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Oslo Based Gambian Reggae Dancehall artist Singateh releases New Album ‘Grateful’
April 14, 2020 | 0 Comments

By Bakary Ceesay

Singateh, a Gambian reggae dancehall artiste based in Norway has released a new album called ‘Grateful’ comprise of eight tracks.

Now Singateh, formally Freaky Joe is going to be his official five official album which is produced and mixed by Singateh features different genres of music including Reggae, Dancehall, Afro beat with a fusion of Gambian flavours , all recorded at Pak Music own by Singateh.

Singateh who is currently on his final year of studying music production and sound engineering in Norway was able to put his signature on his own personal project before opening his studio to the public.

Singateh explains that the Grateful album features Gambian artistes like Royal Messenger, Cihu Yaffa and Bai Babu.

He noted that he suppose to embark on a European tour during the summer but with this corona pandemic everything has been put on hold till further notice.

The album will be available on all streaming platforms and should be available in The Gambia when business gets back to normal by end of the year or earlier next year.

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African Development Bank approves $1.5 million emergency grant to curb desert locusts ravaging East and Horn of Africa
April 3, 2020 | 0 Comments
2020-02-14 Kiaruni/Kenya Swarm of 40-50 million adult desert locust hits millet fields in dmall Kenyan village – By Nicole Macheroux-Denault
The proposed assistance will be channeled to the Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD)

ABIDJAN, Ivory Coast, April 2, 2020/ — The Board of Directors of the African Development Bank ( on Wednesday approved a $1.5 million emergency relief grant to assist nine countries in the East and Horn of Africa on the control of swarms of desert locusts that are threatening livelihoods and food security.

The proposed assistance will be channeled to the Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD), which has been mandated to mobilize resources on behalf of the African Union.

IGAD is collaborating with the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) which is leading coordination of development partner support to provide desert locust invasion control, safeguard of livelihoods and to promote early recovery of affected households in the in the East and Horn of Africa. FAO will act as the Executing Agency for the grant.

The funds will be used to control the spread of the current locust invasion, prevent potential next-generation swarms and to conduct impact assessment and monitoring to enhance preparedness and awareness. A portion of the funds would also be allocated to administrative costs.

The nine beneficiary countries are Djibouti, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia, South Sudan, Sudan, Uganda and Tanzania.

Kenya, Ethiopia and Somalia have been particularly hard hit by the outbreak and widespread breeding of locusts that is expected to create new swarms in the coming weeks. The infestation poses an unprecedented risk to livelihoods and food security in an already fragile region and has caused huge damage to agricultural production.

In Ethiopia and Somalia, the outbreak is the worst in 25 years, and in Kenya, in 70 years.

In Ethiopia, the locusts have devastated more than 30,000 hectares of crops, including coffee and tea that account for about 30% of the nation’s exports. Despite government’s interventions, swarms and breeding have been reported in large parts of the country. In Djibouti, over 80% of 1,700 agro-pastoral farms located in 23 production zones are affected by desert locust infestations.

At least 18 of 47 Kenyan counties are affected with more than 70,000 hectares of crops under infestation according to recent FAO reports. Locust swarms are devastating pastureland, maize, cowpeas, beans and other crops despite the government’s efforts to curb the outbreak.

Locust swarms are reportedly also threatening Uganda, Tanzania, South Sudan, Sudan and Eritrea.

Efforts to control the infestations will require around $147 million, of which $75 million has been provided by governments, donors and UN agencies including FAO and the World Food Program (WFP). However, a significant funding shortfall remains.

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MePlaylistTM “a 100% African Start-Up for Music Streaming and Promotion” attracts Investment from Mathew Knowles and other Global Investors
March 30, 2020 | 0 Comments
Investors Mathew Knowles and Michael Kiladejo
The company which was founded by Olakunle Oladehin, a seasoned entertainment industry insider, is poised to revitalize the streaming market

LAGOS, Nigeria, March 30, 2020/ — MePlaylistTM ( a 100% African solution to music consumption and promotion has earned the attention of global investors and partners like Mr Mathew Knowles, father of artists Beyoncé and Solange Knowles. Mr Knowles believes MePlaylistTM offers music consumers in Africa a unique experience that is much more simplified for a continent where internet penetration and the use of smartphones is projected to experience significant growth.

“MePlaylistTM is Africa’s own answer to the popular music streaming platforms, but it takes streaming a step further by personalizing the experience for each consumer based on their consumption patterns and the technology available to them. This and the population of Africans both on the continent and in the diaspora is why I am proud to have invested in MePlaylistTM“, he said in a statement.

With increasing mobile phone usage in Africa and the global prominence of African acts like Diamond Platinumz, Davido, Tiwa, Wizkid, Yemi Alade and Burna Boy, convenient and reliable platforms with expansive catalogues of streamable are far from the norm on the continent. Many streaming platforms prioritize commercialization efforts in high-income countries and pay less attention to low and middle-income countries. This has created a gap between Africa’s rich musical contents and the need to reach fans through channels that make monetization and exchange of value easier and convenient.

