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DJ Neptune In The News For All The Wrong Reasons
January 2, 2020 | 0 Comments

By Moji Danisa*

DJ Neptune is a household name in the Nigeria entertainment industry.Photo credit Gidi Cultural Fest

DJ Neptune is arguably one of Nigeria’s best entertainers whose craft easily places him amongst the top 5 A-list DJs in the country in the last decade.

Until now, DJ Neptune has played in the high stakes, perfecting and honing his craft with accolades from industry watchers, entertainment writers and fans. He simply could do no wrong. Its plan to see that he was a natural when it comes to disk jockeying; he was born to spin the wheels of steel, while also churning out many hit songs in collaborations with other artistes that has catapulted his image as an icon in his genre of entertainment all over Africa and the world.

DJ Neptune has played it so safe that he kept his private life out of the public which was one of his most admired traits. He was simply seen as serious, smart, good-looking and respectful. Not many know that Neptune is married to the beautiful daughter of a General and they have a beautiful daughter together.

With other stars beginning to keep it clean, the industry is now ready for stars that would uphold family values and be good examples to the young generation. TuFace has generally cleaned his act since he got married and has successfully changed his Casanova perception in the public sphere. Davido has such respect and love for his wife Chioma that he flaunts her everywhere and makes marriage look pleasing and that perhaps is why Whizkid has vowed to get married this year too.

While these stars who were hitherto seen as bad boys are moving into good boy mode, Neptune sadly seems to be sliding into disrepute as he is beginning to not only flaunt girls who are not his wife on the social media of all places and changing his once admirable wardrobe into what many of his fans feel is a deviation from the clean cut, sharp dressing Neptune they fell in love with, not his new found juvenile style of dressing which has got many in the industry whispering their disapproval behind his back. His admirers and professional colleagues believe he can do far better to dress hip but not silly in tight fitting pants that are short in length and hugs his crouch like a juvenile’s.

Undoubtedly, critiques view Neptune as the most promising DJ to step into the shoes of the well respected Jimmy Jatt…he has proven he can so far but industry watchers are worried that his new persona may negate that dream.

An entertainment reporter said: ‘Neptune seems to be derailing from what he is known and loved for, which is, a bit of mystery, distance from groupies and seriousness, it is my hope that he recognizes this fact and goes back to form because he is one of those set to rule the next decade…if only he does not allow these new distractions he seems to be embracing”.

* Moji DanisaEditor in Chief, Paparazzi Magazine Online

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MARKETING 101 – The Art Of Selling Yourself, Services or Creativity
December 31, 2019 | 0 Comments


In whatever field or career you find yourself in, NEVER stop promoting yourself. Never shy away at any chance to tell people about you, what you are good at, the services or goods you offer/provide and what makes you good at it. Don’t forget that nobody can blow your trumpet better than you.

Sometimes not everyone will respond, reply, give you feedback or even acknowledge they saw or read your message(s) or mail but don’t let that stop or dissuade you. Remember “if you don’t try the answer will always be NO.” So never relent but while you are at it be courteous, respectful or humble if needed. Infact act the fool if it’s required to garner the attention you need. Also know when to push, be aggressive or when to take the soft pedal and meek approach. 

Don’t ever allow one No or non response or bad experience stop you from reaching out to people. Everybody isn’t the same, while some will always find reasons or excuses to say no to you, some would genuinely love to help but sometimes several constraints stand in the way of it. Don’t assume every no is coming from a hater or that nobody wants you to progress or achieve your aim. Because someone says/said NO to you doesn’t mean it won’t end in your favour. The NO may be to push you to where/what you deserve or to propel or lead you to the rightful place you should be. There’s no harm or shame in hyping your capabilities or letting people know about what you do, it’s called marketing 101.

