake an avalanche of level playing field and seemingly a whole lot of presidential aspirant hopefuls to crawl out from the woodwork. The party has had a groundswell of grassroots activism by the National Reformation Movement transforming the All People’s Congress to a modern-day democracy. The party has finally agreed to adopt a democratic constitution that will allow a level playing field for all positions leading from constituent, district, regional and national levels: then who amongst this plethora of former standard bearer aspirants is best fit to certainly take us to state House?

This question is still left unanswered, though it could be determined by the ballot as opposed to the appointment/selection syndrome, it is high time the APC party upped its game to ride the crest waves of the looming 2023 elections. From the 28 flag bearers, there are a selective few we are certain have got no skeleton on their cupboards. Though it could be arguably opined that the COI was fraught with fraud handling and witch hunting – except one’s name is clearly exonerated, most of those allegedly implicated, will be summarily disqualified. From the list of flag bearers, almost every one of them is a potential leader that is capable of winning us an election, but do we just need a flag bearer for flag bearer sake like we did in 2018 that landed us in this continued regret narratives?

As the APC party and the National Reformation Movement are now having a period of truce to end the reformation struggle and adopt democratic principles in the party activities, it is but time we also start thinking of a better choice for the flag bearer race. Since every position now will be contested through election, this does not however presuppose that even those who know they have skeleton in their cupboards should disturbed the race because it is democracy. It is high time those with allegations of corruption step down peacefully if not peaceably, to allow a quality race that will be devoid of any naysaying by the ruling SLPP. It is no gainsaying that the All People’s Congress party can make a very unpopular candidate to become the most popular figure, Dr. Samura Kamara and former president Koroma are a crystal example of how the APC can make an unmake people. To say the APC needs a popular candidate to usher us into State House is unequivocally an axiom that sits well with logic. However, being popular is a necessary condition. Not a sufficient condition. And, the caveat here is, when we mean popular, do we perceive before the choice of flag bearer or after the act of being chosen? To say that the former flag bearer candidate is “popular” – and so the already logical choice, is a figment of imagination; superfluously specious and spurious. We must not be dragged by big names and forgetting the fact that they are only roaming the political corridors as traps ready to be used by the ruling Sierra Leone People’s Party to destroy our chances for 2023 elections. As the political atmosphere intensifies, our slightest mistake will bring us an eternal doom. So, we must not only choose our candidate for the presidential race wisely, but cautiously.

Most importantly, we must not only be cautious about the flag bearer that will take us to State House 2023, but we must be firm that the very individual is a result oriented individual. The chosen elected flag bearer should be up for and to the task. A litany of conditionalities should be met. Aura, charisma, fluency in speech. Not loquacious. Just having the gift of the gab. So who will this fine gentleman be? Or should audaciously say – that fine lady? Cometh the time. Cometh the hour. Were will such a man – or woman step up from. But, again, just as recent as this year, we saw the coming back of former Vice President Sam Sumana to the APC; an action that creates a loads of vibes and impacts, some commentators say. Well, as gentle as Sam, it is arguably true that he can win us an election hands down, but this very individual is even worse than all those in the COI put together if we risk electing him as our next flag bearer. I know supporters of Sam may see this as a witch hunt against Sam or some will say I am anti-Sam, but it is just the simple truth.

Sam, for all i know is still on record that he has proof, a very strong evidentiary leverage against former President Koroma that he sold the lives of compatriots of this country in disguise of a disease called Ebola. With such self incriminatory statement coming from the former second gentleman is just enough for the SLPP to flag us with it on our faces. Well, let’s not look too far, any citizen of this country or even my grandma at Masimra Chiefdom can take Sam Sumana to court to prove his claim, for it is said that; he who asserts must prove such assertion. Even if there is a dearth of APC flag bearer candidates, Sam is not a viable option for APC 2023. Let us not be hypocrites or not be brutal with the inconvenient truth. Those candidates we are falling all over ourselves for are not what this country needs now. Though most of them have gullible die-hard supporters, but it is the responsibility for those of us with right thinking capacity to take these issues with the party hierarchy and let them know we are no longer ready to wait for another five years of SLPP’s misrule.