It is solving this challenge that birthed MePlaylistTM; a music streaming platform that presents music content to users in an intuitive and data-friendly fashion, projecting African acts to the world and vice versa. The platform comes with a unique administrative royalty distribution, multiple plan types and subscription currencies, high-quality audio, plus DDEX standards for ingesting and reporting usage. These amongst others have attracted global music stakeholders to the platform, hence making it possible to partner with music distributors globally.

According to a year-end report ( from the RIAA, revenues from streaming services grew nearly 20% in 2019 to $8.8 billion, accounting for 79.5% of all recorded music revenues, which means the streaming music services’ share of total music revenues is bigger than ever. With the global music industry now worth about $19.1 billion, the African market is still largely untapped with its 1 billion-plus mostly young population and still accounts for a mere 2% of the global recorded-music sector and less than 1% of the royalties collected.

Unfortunately for music consumers in Africa, many of whom fall between the ages of 17 and 22, streaming services though ubiquitous, are not without their challenges. Consumers have over time complained about the high cost of subscribing to some platforms, the unresponsive and unexciting user interfaces and catalogues not as exhaustive as consumers would love. This has presented a challenge for content creators in Africa to earn suitable revenue from their work.

MePlaylistTM is a 100% African solution to music consumption and promotion. The company which was founded by Olakunle Oladehin, a seasoned entertainment industry insider, is poised to revitalize the streaming market by providing a music consumption and promotion service that will make music consumers enjoy their listening experience on an optimized app without breaking the bank or running out of options. MePlaylistTM users will also be able to curate their own playlists and get followers to enjoy new music from all over the world.

According to Olakunle, “our focus is to put our users and their music consumption habits first; our platform has been designed with the understanding that people are mobile and constantly in need of new content, so from our interface to our catalogue options, we are making the MePlaylistTM experience the best in the market”. Olakunle further emphasised the increasing importance of user-generated content (UGC) to give more visibility to music that matters. In his words “MePlaylistTM has been designed to be an intelligent music App that applies artificial intelligence to give each user a unique experience.”

His words are echoed by Ayodeji Oyenekan the Head of Technical Innovation at MePlaylistTM who says the MePlaylistTM app has been built to make expanding the catalogue on offer and other features as seamless as possible. “Because of the innovative app we have built, MePlaylistTM will offer artists, aggregators and other content owners the opportunity to better monetize their content and reach a wider audience.”

Mr Knowles’ Music World Entertainment Corporation is joining other global industry majors who have invested in Nigeria’s rapidly growing music industry. Mr Michael Kay Kiladejo, Managing Partner of Music World International, and CEO of Track Record Entertainment LTD, UK, expressed optimism in the African music landscape and cited reasons for investing in MePlaylistTM. In his words “We are very confident in the technical capabilities and expansion strategies for MePlaylistTM to deliver world-class service to music lovers in Africa and beyond. To this end, it is a timely move to be able to facilitate the availability of the iconic Music World catalogue on the MePlaylist platform, and simultaneously take advantage of access to the dynamic new market it offers to artists on the Track Record Entertainment label.”

MePlaylistTM Founder Olakunle Oladehin believes that everyone will find their favourite kind of music on the app and anticipates that pre-launch subscription figures will shoot up significantly in the coming days as more Nigerians experience the seamless features of the MePlaylistTM app. “Whether you are looking for the next Wizkid, Burna Boy or Tiwa Savage song or your taste is more Obesere and King Sunny Ade, we have something for you on an app that makes the music more interesting for you”.

Legal and Transaction advisory services for the MePlaylistTM project was provided by leading Entertainment Law Firm in Nigeria, RBMM Solicitors. According to Demilade Olaosun, the Lead Solicitor at the Firm, it was a privilege working with the MePlaylistTM Management Team to iron out critical equity acquisition terms between the Company and Mr Mathew Knowles and his team. Olaosun strongly believes the African Entertainment industry stands to gain a lot from this strategic collaboration and he is excited about the prospects of MePlaylistTM in shaping music consumption in Africa and across the world.

About MePlaylist:
MePlaylistTM ( is a subscription and ads based On-Demand music streaming application, creating an intuitive and unique media to access unlimited music. The app collects data about user tastes and preferences to create custom-curated playlists in the app for users to listen to. MePlaylistTM is available on the Google Play Store and all Web Browser services and is home to an entire streaming catalogue of new music, curated playlists, music and more.
About Music World Entertainment Corporation:
Music World Entertainment Corporation has expanded and diversified over the last two decades into one of the world’s leading music and entertainment conglomerates, with record sales exceeding 300 million worldwide. Under Music World Artist Management, Destiny’s Child became a global phenomenon and was named the Best Selling Female Group of All Time in popular music, as well as Billboards Top Ten Best Selling Artist of the Decade, selling over 100 million records and collecting nearly 200 awards globally.