So at every point in life don’t ever be afraid to pursue your goals or passion. Because it didn’t work for the  hundreds or millions before you doesn’t mean it won’t work for you. And just because nobody has done it before doesn’t mean it can’t be done. Don’t let the lack of enthusiasm or excitement from others dampen your resolve or make your interest wane. At times people will sound bored, unimpressed or uninterested simply because the idea or the plan is coming from you whom they see as beneath them or not on the same status, level, category or class with them. Or because the plan/idea isn’t their brainchild. All fingers aren’t equal but that doesn’t mean one finger is more or less important that the others. Same way we all have our spots, corners and niches that we were/are meant to occupy and make our own. Some people will never see anything good about you simply because for no reason they don’t like you, how you dress, your hairstyle, how you talk, your accent, the way you walk or your confidence. There will always be a reason why people won’t like you but all you need is to give them one reason or excuse to like/love you and one person to like/love you or just believe in you.

Marketing and promotion is the one thing everyone or brand needs constantly and no matter how many people or firms you hire to handle your PR, marketing or promo, nobody can hype you better than you can hype yourself. You are your best ambassador so at every given opportunity or chance always promote yourself like it is your last chance to do so. For an artiste the first step is making good music, it’s the number one magic requirement. Forget hype, marketing, promotion, having relationships etc if the music is not good it won’t amount to much over time. Making a great song is your first step in the door, your intro. Once you do that, it’s like a strong magnet, everything else is attracted to it. All the other bits and parts just fall in line to compliment great music. A lot of people will contest this and, I am not trying to say that promotions, marketing, branding, building relationships etc don’t have a hand in pushing/propelling an artiste but bluntly put, if you make a great song, it magnetizes other things around it and makes everything else a tad easier. If you have a weak/wack song, no amount of marketing or relationships will attract the public towards the song. In the short run maybe, but long term it will die an unnatural death and radio/airplays will fizzle out even before it begun.

Relationships & marketing might help put your song in the spotlight or in front of an audience, but no amount of finances or funding will keep an audience interested for long if the song isn’t good enough.

As an artiste, there will be a lot of obstacles in your path but determination, perseverance, confidence in your abilities and believing in yourself will always go a long way. So before you approach anyone to listen to your music or give you their opinion on your music or works, you have to bear three (3) things in mind.

1. do you want to really hear their honest opinion or do you want them to pretend?

2. If it’s not what you expected or not favourable will you accept it in good faith or would you call the person a hater?

3. Do you take criticism well? 

As a creative it’s one thing to create in your zone, but it takes guts to open yourself up to criticism from people you sometimes know, those you don’t know, have never met and some you will never even meet. You have to be prepared to take in whatever you get from people and be able to take what you need and discard those you don’t. Be discerning enough to know the opinions, views or pieces of advice given constructively and those given out of spite or a sense of entitlement. While some will genuinely wish you well and want to see you do great, some will be low key jealous or envious and will never want others to progress or succeed just because it isn’t them getting the accolades.

Ultimately never allow the opinions of others make you abandon your dreams or things you are passionate about. When you hear NO or sense dissent go back and repackage or rebrand or simply try another method or style but NEVER say never.

*TOCHUKWU YOUNG UMEZULIKE aka Toks Asher Young is a Nigerian celebrity talent manager and entertainment entrepreneur.He writes from his wealth of over 12years of experience in the Nigerian music industry. He specializes in nurturing and managing budding talents. An emerging Poet, He loves travelling, making friends, networking and building new connections. He is a staunch believer in Nigerian and African musical talents and fierce promoter of good music . He can be reached at

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Sierra Leone : Jusas Global Entertainment sets to premier Mind Game in Waterloo on 28th
December 27, 2019 | 0 Comments

By Ishmael Sallieu Koroma

As a way of making sure  the internationally acclaimed Solly wood blockbuster Movie Mind Game reaches every part of Sierra Leone JuSAS Entrepreneurship Network popularly known as JuSAS Global is set to premier its movie on 28th December at the Med Porsh Entertainment Complex , Waterloo, Western Rural District of Freetown.