This country and the rest of the world need someone who is heaven sent. Someone who will not convert donor monies to his pocket money. Someone who is a game changer that is devoid of any incumbrance of corruption allegation. From the 28-flag bearer during 2017, we still have those with clean sheet, respect and dignity. We still have the Paul Kamara (Salone Mandela) a professional media guru; lawyer Kalokoh, a certified Legal Practitioner; and Engineer Chernor Koroma, a certified Civil Engineer and Businessman, why look any further afield?

As a party, our worries must now be how we mobilize support from all those candidates that were in the race but have been made redundant by the SLPP COIs’. We must be worried because we cannot afford making the same mistakes in 2018 when those who were neglected abandoned the campaign and went back to their comfort zones leaving the party to struggle in the hands of SLPP voters. From Lawyer Kalokoh, to Engineer Chernor, to Paul Kamara and few others who do not have COI like the fabled Sword of Domocles, hanging over their heads must be given the chance to take us through. I believe, from among them, we will have the Moses we have been looking for.

We have seemingly had (an NRM) internal revolution, with successfully reform strictures and structures. Now our next challenge is a revolution to having a candidate whose pep-talk will instill confidence in both the people of this country and our international partners. We need a candidate that is a workhorse not a show-horse. We need a political junkie, one with a clear view and knowledge of development. Our country needs a professional with unique characters and zest that can provide us with the holistic leadership that we desperately need. With the prescience that we have all what it takes to win the 2023 elections, we must also not lose grip of the fact that the individual that will lead us to this race must be a symbol of integrity. It is now time we start to practice politics of integrity in the APC, let’s not tread and trend on the path of those we castigate for their wrong paradigmatic governance template. Let us be that positive and welcoming change we all crave. That change is here. If we are ready to embrace it with wholesome alacrity. Let us seize that opportunity.

*The views are those of the author

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RDC : Kolwezi, est ce une porte d’exil politique pour Joseph Kabila?
December 16, 2020 | 0 Comments

Kabila à Kolwezi

L’avion de l’ancien président de la République du Congo Joseph Kabila Kabange a atterri le vendredi 11 décembre dernier à Kolwezi, chef lieu de la province du Lualaba.

Aussitôt atterri, l’autorité morale du Front Commun pour le Congo s’est offert une marrée humaine avant de parcourir une longue distance à pieds avec ses sympathisants venus l’accueillir jusqu’à la place Poste où il a tenu un meeting de quelques minutes.

 »On m’a dit que vous me cherchiez. Je vous remercie beaucoup pour l’accueil que vous m’avez réservé. Aujourd’hui je ne suis pas venu pour un meeting. Je suis juste venu vous saluer, vous témoigner mon amour. Je pense beaucoup à vous, je vais rester à Kolwezi et nous allons nous revoir ici », s’était-il ainsi adressé avec un sourire ferme à la foule qui scandait des chants à sa gloire.

Après cet épisode, le sénateur à vie aurait planifié déjà des rencontres avec certaines personnalités politiques des pays voisins de la dite province notamment l’opposant zambien qui serait arrêté par les services de sécurité en venant répondre à ce rendez-vous.

Pendant que le président Félix Tshisekedi avait déjà annoncé la rupture de la coalition FCC-CACH et de réformuler la majorité parlementaire, un climat de méfiance entre son prédécesseur s’installait déjà avec la déchéance du bureau de Jeanine Mabunda, présidente de la chambre basse du parlement.

Entre temps, des sources dignes de foi renseignent que l’homme de Kingakati ne compte pas rester encore longtemps au Congo après 18 ans de règne. Lui et sa famille auraient adopté de vivre ailleurs car même leurs bagages seraient délogés de sa ferme de Kingakati.