Its founder Mathew Knowles, MBA, PhD, is a public speaker, #1 best-selling author and a university professor currently teaching at Prairie View A&M. Under his leadership, Music World Entertainment Corporation catalogue label boasts major names like Chaka Khan, Kool & The Gang, The O’Jays, Solange, Michelle Williams and countless others.

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Meet Gambian DJ People’s Choice in Europe who is uniting People Through Music
March 1, 2020 | 0 Comments

By Bakary Ceesay

DJ People's Choice and Joe Nevix at Afro-House
DJ People’s Choice and Joe Nevix at Afro-House

DJ People’s Choice, Italian based awards winning Gambian International Deejay is inspiring the people through music in Italy and across Europe.

Raised in The Gambia, he spent his time listening to good music and inspire that music is a tool to spread positivity across the globe inspire him to take deejay as a career to entertain, teach, unify people through music.

Passionate and talented young DJ, dividing his time between his love for music and music production with his partner Joe Nevix, a well-known music producer at Afro-House.

Rising up from humble beginnings, the fastest rising DJ, based in Sicily Messina is one the  most booked disc joker as he is already booked for on 19th February at Catania Stone Club, on 23rd February at Carnevale Villafranca, Palermo Timeless Club, on February 24th Messina and on 26th March Catania Lua Beach.

He is among the top DJs that play in Villafranca Tirrena, an annual festival in Sicily Messina which used to attract over thirty thousand people. He is now a household name in Messina by uniting and entertaining people through music.

DJ People’s Choice at Villafranca fest

He is accredited by his professionalism and humbleness earned him the opportunity to work with many promoters, artistes, Djs, event organisers and radio stations in Italy.  He is currently managed by Get Money, a prominent Gambian booking agent based in Italy.

 “My priority is promoting Gambian music, reggae dancehall, reggaeton, recruiting young DJs who want to be professional Djs in future and I also build a studio with my partner Joe Nevix, called Afro-House, Latin-House and House Music, Joe, is an international producer and we are calling on all Gambian artistes to come forward and work with us,” he explained.

He added that Afro-House is working with ENC, one of Gambia’s finest dancehall artiste and Brezzy Boy, uprising Gambian artiste based in Italy. 

He called on Gambian artistes in Europe to come forward and work with the studio as their doors are open to all artistes for professional productions of songs, EP and album project.


Due to his commitment and hard work in 2017, he was award ‘Super DJ’ Sicily Messina and in 2019 he was awarded by West African Music Mixtape Awards Dj People’s Choice as ‘excellent best music Mixtape displayed on the annual West African music competition’

Reacting to these awards, DJ People’s Choice said this motivates him that he is on right track in impacting the lives of people through music.

He commended his partner Joe Nevix, of Afro-House and all the promoters who always believed in him by booking him to entertain the audiences.

He assured he will continue the journey in educating and entertaining people through music by spreading positivity, togetherness as one people in the world.

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Stuttgart Based Gambian Promoter Connecting Gambian artistes to the European Markets
February 17, 2020 | 0 Comments

By Bakary Ceesay

King Mike

Michael Dampha, alias  King Mike, chief executive officer Warriors In a Dance has resolved his readiness to promote Gambian artistes across the European markets.

In an exclusive interview with Pan African Visions, Mike, the Stuttgart based highlighted his activities and upcoming plans he and his team are doing in The Gambia, Germany and across Europe in their quest to promote Gambian artistes across the globe.

Sit back, relax and enjoy the interview with Pan African Visions Gambia correspondent Bakary Ceesay, with King Mike.

Pan African Visions: Can you please introduce yourself to the readers including your educational background?

Mike: My name is Michael Dampha a.k.a King Mike. I get the name from Dr. Olugander Abukpapa. I promote and support Gambian music. I’m also a booking agent for artists in Europe. I’m half a German and half a Gambian. I grew up in Stuttgart Germany, Filderstadt. I attended my school careers in the same city and learn two jobs, director and security.

Pan African Visions: What is your connection with Gambia and Germany?

Mike: I’m a half German and half Gambian with a great connection in the Gambia and also promoting Gambian music in Germany. And I often visit my family in the Gambia.

Pan African Visions: You have a music promotional firm called Warriors In a Dance can you please tell us when was it established and what was the main objectives?Mike: Warriors Ina Dance was established in 2015. Two friends of mine involved me in the Gambia music industry. And link me with Dr. Olugander Abukpapa, a Gambian artiste based in Finland. Dr. Olugander was my first artist who I bring to Stuttgart Germany. He was really humble and fair to me. We had nice show with much fun. So I continued working with him and many others artists from the Gambia. As well as artists from Jamaica also.

