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Gambia:T. Smallz Suso’s ‘Sembo’ Album Hits Digital Platforms
June 8, 2021 | 0 Comments

By Bakary Ceesay

T-Smallz-Suso, Austria based Gambian International artiste has released his most anticipated album ‘Sembo’ in all Digital platforms.

The All Africa Music Awards nominee in 2016  is expected to release another album called ‘Triumphant’ in October and will do a double album launching concert at Independence Stadium in Gambia on 6th November 2021 celebrating more than 15 years in music across the globe. Accredited as one of the most widely travelled Gambian international artiste T. Smallz toured Africa, Europe and always returned to Gambia to entertain and share love with family and friends in the Gambia.

The ‘Sembo’ master piece which is his fourth album comprising 20 tracks was released in live streamed and geared 24, 286 streams in 5 minutes. The Name of the Album is called ‘Sembo’ which means Mandinka language  (Power). It is produced by different producers across the globe including Peter Pann, Yung Alpha, Juwhiz, JLive, Ras Askia, Skool and Reach. 

After a successful wave of his maiden hit ‘Chono Life’ in 2010, T. Smallz Suso has been one artist who has never got off track until last year when the world became dark and at the same time light for him. T. Smallz smallz lost his beloved Mother who he loved so much and three months later his first son Khalil was also born, a very difficult and joyous moment at same time.

He told Pan African Visions that the album was planned to be released in 2019 but it wasn’t possible because he has to be there for his song, King Khalil and his baby mother.

Little did we know T-Smallz was still holding onto power despite his little absence in the music industry, after listening to the whole album we confirmed YES Kings can’t lose power easily. 

The 20 tracks are as follows:  1. Sembo, 2. Kaya (feat. Young Alpha & Harrysongs, 3. Diiriyankeh, 4. Holidays, 5. Jongoma, 6. Belly Dance, 7. Everyday Hello, 8. Ealfta Nlafta, 9. Respect, 10. Etawa Ngantawa, 11. Ayeeh Wuleeh, 12. Problem (feat. Omaro), 13. Teler, 14. Jambar, 15. King Tang Baa, 16. Neekuya, 17.Fambondi, 18. Kanala, 19. Tamala, 20. Jollof.

Here is links below to stream in your favourite platforms:

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Out Now: MLB’s ‘Levels’ EP Hits Digital Platforms
June 1, 2021 | 0 Comments

By Bakary Ceesay

MLB, German based Gambian Afropop Reggae dancehall artiste has released his debut Extended Play, EP called ‘Levels’ comprising seven tracks available in all digital platforms worldwide.

The EP is produced by Jlive music and depicts informative, entertaining and educative messages. MLB told Pan African Visions that the song preaches love, unity, encouraging young people to stardom and also paying tribute to his  late Dad’s blessed memories.

He added that the messages in his music are entertaining, educating and inspiring the younger generations to positivity at all times.

The tracks include ‘One question’, ‘Di Papa’, ‘Daddy’, ‘Rock your body’, ‘Da One’, ‘Levels’, and ‘Come my place’. With one video of high quality currently making waves in TV stations in Gambia and beyond.


Modou Lamin Beyai, best known for his stage name as MLB which is an inventive synthesis of his birth name. MLB is a Gambian Afropop/Afrobeat, Reggae  and Dancehall artiste currently based in Germany.

MLB was living in the slums of London Corner in the Gambia where talent are abundant among the youths and that was the best experience for him, been a young boy this place thought him lot about the struggles and realities of life, because of this, he is always proud of what this place has made him to become.

Music is his everyday life. The feeling of joy when he is singing or listening to good music is unimaginable. Music disappears all his worries so one could say yes music is his strength.

MLB started music at a very young age, inspired by his late father, OUSMAN BEYAI a Guitarist, songwriter, composer, arranger and sound engineer. His father was also a member of the great Ifan-bondi Band and played with music veterans like Jaliba Kuyateh, Abdul Kabirr (Lie Ngum) the late Paps Touray, Musa Afia Ngum and Yankuba Saho.

However, being the first and only son, his father desired him to do music at a very early age. Coming to Gambia for his frequent holidays his father will always asked ‘when are you going to start your guitar lessons’ but as a teenager growing up in The Gambia in a place called London Corner, all his dreams was to become a professional soccer player and showed so much passion to it but his father always encourage and seed the love of music in his
heart, there is no way he could escape music.