The movie which captures the story of the dowsabel in the family, is staged around unconditional love , suspense wrangling’s  and more was directed by Sheku M. Sheriff and some leading casts in the country like Desmond Finney , T.J Cole, China Nicky, Randa Sheriff, Kindo Armani , Boss lady , Fatty Sheriff and Salim Sahid Kamara respectively.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with, the Executive Producer, Mind Game, Abdul Sigismond Sesay, re-echoed that JuSAS GLOBAL is private owned entertainment company officially registered in Ohio and Sierra Leone as a limited liability Company, whose genuine and collective drive is to augment government’s efforts to revive the Movie, Music & Entertainment Industry in Sierra Leone

“Mind Game is not any ordinary movie but a game changer on a mission to change the narrative in the Sierra Leone Movie/ Film Industry. The reason the creme de la creme in the entertainment enterprise were auditioned and acted to concertedly help in sending a loud message that Sollywood is ready to take on globally,’’he said.

He added that  hence  the movie’s blockbuster nature and the current nationwide tour followed by the global next year stating that the country   should view Entertainment as a career path not alternative but a choice which should be the key message.

When asked about the secret behind the so much nominations since the release earlier this year , he replied :”The secret for not just NEA but other nominations like Diaspora Focus and others; I believe is the general acceptability by the government and people of Sierra Leone. It shows that Sierra Leoneans know a quality product when they see or experience one; that’s exactly the case of the blockbuster movie Mind Game attracting several nominations across the board’’

Sigismond Sesay said,  that the movie has gained nation wide recognition with premiers in almost all the major cities and towns in the country which saw hundreds of people to support their project thus thanking all and sundry including the media for their work in making awareness of the movie.

“Challenges in any project is unavoidable but the courage to over come is the difference as in the case of Mind Game . The challenges are huge especially putting up a mind-blowing national talk about movie when the Executive Producer coordinates outside Sierra Leone jurisdiction and relying on Director Sheriff to fix things, ‘’Sigismond Sesay  explained.

The JuSAS boss encouraged people in the Waterloo community not to miss out if they want to dine and wine with dignitaries , celebrities , entrepreneurs adding that they will enjoy the benefits of their monies come this Saturday.

 The Movie was first premiered on July 27th this year under the Distinguished Grand Chief Patron of Hon. Umaru Napoleon Koroma Esq., Francis Ben Kaifala, Commissioner of the Anti- Corruption Commission, and Hon. Mohamed Orman Bangura, among many other high-profile government officials at the Golden Tulip , followed by other premier at British Council , Makeni, Kono  among other areas.

The Movie will be screened again at  the Med Porsh Entertainment 5’5 Waterloo under the distinguish Grand Chief Patron of Med Porsh a popular entrepreneur with individual tickets to be sold for Le 15,000 and for Patron between Le 50,000-90,000 respectively.

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Aj200 just drops new single, a solo project titled “I KNOW
December 27, 2019 | 0 Comments

Arnold John Nobe better known as “AJ200” is a self taught graphic artist/designer, rapper, performer and stylist who started his career as Graphic Artist/Designer in the San Francisco, Bay Area underground 8yrs ago.

His talent in designing and art got him noticed and brought him a lot of attention which ultimately led to him doing some work for Nef The Pharaoh, Waka Flocka, Lil Pete, Iamsu!, Kamaiyah and so on. Aj200 has stamped his name as one of the go to graphic designers in the Bay Area. Aj200’s art shows a lot of authenticity, uniqueness and captivating styles. His covers have received recognition from a few art groups e.g: Collage Bay Area Artists and Bay Area Unity.

AJ decided to explore his musical talent and began working on His music project in 2018. In early 2019, AJ 200 got a lot of positive feedback with his first project titled “Hunnid Bandz”. Late 2019, he released a second project titled “FaceTime” with Bay Area’s own Derek King and Capolow304. “FaceTime” is currently getting a lot of radio plays at KMEL. KMEL is an urban radio station based in San Francisco.

Aj200 just dropped his new single, a solo project titled “I KNOW”. A soft/slow song about the pain of dealing with fake friends and making it out on his own.