Est ce la fin du FCC ? Joseph Kabila emprunterait les pas de feu Joseph Mobutu lors de la fin de son règne ?
Telles sont les questions qui restent pendantes aux lèvres de plusieurs congolais.

Il sied de signaler que Olive Lembe Kabila, son épouse, poursuit sa tournée dans la partie Est du pays.

Jules Ninda

L’article RDC : Kolwezi, est ce une porte d’exil politique pour Joseph Kabila? est apparu en premier sur Matininfos.NET – Information de la RDC en toute impartialité.

Source: Matininfos

Source : African Media Agency (AMA)

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RDC : A son tour, le sénat adopte le projet de loi budgétaire pour l’exercice 2021
December 16, 2020 | 0 Comments


Le Sénat a adopté ce mardi 15 décembre 2020 lors de la plénière de clôture de la session de septembre le projet de loi de finances pour l’exercice 2021 dont le budget est évalué à la hauteur de 6,884 milliards USD.

Ce projet de loi était déjà adopté par l’Assemblée nationale avant d’être soumis à la chambre haute du parlement pour son examen et adoption.

A cet effet, le dit projet de finances publiques n’a subi aucun amendement après examen et adoption du rapport présenté par la Commission Économique et financière (ECOFIN) au niveau du Sénat.

Cependant, le projet de loi portant reddition des comptes et le collectif budgétaire 2020 ont aussi été adoptés par la même institution.

Dans ses recommandations, la Commission ECOFIN du Sénat a invité le Gouvernement à respecter les dispositions de la loi relative aux finances publiques dans l’exécution du budget 2021.

A ce stade, il reste au président de la République de promulguer ce projet de loi avant d’être publié au journal officiel.

Jules Ninda

L’article RDC : A son tour, le sénat adopte le projet de loi budgétaire pour l’exercice 2021 est apparu en premier sur Matininfos.NET – Information de la RDC en toute impartialité.

Source: Matininfos

Source : African Media Agency (AMA)

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President Mnangagwa Gears for Military Attack to Save Mozambique.
December 15, 2020 | 0 Comments

By Nevson Mpofu Munhumutapa


President Mnangagwa and President Felipe Nyusi of Mozambique

President Mnangagwa and President Felipe Nyusi of Mozambique

Following invasion of Carbo Delgabo province by insurgents linked to Islamic state in northern Mozambique, life has turned from from bliss to sour as more and more threats to humanity grow on daily basis

This led to a one-day short summit in Maputo Mozambique on Monday 14 December. President Mnangagwa Chairperson of SADC Organ on Defense and Security paid a visit together with other leaders in the region to pave way for smooth and amicable way of solving the political problem which needs military intervention to build up on peace in the region.

George Charamba Presidential spokes-person said President Mnangagwa left for Mozambique to meet other leaders in the SADC region like Cyril Ramaphosa  of South Africa and Mokgweetsi Masisi of Botswana . He pointed out that the leaders had a one-day summit to solve problems which arose in Northern Mozambique, Carbo Delgado province.

‘’I confirm the President left for Mozambique together with other leaders among them Cyril Ramaphosa and Mokgweetsi Masisi. The main objective lies on solving the likely crisis building up to spread in neighboring countries.

‘’Insurgents linked to Islamic State are a cause of concern in terms of a likely political disturbance likely to spread through-out the SADC region. Zimbabwe and SADC are heavily geared to take action in order to make this insurgency not happen ‘’. says George Charamba .

President Mnangagwa upon arrival from Mozambique said SADC is ready to help Mozambique, He said this problem which needed urgent attention was talked of on 24 November at a summit in Gaborone, Botswana.

‘’ President Felix Nyusi said there are countries like Portugal, UK, Irish Government and probably the US which are eager and promising to give support to Mozambique. We do not know what kind of support is this.