Warriors Ina Dance we are one big family under one umbrella promoting Gambia and Jamaica music in Germany and abroad. We are struggling and working hard to achieve our goals.  We organised nice party’s once in a month where people comes and enjoy the good music. We also invite all the time artists from Gambia or from Jamaica and Dj’s to perform in Germany.

Pan African Visions: What motivates you to set up Warriors Ina Dance promotional firm and how many people you are currently working with?Mike: My real partner is Mohammed Susso a.k.a Skinny Boy Susso. He knows all my plans and ideas. But we work with lot of people together and we have good chain works and high services.

We work with radio stations together in Germany and now in the Netherlands also for interviews and they plays and promotes Gambia music.

We work with a professional music studio together where I can go all the time with artists for recordings duplates and to make good quality music videos and internet interviews. We work with Teckle-Reisen together in Germany. He is our travel Agent and we can call or contact him 24/7. If we have questions or problems with the flight.

We work also with a nice and good hotel together which is not far from my home. And we can provide to our guests nice Gambian food. So that will not miss the Gambia. The hotel owner speaks perfect English in case any problems my home is not far. We are trying and wanted to organised our dance party once in a month in Mannheim in Germany. In the Gambia we are working with Axon Ova Chat Gullykid Promotion together from Basse and Gambia All Events. We stand in good contact and touch with them. Just let us see what is coming in the future. We dream big.

Pan African Visions: Which type of music are you promoting and what category of artists you are working with?
Mike: We promote dancehall, Reggae, Hip Hop, Gambia music and more. I work with Gambians and Jamaicans artists together.

Pan African Visions:  We have seen you are being working with some Gambian artists and Dj’s why do you choose to focus on Gambian artists?
Mike: My father was a Gambian.  I love the Gambia and the people. And I’m really happy to work with Gambian artists and Dj’s.

Pan African Visions:  Do you have any plans of sponsoring some young Gambian talented artists and expose them in European markets?

Mike: This is what we are trying now, with two or three Gambian underground artists.  It’s an exciting project. Support support and let people hear the good vibes.

Pan African Visions: How it is like working with Gambian artists both home and abroad because we have seen you are partnering with local promoters in Gambia?

:  It’s nice and makes fun. I feel the love and the support. We are in good contact. And in the future we have plans and will like to do also things in the Gambia.

Pan African Visions:  How do you see Gambian music industry?

Mike: I see the Gambia music industry in a higher heights moves. We have lot of talented brothers and sisters in the musical arena. And the Gambia music flowing across the world. The world is watching, listening  and supporting the music industry.

Pan African Visions:  What are some projects in the pipeline for Warriors Ina Dance in the summer we are we going to see you bring some Gambian artists to tour in Europe.Mike: On the 27-03-2020 we are going to be in Mannheim Germany with Dj Ali Gee, the young general at club California. D’Angel from Jamaica will come to us on the 03-04-2020. Many Dj’s will be in the house on that day. Dj’s like Selekta Adi & Dj M.O.B from the Gambia will be there too. Many nice and big things are in the pipeline cooking up already. But it’s not allowed to talk about it. I just cross fingers and I hope the best.

We are in good contact with some Gambia artists. But T-Smallz a.k.a Katato, one of Gambia’s finest artiste will come to Europe this summer with us. We are really happy and proud to work with Katato Entertainment

Pan African Visions:  What is your visions in the next five years in both the Gambia and Germany?

Mike: My visions are to create more good links, partnerships, good party’s, concerts and big beats.
That the German radios and TV channels will plays Gambian music and support the Gambia music industry.

Pan African Visions:  Are we expecting a Gambian festival in Stuttgart in the next coming years?
Mike: In Stuttgart or in other places in Germany we have every year African Festivals. They’re many countries who attended it and represent their music’s and cultures. But we make this year for the first time After Show Party from the African Festival. And we hope we can continue this every year and to be part of the African Festival.

Pan African Visions:  What are some of your challenges in the music business in the past years?

Mike: I had many challenges and I learn many things from it. And I gained lots of experience in the musical arena.

Pan African Visions: Finally, what is your advice to Gambian artists, Dj’s, promoters and events organisers?

Mike: My advice is dream nice and big. No competition and bad mind.  Believe in yourself and work hard to achieve your goals. The streets and the people will see your good work, judge you and speak for you.

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German Based Gambian Singer Release New Single ‘Always there’
February 14, 2020 | 0 Comments

By Bakary Ceesay

Jarck Boy, Germany-based Gambian reggae-dancehall artiste has release a new song called ‘Always there’ as part of his new Extended Play, EP called Ghetto Defender.

The EP will contain six tracks and so far two tracks have been recorded at Chosan Bi Records. The two tracks are ‘Gambia kankiling’ with a video making waves now in various TV stations and online platforms and ‘always there’

Jarck Boy explained that The ‘Gambia kankiling’ song depicts that Gambians should come together despite our political, religious and tribal difference to move the country forward for the betterment of all.