Aj200 attended a barber school called San Francisco Institute of Esthetics and Cosmetology SFIEC) in 2018. He presently attends City College of San Francisco where he hopes to graduate with a Business degree next year. He has been running things in the Bay Area underground art and design scene for over 8yrs now and is now focused on elevating his musical career as well as getting his music and sound heard worldwide in 2020. He is known as a “Jack of all trades and master of all”




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German Based Gambian Releases New album “We are all one’
December 26, 2019 | 0 Comments

By Bakary Ceesay

Jarck-boy, German based Gambian Reggae danchall artiste has released his debut album called “We are all one’ available worldwide in all digital platforms.
The album comprised of ten tracks presented by  Full100 Music.  Jarck boy said the album is full of messages that will benefit humanity across the globe authentic Reggae with positive messages.  The songs in the album are Let’s all Unite, We are all one, where is the love, Poverty, Love God, Jah Jah Love, Protect my soul, Mama Loving, Never Let me and thank you all

 “This album is very inspirational if you and all the messages are issues happening in the globe, as as an artiste i want to speak for people by creating more awareness for a better world where human beings can live in harmony and togetherness as one people despite their color, race and religion,” he said.

He said the album has one video that is shot and he and his management team is working hard to shot more video and for the album. He urged his fans in world to watch out more projects from him, as music is a mission to spread the words of positivity.
He explained that they are planning to make album tour concert in Gambia and Europe to spread the message to the wider audience. He commended his label and all the producers that work hard in making sure that the album is a success.
The album can be purchase here ……/we-are…/9008798317554/index.html#.

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Gambia:Tatadindin Jobarteh Ready for AfriCourage Festival
December 26, 2019 | 0 Comments

By Bakary Ceesay

Tatadindin Jobarteh
Tatadindin Jobarteh

Tatadindin Jobarteh looks forward to his performance at the AfriCourage music festival in Bakau in December 2019.

The Gambian kora legend Tatadindin Jobarteh told AfriCourage that he looks forward to his participation in the upcoming music festival.

He feels that the festival will provide him with a unique opportunity to collaborate and interact with other artists in an international context. On Thursday 21st November 2019 we discussed the upcoming festival at his residence in Brikama, West Coast Region, The Gambia.

Tatadindin Jobarteh was born into a griot family and was trained as a child in the art of the kora by his father.

He told us of the history of the ancient kora harp, originating from Gambia but which migrated to the ancient empire of Mali. In those days, he says, “it was called ‘kontingo’ and this single-string instrument was transformed into the kora. It is used to narrate histories and stories from generations to generations”.

He added the kora “is played by a caste group called Griot, referring to the caste of praise singers, and it is also used to narrate the history of kings and empires”.

Kora Goes to Europe

In 2016, Tatadindin performed in Europe, with dates in 35 German cities. He said his trip to Europe was rather confusing for him, and that he was a little nervous on his first time in European studio, but was pleased that it turned out to be a great experience both for him and the audience alike. He said “everybody liked the way I played my kora. Some were amazed at my performance and asked me whether I was playing it with all my ten fingers, because it sounded like that”.

He explained that the kora has a rhythm, lead and bass function, and that all these roles are performed simultaneously. The kora legend said that many non-griots based in America and Europe come to him to learn how to play kora.

Power in The Gambia

Discussing the material which he will perform at the AfriCourage festival, he confirmed “I will sing a traditional song called ‘Masanneh Ceesay’ (a successful and well-known Gambian businessman from the past)”. He will also perform a new song called ‘NAWEC’. NAWEC is the National Water & Electric Company of The Gambia, and “our electricity system has been bad since the first, second and third republics. I said in my song that if the people vote for me I will change the status quo. So this is a joke about the likelihood of me becoming President”. The random nature of the Gambian power supply suggests that this will not be a praise song.

Regeneration of the Tradition

The AfriCourage festival celebrates the meeting of local and international culture, and the collision of the traditional with the modern. On the emergence and influence of pop music he maintained that “generations, language and tradition change. Traditional music is changing too much but I will never change my tradition”, he said.