‘’ We want to save Mozambique because we are all in SADC. The need to help was raised as a concern by President Nyussi on 24 November in Gaborone Botswana at a summit in Gaborone. We do not want the problem to spread to neighboring SADC states ‘’

A source close to the writer pointed out that SADC brigade launched in 2008 is expected to be part and parcel of the army to be deployed once it has been agreed that Mozambique is to receive SADC military support.  SADC brigade consists of military police and civilian members.









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Kenya to fix diplomatic relations with Somalia
December 15, 2020 | 0 Comments

By Samuel Ouma


Colonel Cyrus Oguna decries the awful diplomatic relations between the two countries, saying their frosty relationship leaves many things at stake

Colonel Cyrus Oguna decries the awful diplomatic relations between the two countries, saying their frosty relationship leaves many things at stake

Kenya has announced its intention to mend her diplomatic ties with Somalia, hours after the latter revealed that it had severed its diplomatic relations with her neighbours.

Kenya’s Government spokesperson, Colonel Cyrus Oguna decried the awful diplomatic relations between the two countries, saying their frosty relationship leaves many things at stake.

He disclosed that a committee has been established to inspect the causes of the division. Oguna reiterated that Kenya would explore diplomatic means to resolve the issues behind the rift.

Oguna further revealed that the two countries share common factors such as historical background, economic ties, and the Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) that is in Somalia to flush out insurgents Al-Shabaab, and it would be regrettable for issues to split them.

“There is a committee that has been put in place to be able to look into the issues that are coming between these two neighbouring countries that have a lot of history between the two of them. Once the issues are addressed then the press will be notified,” he said.

Nonetheless, Oguna noted that the move would only be in line with the diplomatic principle of “scratch my back and i scratch yours.”

“The issues to do with diplomacy and international relations work on the principle of scratch my back I scratch your back, and as a country, you have been kind and accommodative,” he said.

In the wee hours of Tuesday, Somalia announced that it had cut diplomatic ties with Kenya citing internal interference and violation of her territorial integrity.

Announcing in a televised speech, the country’s Minister of Information Osman Abubakar Dubbe recalled Somalia diplomats in Nairobi and ordered their Kenyan counterparts to vacate the land in the next week.

”Somalia wants all its diplomats to go back to Mogadishu, and Kenyan diplomats have seven days to leave the country,” said Osman Dubbe.

According to Oguna, Kenya will not retaliate against Somalia.

“We are a higher nation; we cannot do the same thing Somalia has done. If we do so it will look like revenge hence, we will let the IGAD and Comesa take control of it,” Oguna said.

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Pius Muabilu : «Félix Tshisekedi veut rendre aux Congolais des années volées par les sauterelles de tout genre»
December 15, 2020 | 0 Comments

Félix Tshisekedi devant le congrès

Le ministre de l’ Urbanisme et Habitat, Pius Muabilu appelle la population à soutenir le Chef de l’État, Félix Tshisekedi qui est déterminé à rendre aux Congolais les années volées par les sauterelles de tout genre. Une réaction après le discours du Président de la République sur l’état de la nation, ce lundi 14 décembre devant le Parlement réunis en Congrès.

Le grand oral du Chef de l’État a été commenté par plusieurs personnalités politiques parmi lesquelles Pius Mabuilu sur Twitter.

«Une page est tournée. Celle des politiques nombrilistes et minimalistes. Félix Tshisekedi veut rendre aux Congolais les années volées par les sauterelles de tout genre. Dans un esprit d’unité, soutenons-le et agissons pour un Congo beau et respecté», a tweeté le leader du Congrès national congolais ( CNC).

Fatshi a indiqué également aux députés et sénateurs que le processus de maturation de la démocratie en RDC est irréversible. Il leur a jeté des fleurs pour leur lucidité s’agissant de l’intérêt supérieur de toute la nation via l’Union sacrée.

La mise sur pied du Gouvernement de l’Union sacrée ; la création d’une école de guerre en RDC dès l’année prochaine, fruit de la coopération militaire avec la France; le rapatriement des reliques de l’héros national Patrice Emery Lumumba en juin 2021, la gratuité de l’enseignement, la problématique de la desserte en eau potable ont été évoqués lors de son adresse.