He added that the second song ‘Always There’ is a love song depict then men’s should always be there for their loves ones like wife, finance and girlfriends.

According to him, the EP will also talks about youths in the ghetto their plights to stardom by inspiring and encouragement them to stand firm to live in a descent life in society.

He promised to release more videos from the EP. “After releasing my new reggae album from FULL100 MUSIC Label, am very   busy in the studio again working on his upcoming EP this year again. 2020 still alive. Jah mission continues to uplift and spread the divine love and unity, watch out for another conscious hit,” he said.

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Gambia’s Afro-pop Sensational artiste Wins Four Awards at WahSahlat Music Awards
February 14, 2020 | 0 Comments

By Bakary Ceesay

Jizzle with his awards

Jizzle, Gambia’s afro-pop singer is the big winner at WahSahlat music Awards Gambia recently at a local hotel.

 Jizzle received four awards; Artist of the Year, Song of the Year for Turn by Turn on his Finally Album, Video of the Year with Nobles for Killer, and Afrofusion Artist of the Year.

The annual WahSahlat music Awards Gambia is usually organised by Brand Plus to reward artistes, producers, video directors and entertainment journalists.

 “I feel good about it, it’s just a great feeling you know. I believe that I got all of those awards because of the hard work and dedication that I put in my music, through-out these years. So I am really honored and send a big thanks to all the fans and supporters that voted and believed in me,” expresses Jizzle.

He continues, “The fans are always there for me making sure that Jizzle is up there. I feel so happy, so blessed. A lot of work will be done for this year and every other year, Man of Every Year, you know.”

After dominating the music scene all year, with Jizzle’s music being heard all over the country, Team Jizzle and Jizzle Kingdom are humbled to get recognition for the hard work that they have put into promoting and marketing the music.”

 Jizzle has been in such great demand that even after his successful stadium show in November; the holidays found him performing all over the country and currently he is on a nation-wide tour. Overjoyed by his awards, he is planning a youth family fun day and concert on April 18th 2020.

It will be day of laughter and music just for the children and their families who make up a large fan base for the artist. Jizzle also congratulates his fellow honorees and beams at the idea that together they are making Gambian music a strong international force representing the people and the culture. Jizzle is really excited about 2020; it will be an excellent year.

Jizzle's Awards

 He has many surprises in store for his fans including his Scorpion Extended Play, EP coming out March 6th. He has been crossing into mainstream markets and is ready to go out into the world and perform for his fans in other places.”

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February 5, 2020 | 0 Comments

MARLEY75 To Feature Special Releases, Live Performances, Plus Rare And Unreleased Material from the Marley Family Vaults and Private Collection 


(February 5, 2020 – Los Angeles, CA) The Marley family, UMe and Island Records have begun to roll out their yearlong MARLEY75 commemorative plans in celebration of the legendary cultural icon, Bob Marley’s 75th birthday and 40th anniversary of the timeless classic “Redemption Song.” 

In honor of Black History Month, now underway, and to mark the beginning of all MARLEY75 celebrations in 2020, the official music video for Redemption Song” premieres today on Bob Marley’s YouTube channel. Created by French artists Octave Marsal & Theo De Gueltzl, the breathtaking animation, featuring 2,747 original drawings, uses powerful symbols to amplify the magnitude of the song’s timeless lyrics and importance in today’s world. The video highlights Bob’s contribution to the empowerment of black civilization, as well as his manifestation of hope and recovery for all mankind. 

Inspired by Bob’s homeland of Jamaica, as well as insights received from his family, the artistic approach was to illustrate the imaginary world of Bob Marley in a way that highly stimulates self-reflection. “From the history of Slavery and Jamaica, Rastafarian culture, legacy of prophets (Haile Selassie the 1st, Marcus Garvey, Malcolm X), as well as Bob’s personal life, we take the audience on a journey through allegories and representations.” Marsal and De Gueltzl reveal. The opening sequence invites the viewer into Bob’s guitar, a visual metaphor to Bob’s mind, and our own, in a quest for Redemption. Also, drawing from Rastafarian philosophy, another vital element of the video’s narrative is about valuing nature, our Earth and the Mother Land.

Watch the powerful visual for ‘Redemption Song’ HERE

The MARLEY75 celebrations will encompass all things music, fashion, art, photography, technology, sport and film, providing fans unprecedented access to archives from the legendary artist’s estate in new, thoughtful and innovative ways. Together with YouTube, new and exciting content is set to be released over the course of the year.

The inaugural MARLEY75 music festivities kick off this Spring, the first of many celebrations to come. Ziggy Marley and Stephen Marley’s Bob Marley Celebration will headline 
The BeachLife   Festival. This special, collaborative appearance will feature Ziggy Marley and Stephen Marley performing an extensive catalog of Bob Marley tunes in celebration of their father’s 75th birthday at the three-day immersive music, art, and culinary oceanside event.