He added “coming from a Griot family I can blend my traditional music with modern music but I will not change my instruments and I still have traditional instruments and not modern ones”. He said at the AfriCourage concert, he will play Afromanding kora music with his band. He told us that the band will include “myself as the lead player, two balafon players, two percussion players, bass and lead guitar, a keyboard player, two drummers and two backing vocals”.He said the name of his band is called ‘Salam’ meaning peace, and that many people know him to be a peaceful person. He continued “I am sure my traditional music will survive because we still have some people who still want to keep tradition alive

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Gambian Open Mic onstage in Stuttgart
December 5, 2019 | 0 Comments

By Bakary Ceesay

All is set for Gambian open mic in Stuttgart in Germany on 6th December, 2019 at Calwer Eck Club. Organised by GMB promotions it will features dancehall, Afrobeat, reggae and hip-hop and artistes lineup are Stony Vybz , Miller DC, Steven Kelly, 50k Thuger, G Stedda, Mafia Click, Popshea 8.8.1, Great Mind, One Corner, Laminator, Topmind Hallis  Kapachaile and Chris Black to be back by deejay Puffy.

Christopher Mendy, alias Chris Black chief executive officer GMB Promotions explained that the concept behind The Gambian open is to scout, promote and harness real talent.

He added that the same way to keep the Gambian artist living in Europe busy on their musical career. GMB promotions been promoting and empowering youth for a decade plus.

“Recently GMB a promotion is the only Gambian label in EU setting trend,” the young promoter outlined.

He noted that he want to create a platform that Gambian artistes in Europe will showcase their talent and earned a decent living through their art.“We intent to make this as an annual event so we are calling on all artistes to come on board to make this happen, by showing that Gambia has a rich culture that other nationals can learn from,” he noted.According to him, part of their plans in future is to inviting Gambian artistes at home to come and perform in the event.

Popularly called Gambian Chris Black pointed out that: “We are determined to entertained, educate by spreading positivity through music”.

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We Want Gambian Artists to Compete on the World Stage- President Barrow tells Musician Jizzle
December 3, 2019 | 0 Comments

By Bakary Ceesay

Jizzle and his team with President Barrow
Jizzle and his team with President Barrow

On the margins of the ongoing President’s Meet the People tour, President Adama Barrow granted an audience to popular Gambian singer Jizzle to congratulate him for successfully launching his latest music album at a mega-concert at the Independence Stadium.

“We are very proud of you. In the past, it is only foreign artists that fill up the stadium. But now we have our own Gambians, very young people like you filling up the stadium. We should all be proud of that. It is a big thing; not for you alone but for the whole country and my government’’, President Barrow said while pointing out that the singer will be counted in history as one of the few to ever fill up the stadium.

Jizzle, born Jerreh Jallow, recently ‘’Finally’’ album concert in front of tens of thousands.The president expressed his personal will and commitment to support every Gambian to explore their creative potentials, stating that ‘’we want Gambians to be competing at the world stage’’.
‘’We don’t want foreign musicians to come to the Gambia to play and make huge amount of money and leave with it… it is not good for the economy. We have to make sure everything remains in The Gambia.’’

While pledging the government’s continuous support for arts and culture, the president revealed that his government has increased the budget allocation to an unprecedented amount for the promotion of the sector.

He advised Jizzle to remain committed to music as a career and profession in order to keep the momentum.

On his part, Jizzle said he was honoured to be received by the president to offer his personal congratulations. He called for continuous government support for the music industry.

Alagie Muhammed Darboe, the spokesperson for the artist also thanked the president for taking time out of his busy schedule to meet them.


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Awarding Wining Gambia’s Afro-Pop singer Makes History For Highest sold out Concert
November 27, 2019 | 0 Comments

By Bakary Ceesay

Jizzle, multiple awarding wining Gambia’s afro-pop artiste has makes history as he filled the stadium of 30,000 capacities during his Finally album concert on 23rd  November, 2019 at Independence stadium.

 The Finally concert dubbed as ‘#Fessal #Estade’ meaning fill up the stadium has featured Gambia’s finest artistes and Senegalese finest artistes.

Finally, is Jizzle debut album was released on 9th August, 2019 comprised of of twelve tracks representing the sounds of Afro pop, Afrobeat, and Afro-fuzion with elements of Hip Hop.

In September, 2019 has embarked on a three-week European tour in Sweden, Italy, and Germany to promote finally album.  All of his shows display his dynamic stage presence and performance.