L’article Pius Muabilu : «Félix Tshisekedi veut rendre aux Congolais des années volées par les sauterelles de tout genre» est apparu en premier sur Matininfos.NET – Information de la RDC en toute impartialité.

Source: Matininfos

Source : African Media Agency (AMA)

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Mozambican agents to receive counter-terrorism training
December 14, 2020 | 0 Comments

By Jorge Joaquim

Portugal will support Mozambique in fighting the terrorism in Cabo Delgado province with training and logistical support for its military, Portuguese defence minister João Gomes Cravinho has said.


Starting in January, a team of Portuguese military personnel will be in Mozambique to draft a project together with the general staff of the Mozambican Defence and Security Forces.


Cravinho said it was important to know the enemy, as terrorism in Mozambique had common characteristics with terrorism in other parts of the world, particularly on the African coast, but it also had aspects local to the area. He added that since Portugal would take over the presidency of the European Union (EU) in the first half of 2021, it would help in reiterating Mozambique’s request for support from the EU and strengthen the EU’s capacity to respond to needs on the ground.


Last week the interior minister, Amade Miquidade, said tha the Mozambican police’s criminal investigation unit, Sernic, is undergoing specialised training to deal with terrorism-related issues in Cabo Delgado province.


He said that the aim was to enable officers to understand how terrorists operate, and that in Mozambique they acted like guerrillas. He added that terrorists recruited young people to join their ranks, and it was up to Sernic to investigate to prevent this from happening.


Insurgents who attacked a village in Cabo Delgado province earlier this week were trying to approach the Afungi peninsula, where the natural gas projects are being developed, President Filipe Nyusi has said.


Nyusi praised the Defence and Security Forces’ response to the insurgent attack on the village of Mute, which is less than 25km away from the site of the projects. Government forces held off the attack with the support of helicopters.


As with previous attacks, their proximity to the gas projects caused teams of contractors working on the construction of the gas projects to stop work, but they resumed work yesterday.


Meanwhile, French oil and gas multinational Total, which is leading one of the projects, told Lusa agency that it was maintaining permanent contact with the Mozambican authorities to closely monitor the situation in Cabo Delgado. An official source from Total said: “The safety of the workforce and the activities of the Mozambique LNG project is our absolute priority”.

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RDC : Le président de l’Assemblée provinciale du Haut-Lomami déchu après une motion de défiance
December 10, 2020 | 0 Comments

Désormais, le député principal Héritier Katandula n’est plus le président de l’Assemblée provinciale du Haut-Lomami.

Cela, après une motion de défiance votée contre lui par ses collègues députés provinciaux de la province du Haut-Lomami ce mercredi 10 décembre 2020.

Après examen, 22 des 23 élus présents dans la salle de plénière ont voté en faveur de ladite procédure disciplinaire pour déchoir le député Katandula au perchoir du Haut-Lomami.

Cette motion de défiance est une initiative du député Marc Tembo Nday. L’auteur reproche à son collègue président de l’Assemblée provinciale l’ivresse, la non maîtrise du français ainsi que l’incapacité de restituer la matière en cas d’une mission.

Cette déchéance du président de l’Assemblée provinciale du Haut-Lomami vient s’ajouter à la crise interinstitutionnelle marquée par le départ du gouverneur Marcel Lenge en novembre 2019.

Il faut signaler que jusqu’à aujourd’hui, l’élection du nouveau gouverneur n’a jamais eu lieu.

Jules Ninda

L’article RDC : Le président de l’Assemblée provinciale du Haut-Lomami déchu après une motion de défiance est apparu en premier sur Matininfos.NET – Information de la RDC en toute impartialité.

Source: Matininfos

Source : African Media Agency (AMA)

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DR Congo: Political tensions, armed attacks, displacement and COVID threats continue
December 8, 2020 | 0 Comments

There is a critical need for State institutions in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) to provide more stability and safety for citizens facing multiple threats, the head of the UN mission there told the Security Council on Monday.