In this digital era, Bob Marley remains one of the most followed posthumous artists on social media, and MARLEY75 will serve to bring his music and message to the digital foreground, reaching new audiences and perspectives with innovative content and groundbreaking technology. Special live events, exclusive digital content, recordings, exhibitions, plus rare and unearthed treasures will also be revealed throughout the year.

Bob Marley’s music continues to inspire generation upon generation, as his legacy lives on through his message of love, justice and unity, a sentiment needed more than ever in 2020. In conjunction with Tuff Gong and UMe, a division of the Universal Music Group, the Marley family will continue to ensure the highest quality, integrity and care is taken to honor Bob’s legacy and to celebrate one of the 20th century’s most important and influential figures.

One-quarter of all the Reggae listened to in the United States, is Bob Marley. Bob Marley’s Legend is the nineteenth-biggest selling album of all time and the fifth-biggest selling Greatest Hits package in United States history.

Throughout history, no artist has dominated the world of music quite like Bob Marley. A musical, political and spiritual icon of mythical proportions, both poet and prophet, Marley was the first Jamaican artist to give voice to the struggles of his people and the Rastafarian culture, and the first to gain worldwide fame. October 2020 will see the 40th anniversary of Bob Marley’s “Redemption Song.” Released in October 1980 and taken from his ninth album Uprising (Island Records), the song was inspired by a speech from Pan-Africanist Marcus Garvey’s “The Work That Has Been Done” and is considered by many as one of the greatest songs ever written in popular culture. In a time when political unrest and oppression feels more prevalent than ever, “Redemption Song” maintains a poignancy and power and acts as a long-standing testament to Bob Marley’s brilliance and voice for the people. Bob Marley’s music catalog has amassed billions of streams and sold millions of albums worldwide, while his hits compilation, Legend, remains the world’s best-selling reggae album and longest-charting album in the history of Billboard’s Catalog Albums chart.

Tune in and subscribe to the Official Bob Marley YouTube channel here for more upcoming content celebrating Bob’s legacy and contribution to the world.

Additional information on MARLEY75 events will be revealed soon.


Bob Marley, a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee, is notable not only as the man who put reggae on the global map, but, as a statesman in his native Jamaica, he famously brought together the country’s warring factions. Today, Bob Marley remains one of the 20th century’s most important and influential entertainment icons. Marley’s lifestyle and music continue to inspire new generations as his legacy lives on through his music. In the digital era, he has the second-highest social media following of any posthumous celebrity, with the official Bob Marley Facebook page drawing more than 70 million fans, ranking it among the Top 20 of all Facebook pages and Top 10 among celebrity pages. Marley’s music catalog has sold millions of albums worldwide. His iconic collection LEGEND holds the distinction of being the longest-charting album in the history of Billboard magazine’s Catalog Albums chart and remains the world’s best-selling reggae album. Marley’s accolades include inductions into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (1994) and ASCAP Songwriters Hall of Fame (2010), a GRAMMY® Lifetime Achievement Award (2001), multiple entries in the GRAMMY® Hall Of Fame, and a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame (2001).  For more information visit: and

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Nigeria:KOLLYDEE performs an intimate session at BOGOBIRI HOUSE
January 29, 2020 | 0 Comments

This Saturday at “DON’T DROP THE MIC” (DDTM) the spotlight will be on the charismatic “Kolly Dee” as he performs a few songs and crowd favourites.

KOLADE TOLULOPE ALADE aka KOLLYDEE is a Nigerian singer/songwriter, composer, recording artist, performer and Medical Doctor who came into the spotlight with the release of his unique cover of DRAKE’S HOTLINE BLING in 2015 and hit R&B/POP single “One More Try” in 2016. He has been combining a career in medicine and music and this will be his first headline gig in Nigeria.

The event will be held at “BOGOBIRI HOUSE” located at 9 Maitama Sule St, Off Raymond Njoku St, (off Awolowo rd), Ikoyi, Lagos. When asked what fans should expect from KOLLYDEE, His manager, Toks Asher Young said, “nothing short of an intimate unplugged performance that will leave fans satisfied and at the same wanting for more”. He assured that Kollydee always brings the fire for all his performances and that Saturday won’t be an exception.

The theme of the night is “Almost Famous” so expect the DDTM squad to be on hand to create some epic fame inspired musicals on the spot.

The event is proudly supported by Cool FM, Jameson and The British Council, BOGOBIRI HOTEL, Nigeria Info and Lagos Theatre Festival.


Don’t Drop The Mic (DDTM) is a themed urban variety show where artists create songs off the cuff, freestyle, perform, battle and “improvise” on the spot. Founded by Femi Aribisala (who also doubles as host for the show), Akin Solanke and
Joshua Iyamu.

Each show is given a particular theme which is presented to the audience, and this is used to inspire ideas and suggestions that are then translated into monologues, dialogues, songs and games for educative and entertainment purposes.