The album features a number of West African Artists, Dip Doundou Guiss, Samba, Peuzzi, Bm Jaay, and Hakill from Senegal.  Shaydee represents Nigeria and Gee from The Gambia. 

  It was the most surreal moment for the Gambian music industry, no concert at the stadium from Davido to Chronixx to Movado to even Youssou Ndour has received the type of crowd that Jizzle received on Saturday, November 23rd.

As happiness exuded from him, an emotional Jizzle told the crowd, “This is not my show; this show is for the Gambian music industry. All of us as artists.  When one shines, we all shine. There is no competition and we must have love and support for each other. When one of us wins, we all win.”

Jizzle called on Gambians to believe in Gambian music by supporting the local artists to stardom.
He commended his fans for their huge turnout at the stadium. “This is Gambia. We have abundant talent; let’s support them”.

Jizzle also commended his sponsors and the international artists who came all the way from Senegal and Europe to grace the show.

A number of singles have been released from the album accompanied by video like Finally, Joanna, Just In Case.  However, it was Turn By Turn that became number one on Apple Top 100 Gambia for five weeks.  The album was also number 1 on Apple Music Gambia.

Jizzle has worked very hard and has proven that his craft is ready to compete and shine on the world stage.  His entrance on the stage at the Finally Concert was one in a million. Covered in a white cashmere robe, he was dressed in white with a silver face mask; the crowd went into frenzy. 

Finally, the album was released three months ago on all digital platforms.  Since its release, it has definitely proven to be the hottest album on the streets of the Gambia. There is no car, shop, or community that you go into that is not blasting Jizzle’s album.  The country has uplifted him to the highest level and everyone is proud of him.

One of Jizzle’s wonders is that he sings in three major West African languages – Fula, Mandingo and Wolof – and an international language, English, making him a marketable brand, both at home and abroad.  His stage presence, energy, and delivery are impeccable. 

He has received the highest accolades in the Gambian music industry for his singles and videos. He also did his first European tour over the summer starting with the Selam Festival in Sweden then to other European countries. He will continue to do international shows in December and throughout 2020.

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No jobs available as 1,300 graduate in South Sudan
November 20, 2019 | 0 Comments

By Deng Machol

Juba, South Sudan – At least 1,300 students were graduated in different fields in the world youngest nation over the weekend, as the country is pursues a peace deal to end  five-years of conflict.

The 22nd Convocation of the University of Juba was presided by the country’s president Salva Kiir, who described the event as another achievement and milestones in the country’s human capital, which is ruined by the years of conflict.

University of Juba was established in 1975 following the Addis Ababa peace agreement in 1972 in then Sudan.

“This is great additional to our human capital – and that the new face has begun from this important day as they look forward to join the world of works – where they are going to serve our people in the areas of theirs interested and expertise,” said Kiir

South Sudan split away from Sudan in 2011 after decades of war but plunged into its own conflict at the end of 2013 after president Salva Kiir sacked Riek Machar as vice president.

After years of brutal, president Kiir and ex – rebel leader Machar signed a new fragile revitalized peace deal a year ago to end a civil war that has killed hundreds of thousands of people, displaced a third of the population and wrecked the country’s economy.

South Sudanese warring parties to the peace agreement failed to form a coalition government on November 12, 2019 after disagreements over the training and unification of forces. The leaders also failed to resolve the issue of the boundary and the number of states.

The conflict has also tumble-down a job opportunity in both public and private sectors across the country.

As a result, President Kiir and Machar last week extended the pre-interim period by 100 days to enable them narrow their differences, but president Kiir believe that with the formation of a unity government next year, will create a job opportunity for the graduates in the country.

 “I am optimistic that the unity government will be formed early in the new year to allow our country to move forward as one nation. And then our collective energy to economy and social development – peace will allow us to mobilize more resources to provide better education and health services. Moreover, will enable us to rebuild the infrastructure in form whether roads, provide clean drinking water and electricity to our cities, towns and countryside and connected the nation through high speed fabric optics network,” he said.