Singing became his hobby at a very early age and his father was like “it’s your way, you can’t escape it “, sadly his father passed away in 2014.

After that MLB realized the direction his father was trying to push him and eventually understood this was destined to be.

MLB’s music has so much impact as he entertains and spreads positive messages across his fans. The contents of his lyrics are 0% violent. Always make sure his music connects emotionally and touches the hearts of his listeners.

Professionally, MLB started music in 2019 but however, he knew music was going to be a life time career for him in the early 2014 and as well understand is part his genetics. Getting into the real music business he began as a mobile DJ in 2010, in the process his aim was to be a music Composer and Producer.

In the same 2014, he wrote his first song ‘I Need You’ which depicted love. MLB has four maiden hit songs and has just released his anticipated debut EP called ‘Levels’ comprising seven available in all digital platforms. 

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HAPAwards 2021: Organizers Call for Entries
May 21, 2021 | 0 Comments
Deola Odunowo

Organizers of the Hollywood and African Prestigious Awards (HAPAwards) calls for submission of entries for the year in review. The 5th annual edition of HAPAwards is billed to take place at the Orpheum Theatre from October 22nd to 24th in Los Angeles, California, USA.

HAPAwards is a United States of America award which recognizes outstanding individuals, whose lives have been marked by extraordinary personal and professional accomplishments. The theme for this year’s edition is tagged ‘Collaboration for Global Development, Peace and Prosperity.’

Speaking on the event, the Producer and African Representative of HAPAwards, Mr. Adeola Odunowo revealed that the award creates an avenue to appreciate and honor exceptional actors, musicians, comedians, celebrities and world-renowned dignitaries, those that have captured audiences for several generations – transforming and challenging our understanding. 

“We won’t relent from recognizing these exceptional talents and creative individuals who enable us to see ourselves in each other. HAPAwards will continue to celebrate our triumphs while creating a space for narratives that reflect our rich, collective cultures and history”, Odunowo noted.

Speaking further, he said the journey to the 2021 edition of Hollywood and African Prestigious Awards (HAPAwards) has started with the submissions of entries in different categories ranging from music to film, comedy, fashion and honorees who will also be specially recognized.
The HAPAwards was founded in 2017 to bridge the cultural gaps between Africa and other international communities around the world.

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“I wanted to be able to act and fit in on any set, anywhere in the world…” -Erica Nlewedim
May 1, 2021 | 0 Comments
Erica at Ealing studios

Former MetFilm School acting student, Erica Nlewedim is a household name in Nigeria; at only 27 she found extraordinary fame last year after her performance on a Nigerian reality TV show, Big Brother Naija (formerly Big Brother Nigeria).

Erica now has over 1.6M followers on Instagram, over half a million followers on Twitter, over 1M views on TikTok and a massive fanbase called Elites – she’s a brand ambassador for the likes of Swarovski jewellery, and, she has a handful of fearture films to her name… she is a very busy woman.

Originally a Business graduate of Nigeria’s Covenant University, Erica enrolled at London’s MetFilm School in 2019 to study acting. She said: “I had already been working as an actor for four years before I started at MetFilm School.

“I knew that I needed to grow as an actor, I wanted to improve and I wanted to be able to act and fit in on any set, anywhere in the world, not just limit myself to Nigeria. So, I knew that the UK was the place to learn. And I wanted to go to a school where everyone speaks English.

“I chose MetFilm School London without even visiting the campus. I had spent time ‘Googling’ film schools and acting courses and I really liked the look of MetFilm School.  So, I called them and had a really good phone call with them, they answered my questions, and gave me all of the details – it was a welcoming and friendly experience and that’s when I made my decision to enrol.

“I had never visited the UK before, I’d visited other European countries like France, Spain and Germany several times, but not the UK, not until I started studying there.

“I enjoyed living and studying in London, I knew quite a few people from home who are studying and working there, so I had a network of familiar faces from the start.

“And I soon made new friends. I’m still in contact with people I met while studying there, I learnt a lot, and I know that I’m a better actor because of my experience there.