The program champions social interaction; its main aim being to provide a platform whereby “improvisation” is viewed as a necessary component for social sensitisation to various issues; and as an instrument for positive change; the dissemination of ideas, thoughts, perspectives and dreams. 

Dont Drop the Mic is more than just an event, it is a philosophy that encourages people to press on and never give up.

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Show-Me Festival Underway in Zurich
January 26, 2020 | 0 Comments

By Bakary Ceesay 

The project co-ordinators of Show-me are Cameroonian musician, Blick Bassy (left), and Swiss journalist, Elisabeth Stoudmann (right).

Show-me is 2nd Edition of the first digital live music forum dedicated to self-entrepreneur artists in solo and duo format is currently underway in Zurich Switzerland at the legendary Moods club from 24th -26th January 2020. A crowdfunding project by Show-me, music, community, and festival, Zürich. 

The project co-ordinators are Cameroonian musician, Blick Bassy (left), and Swiss journalist, Elisabeth Stoudmann (right). Coming from the same milieu but with different skill sets, their aim is to cause ripples in the musical world via the creation of Show-me.

It features the showcases of 10 of the best DIY artists of the moment, selected this summer via an online competition. Show-me also serves to connect these new independent artists with specially invited professionals who will inform and coach them.

Lastly, Show-me offers a collective music writing exercise in a professional studio that helps the musicians to forge contacts and practice group collaboration.

The goals of Show-me
Today, getting into the music business independently is full of constraints and difficulties. Show-me was created to allow these entrepreneurial artists to be seen and heard in the flesh by music business specialists, as well as online. Show-me also offers them several useful tools.

At the end of the event, each nominee will go home with: a booking date at a festival or club, the filming and broadcast of their showcase in HD, a series of quality photographs, advice from programmers, bookers and other music business professionals, and lastly, the chance to make a studio recording.

Last year, during the first edition of Show-me, some nominated artists were able to launch careers after their participation. 

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Gambia: Magistrate Court Fines Rapper Killa Ace
January 13, 2020 | 0 Comments

By Bakary Ceesay

Kanifing Magistrate Court on Monday has convicted and sentence Ali Cham, known as Killa Ace, a outspoken Gambian rapper cum activist. 

Cham, has been found guilty on two counts and fined with D17, 500. 

According to prosecutors, Cham on or about the 29th day of October 2018 in Serrekunda, conducted himself in a manner likely to provoke a breach of peace.

Prosecutors also alleged that the defendant assaulted First Class 6407 Demba Bah on his left eye and mouth, whilst in due execution of his duty and resisted lawful arrest.

He is also charged with wilful damage to property.

Killa Ace pleaded not guilty to the charges levelled against him, but the magistrate found him guilty on all the 3 counts and fined him.

He has been ordered to pay a fine as follows; count one – Breach of Peace – D10,000, count two – Assaulting a Police Officer – D5,000, count four – Destruction of Public Property – cautioned and discharged.

Two additional charges include compensation to Police Officer Demba Bah – D2,000 and damage to an Officer’s Uniform – D500. Total fine to pay is D17,500.

Ace, an outspoken rapper told journalists after the judgement that: “I’m not violent, and I’m not a criminal as well the  real criminals are serving us and getting away with thier crimes”

He lamented that:  “It’s sad that I live in an unfair environment and totally disappointed by todays ruling but not surprised . After nearly losing my life for simply asking for a warrant, I’m turned into the villian by my own people”

According to him he is found guilty on two counts, breach of peace and assaulting a Police Officer. Ordered to pay D17,500.

I’m so discouraged and lost hope in this place. I have a life to live and a family that relies on me .

Anyways fine paid and back to my sad life knowing any minute any second this system is waiting for me around the corner.

“Blessings to all my good peoples behind me. I’m a victim,” 

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Gambia:Dr. Olugander Releases Afrobeat Album ‘Bulma Bai’
January 12, 2020 | 0 Comments

By Bakary Ceesay

Dr. Olugander, alias Dada Gander Helsinki based Gambian vateran reggae danchall artiste has recently released seven tracks Afrobeat danchall album called ‘Bulma Bai’ (Don’t leave me) available in all online platforms.

The  album is also available on CDs and online digital distribution, streaming services like iTunes,  Apple music,  Amazon,  Tidal,  Deezer,  Spotify etc.

The album is accompanied by a video entitled Bulma Bai,  which is  the tittle of the album.

Dr. Olugander explains that the album is an afro cultural and afrobeat dancehall album strictly African meaning it’s not reggae.

According to him, the video was  premiered by one week before the release of the album.

Vateran Reggae singer added that the  messages in the album are geared towards our cultural heritage preservation and upliftment, loves songs are in there, social life, songs based on real experiences social, musical, life struggles etc.