President Kiir also says “as the country, we are opened to the investment in agriculture, mineral resources, oil and tourism, among others which will definitely create job opportunities for our able youth, particularly to graduates and enable to deliver needed services to the people of South Sudan.’

Meanwhile, Chairman of the University’s Council, Manase Lomule Waya urged the graduands to put their papers in use as job creators and not job seekers.

Waya further asked the NGOs and private companies to employ South Sudanese graduates, citing a setback to the world youngest nation if the said human resource is not put into action.

“The graduates from the university of Juba have to and must be employed in order to reduce the level of unemployment in the country,” said Waya.

On the same event, representative of the graduands, Jacob Kuot said they faced a lot of challenges as a journey was too long, which some of his colleagues dropped out of the university.

He told president to create job opportunities for the graduates so that they will not join politics in the restive country.

“Mr. president, we have thousands of youth, graduates’ loitering on the streets – some of our wasting much of our time in tea places, playing cards, dominoes and Facebook [social media] – this is where of our youth spend usual time to build themselves – [and] that is why some of us join politics by all means as the last resort. Our situation here invited every youth to be politicians and talks about politics.


my appeal to the government is to creating more jobs for youth, especially graduates in the public and private sectors for you to coming out of learning institution, at least to get a job,” said Kuot

Multiple of graduands said they will usher their knowledges to rebuild the war – torn country in their specialized areas, but this will not be effective if the government don’t employ them in all sectors.

Exodus of University lecturers

The Vice Chancellor of the University of Juba has warned concerned government institutions of industrial action over delay in implementation of the new salary structure for lecturers.

In July, the Council of Ministers approved a new salary structure for all the public university lecturers.

The increment came after years of public outcry over little pay for lecturers since the Pound lost its value and the economy worsened.

“The delay of the implementation of the new salary structure threatens the academic stability of our public universities with mass exodus of the staff of worse of an upset of industrial action,” Prof. John Akech said during the 22nd Graduation Ceremony of the University of Juba at the weekend.

However, President Kiir says his government is committed to implementing the new salary structure for all the public universities.

“I will invest in our universities so that they produce the best civil servants and work for what our country needs and that is why my government is committed to implement a new salary structure for the staff at our public universities,” said president Kiir. “We will review and improve the pay structure of the top and mid-level civil servants so that our civil servants are free to devote their whole time to serving the country and creating public value without worrying much about their basic daily needs and that of their families.”

According to the approved salary structure, a professor would be paid over 500,000 SSP ($1,500) and a technician would earn over 100,000 SSP ($500) per month. This is a significant increase from the current structure where a professor earns an equivalent of $153 per month.

However, more lecturers have allegedly quit the profession due to the little – with some seen driving public service vehicles in the capital, Juba, as a new means of catering for their families.

Recently, President Kiir blamed salary payment delays on the ministry finance and economic planning.

Civil servants have not been paid for months despite daily oil production. According to the ministry of petroleum, the government roughly gets $165 million per month from oil sales.

Establish of institute

President Kiir his government will establish the petroleum institute of technology and applied sciences in order to build human resource to utilize the petroleum resources.

“I want to assure the university of Juba administration that my government is still committed to supporting the establishment of Petroleum institute of technology and Applied Science at the University of Juba. Whose mission is to utilized petroleum resources, to develop and embrace the national technological and managerial capacity for exploitation of our vast natural resources,” said president Kiir

The landlock country gets almost all its revenue from oil and has boosted output, as it struggles to rebuild its devastated economy after a five-year civil war.

South Sudan has the third-largest oil reserves in sub – Saharan Africa, estimated at 3.5 billion barrels and much more still remains unexplored.

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Gambia Music Union Clarifies ‘Peace Project’ by Gambian Musicians
November 14, 2019 | 0 Comments

Strongly advice artistes to distance themselves from politic

By Bakary Ceesay

Gambia Music Exco
Gambia Music Exco

The Music Union of the Gambia has reacted to the ‘Peace Project’ initiative by a group of Gambian musicians, presented to President Adama Barrow assured the full support of the state.