NEW YORK, USA, December 08, 2020,-/African Media Agency (AMA)/-

Leila Zerrougui, Special Representative and Head of the UN Stabilization Mission in DRC (MONUSCO), warned of heightened political tensions in the country, including fissures within the ruling coalition and a presidential threat to dissolve the national assembly. 

Over the past month, the mission’s leadership has met with numerous representatives, including civil society leaders, to diffuse “further provocations” that threaten security and economic stability, encouraging them to “resolve their differences through dialogue”, she explained, assuring that the UN would continue “to facilitate an expeditious and peaceful resolution”. 

Noting the importance of accountability for perpetrators of atrocities, the Special Representative highlighted the recent trial and conviction of Ntabo Ntaberi Sheka for war crimes, including rape, sexual slavery and the recruitment of children, saying the resolution “represents an important step forward for the Congolese military justice in combating impunity”. 

MONUSCO crucial 

The UN official expressed concern over the situation in Eastern Congo, where “insecurity, grave violations of human rights and displacements continue to affect civilians, notably women and children”.  

She updated that national and foreign armed group violence persists in the territories of Ituri, North Kivu and South Kivu, which serve to “highlight the crucial role” of the MONUSCO force in expanding state authority and “deterring violence against civilians”.  

Working together  

Other severe challenges include the theft of natural resources by armed groups, which, according to Ms. Zerrougi, require “regional and international efforts” to tackle. 

At the same time, she saluted Congolese authorities for their efforts to “engage constructively with the country’s neighbours to resolve their differences, foster regional economic cooperation and consolidate regional peace and stability”.  

The UN envoy also upheld that MONUSCO would continue to liaise closely with the Secretary-General for the Great Lakes to support the Government and work closely with the African Union, the International Conference of the Great Lakes Region and the Southern African Development Community (SADC) “to ensure synergies and to make certain that our joint investment in supporting regional stability brings maximum results”.       

Protecting people 

“Protection of civilians remains a central priority for MONUSCO”, the Special Representative asserted. 

Against the backdrop of a deteriorating humanitarian situation in conflict-affected provinces, she flagged that although MONUSCO continues to use a “whole-of-mission approach” – involving civilian, military and police components – protecting civilians is “heavily dependent on unimpeded access to those in need”.  

Ms. Zerrougui strongly condemned recent attacks against humanitarian workers who, despite numerous operational and security challenges, continue to assist vulnerable civilian populations. 

“The ability of humanitarian workers to support the Congolese authorities is absolutely essential to relieve the suffering of victims of conflict and was key to ending the 11th Ebola outbreak in Equateur Province”, she stressed.  

COVID toll 

As the UN pledges to maintain support for its protection responsibilities, the impact of COVID-19 is making it increasingly more difficult. 

In highlighting the coronavirus’ impact on MONUSCO, the mission chief revealed that 173 personnel had tested positive for COVID-19, six of whom have died after contracting it. 

She attested that all possible measures to minimize the spread and manage cases have been put into place. 

Exit strategy 

To date, MONUSCO operates in the capital Kinshasa and six other provinces. 

The Special Representative informed the Council of fresh discussions with the DRC Government to facilitate the phased drawdown of the mission, envisioning tailored “province-specific strategies” to consolidate its footprint in the most conflict-affected territories of North Kivu, South Kivu and Ituri. 

As State authorities are ultimately responsible for civilian protection, she concluded by saying that MONUSCO is supporting the Government’s national police reform plan; advocating for new disarmament, demobilization and community reintegration frameworks for ex-combatants; and stands ready to step up international support coordination efforts for security sector reform.MONUSCO/Michael AliPrior to the COVID-19 pandemic, UN Special Representative Leila Zerrougui speaks to the media in DR Congo after visiting a camp for internally displaced people in the east of the country.

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Source : African Media Agency (AMA)

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