“I’ve been inspired by afro fusion music from inception,  anyone that knows Dr. Olugander knows that, so due to the high demand from my fans all over to revive my afro type pattern and music I decided to give strength by revitalizing culture this time, because it has it’s own market too, so I wanna please my fans in the Gambia,  Senegal,  Guinea Bissau,  Conakry,  Portugal,  Spain and Paris” he noted.

About Dr. Olugander

Dr. Olugander alias Phada Gander, is a Gambian dazzling home-grown performing and recording, philanthropic world-sought-after Reggae Dancehall artist based in Finland. He started his musical career at a tender age through the inspiration of his late grandfather “Oupa Kambai Joku” who was a great cultural musician in his hay-days.

Dr Olugander’s hard core rhythms could be compared with that of many great superstar around the world. What sets him among the rest in the pecking order is his professional manner of conducting his life which is free from liquor consumption and smoke.

He started his education at St. Charles Lwanga Mission Primary School in Faji Kunda and later proceeded to St. Peter’s Catholic High School in Lamin. Being someone who likes to explore, he moved on to St. Augustine’s High School, an all boys high school in the Capital city of the Gambia, Banjul where his musical career became heightened.

Abukpapa is agile, flexible and full of confidence on stage which makes his performances unique and awesome. His voice is silky smooth, original and he exhibits humility and love for everyday ordinary people.

He is a role model to the younger generation and a voice for the voiceless. He is so far the only known Gambian musician who keeps it simple and natural by avoiding smoking or drinking but still gets wild on stage with his teeming crowd of followers and admirers.

In 1997 he formed a crew named (CAP-SYL-MAD VIBES), a trio musical group that lasted for a year then later changed to Promised Land Crew in1998, comprising him and Capricon as main singers. The Promised Land recorded their first debut Album entitled “Too Late” at Yellow Gates Studios by Kebba Taylor in 1998, with their first hit single on television entitled “Babylon rule”.

The Promised Land Crew got a lot of exposure from showbiz impresario and arts columnist Dr. Obiozor Williams who first discovered their talents. The Crew got rave reviews on the Arts & Culture page in Daily Observer Newspaper.Their first shot at national prominence was during the 1st ever Gambian Music Award, May 2, 1998 at Palma Rima Hotel.

The Crew became a favorite for music fans at the “Fateleku” Nationwide Music Tour for all Gambian artistes initiated by Obiozor Williams alongside veteran star Ousu Njie Senor and late Uncle George Christensen of Radio 1 FM where over 40 artistes performed throughout the length & breadth of the Gambia in 1999.

In 2001, Capricon decided to quit music for the Islamic brotherhood ‘Markas’ which gave birth to Dr. Olugander’s solo musical career.

Dr. Olugander derived his title from his fans who regarded him as a musical doctor. The name Olu- means (God Father) while “gander” came as a result of his love for the male goose the “Gander” which is his favorite pet. “Abukpapa” is derived from his MAN-JAH-GO clan which means “father’s child.”

A fond lover of great stars like Cocoa Tea, Lucky Dube, Bob Marley, Bunny wailer, Dennis Brown & Luciano, he felt he could use music to bring great changes in the life of young people with his own original style.

Known for his philanthropic gestures, he was the first musician of his generation in the country to establish and register a charity foundation, Gander’s Production Foundation (GPF) embarking on giving back projects throughout the country in support of the poor through his musical performances.

GPF with the Motto “Each One-Support One” donated cooking items and food stuff to the disaster flood victims of the Gambia at the office of the Vice President of the Republic of The Gambia in December 2010. He also contributed to the rehabilitation of school toilets in Wassu Upper Basic Cycle.

As an ambassador of The Gambia Organization of the Visually Impaired (GOVI), he made a cash donation to the blind school of The Gambia in January 2013. He was also honored by supporting a Kenyan charity to donate to Kandaria Dispensary in Kisumu, Kenya in August 2015.

He usually organizes big annual events ‘Welcome Back Home Shows’ any time he returns from an international tour. These shows are always among the biggest platforms in the country, where most of the upcoming Gambian musicians got their first ever open air opportunities to be heard and known by their fans.

In 2008 he won the best reggae song in the Gambia. In 2009 he was given an honorary award & invitation to USA by (AGERA). Dr. Olugander is undisputedly the Gambia’s best international reggae ambassador & export, who has been jetting in and out of aeroplanes from Africa, Europe, Asia, Scandinavia, USA over the years.

Group Album with “Promised Land” entitled-“Too Late”- 1998, Solo career albums, Pumak Aids- Advocate against Aids – 2004, Little Gambia- 25th April 2007, Stronger Dan Before- 24th December 2008, Friends on Journey- 2018

He shared stages and collaborated with big names like Luciano, Youssou Ndour, Glen Washinton, Yellowman, Sizzla, Capleton, Macka B, among many others.

His album entitled ‘Friends On Journey’ is a masterpiece in the world music industry. It’s a 14 track CD album that features big acts include Macka B, Mikey General, Siddy Ranks, and Turbulence.

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