The musicians called on the president Adama Barrow over the weekend at State House to present the project with the hope enlisting the support of the state in promoting national unity, social cohesion, and harmony through the power of music.

Barrow said: “This peace project is very important; there can be no progress in the absence of peace and stability. As President, I and my government will support this project to its success. I have a mandate to the Gambian people and therefore take ownership of this project’’

However, on Tuesday in a press release from the Music Union of the Gambia is aware of the recent visit of a few Gambian Artists to the Office of President. We understand its was arranged and facilitated by President Barrow’s Youths For National Development together with Lamin Cham (DJ Champion Sounds)

The Artistes that were present went there at their own will on contract basis by the above mentioned bodies and had nothing to do with Gambian Artists or Music Union as a whole.

They presented a “Peace Initiative” Project which the Union isn’t against, we believe Maintaining Peace is key and the first step towards developing any nation and Gambia is not an exception to that fact.

What we are against is siding / working / affiliating with any political groups, parties or political related gatherings in the name of Gambian Artist or Musicians.

We believe there are right channels such as our line Ministry Of Youth & Sports or Ministry Of Tourism & Arts/Culture to facilitate such projects together with The Music Union Of The Gambia and National Centre for Art and Culture.

The Union is made up of different Artistes/Musicians with different tribes, backgrounds and political views, What brought us together is the music and we want to keep it that way.

Due to the present situation of the country, The Timing of the meeting and the Body Facilitating the meeting didn’t sit well for a lot of Artistes & the executives of The Music Union. Our believe is in order to strengthen the Music Union as an institution which has an executive with a mandate.

The Music Union Of The Gambia advices artistes to distance themselves from politics and if one wants to take part should do it on its own will and not in the name of Gambia Artists / Musicians / Music Union.

Our Music Industry lacks structure which we have been struggling to put in place and we believe working with the government could make this possible but only if its Channel to the right institutions/ offices.

We want to use this opportunity to inform all artists that the Executive will in a few weeks call on congress. We are equally happy to report that the constitutional Review committee will report on the drafted constitution for adoption and election of yet another executive to run the affairs of The Gambia Musicians Union in the years to Come. In the spirit of Peace and the Development of Gambia we salute you.


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Gambia:Deejay Limbo Releases ‘Le Debut’ EP
November 11, 2019 | 0 Comments

By Bakary Ceesay

Deejay Limbo

Deejay Limbo, awarding winning Austria based Gambian reggae and dancehall artiste has released and launched his debut Extended Play, EP entitled ‘Le Debut’ comprises of six tracks on 9th November, 2019 at Club Spielplatz in Linz.

The night featured feature two supporting acts namely Blady El-Puro and Darka Real Mandingo, Rooftop Movement, Boom Sound Diamond from Germany and Stefan Uhlir the Kings Crown Sound.   Fabala Colley, Limbo’s manager said Limbo is also on European Tour so far did concert in Germany, preparing for Italy and Austria.

Deejay Limbo is a dancehall/ reggae artist and songwriter. Born in a small town, Latrikunda-German in a West African country called Gambia.

He started DJing in Gambia around 2005 and started singing sometime around the end of 2010 and the beginning of 2011.He has since relocated to Austria where he has been on the music scene since 2011 and has made a name for himself.

Limbo has collaborated with many dancehall/ reggae artists’ such as Jamaican born Jah Vinci and Ghana’s very own Stone Bwoy, Rebellion D Recaller, Vypa, ENC and Singhateh. Limbo once had the opportunity to be signed to G-Note Records, a record label in the United Kingdom, but due to circumstances things didn’t play out the way he envisioned, but he still did not give up.

He had the opportunity to work with some great producers like Hakim from Sunland Music and a former member of ‘The Boys’ group, Jugglerz Records producing hit like ´Smilling Coast´ and Stefario Brown producing hits like ´Mi Gyals Dem Badd and Overdose.

He won an award at the inaugural at the Wah Sah Halat Music awards in 2016. The Latrikunda German-born singer has already rubbed shoulders with big reggae stars like Etana, Romain Virgo, Tarrus Riley, Gyptian, Aidonia and Konshens all big names in the musical arena.

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