“I think learning about and being able to apply the Stanislavski Technique to my work has been really important. It helps me get into the mindset of the character – rather than just ‘acting’ the emotions, this technique has helped me understand the character, consider the character’s mindset and to ‘feel’ their emotions and draw on those for a more authentic performance.

“London is great, it’s expensive and the weather is sometimes horrible –  it was when I was there I’m sure it was the coldest summer ever except for a few warm days! I had done a lot of research, so I knew what to expect. Everyone was friendly, and it felt like home very quickly.”

Erica travelled every day to the School based at the world-famous Ealing Studios from Colindale, west London by London bus, she said: “I had the real London experience!”

Erica didn’t waste any time when she got back to Nigeria and started work immediately: “As soon as I had finished the courses, I was back home and working. I had plans to travel back to the UK, but then Covid hit and nothing much was happening. I was stuck at home and that’s when I decided to apply to be a housemate for Big Brother.

“I knew it would be safe, we would be tested and in lockdown together, so I decided to give a go and I was chosen! That’s when my career really skyrocketed. I’ve been so busy.

“Last December I worked on a project with Netflix, it’s a ‘Netflix Original Series’, I don’t know when it’s out and I can’t say any more about it. I’ve also shot two other movies this year and I’ve been working as a brand ambassador.”

Erica, also known as ‘Star Girl’ is brand ambassador for Nigerian brands including Kuku’s Hair, Star Radler and Legend Beers, Kuda Bank, Partner Mobile and global brand, Swarovski jewellery. 

But she is not resting on her laurels; she is ambitious for her future: “I want to be the biggest star to have come out of Nigeria, I want to be known across Africa, South Africa, Europe and the UK.”

“My advice for anyone thinking about working in the screen industries is to work on improving yourself. Whether that’s through education or research; and learn to be your best self every day.

“Build a positive mindset and tell yourself positive things daily – be your own self’s best friend and work on your confidence. You have to be confident in yourself because it will make you a better actor.”

Erica stars in Nollywood feature film, Devil in Agbada due to be released later this year.

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Spotify Launches EQUAL’s Music Program -Ghana’s Gyakie is the first African singer to join the global program
April 30, 2021 | 0 Comments
Ghana’s Gyakie is the first African singer to join the global program

Spotify recently unveiled its EQUAL hub in celebration of International Women’s Day. On the heels of this launch, the leader in all things audio will now extend its global commitment to fostering equity for women in music with its new EQUAL Music Program debuting today. 

The global initiative is uniquely designed to foster gender equity in music by adapting and extending the cumulative blueprint of Spotify’s successful programs into a cohesive experience – supporting female creators under one brand. Only 1 in 5 artists in the charts are women, a stark contrast to how integral women’s influence is to Spotify’s success today and the music industry at large. Spotify takes the responsibility of upending these disparities seriously, and believes the first step towards amplifying the work of all creators identifying as women is to extend critical resources to this community to create opportunity.

Speaking on the initiative, Phiona Okumu, Spotify Head of Music Sub-Saharan Africa said, “In a time where we as a society are re-examining equity on so many levels, Spotify is prioritising its goal to make female faces and voices seen and heard. Our goal is to lead by example, joining hands with the African music industry stakeholders with the means and platform to help elevate the next generation of women in the music industry to deserving new heights.”

Spotify’s inaugural class of EQUAL artists kicking off the program includes Ghanaian Afrobeats & Afro-fusion singer Gyakie, who is the first African creator to be selected for the program. The 20-year-old singer who recently released her debut EP ‘Seed’ has not only gained popularity in Ghana but in Nigeria and Kenya where her single ‘Forever’, is a chart-topping fan favorite, with its remix featuring Omah Lay not far behind.

“I am deeply honoured to be the first African woman to partner with Spotify for EQUAL. This is huge for so many women across the continent and the entire globe. I don’t take this lightly at all. Navigating an industry, where the voices of women can easily be drowned out, I’m committed to playing my part…with volume,” says Gyakie on her inclusion in the program.

Other female artists selected for the inaugural class include American rapper Saweetie, Brazillian pop artist DUDA BEAT, British singer-songwriter Griff, Mexico’s Natalia Lafourcade and German singer Zoe Wees – Global Artist of the Month.

The full program includes:

  • EQUAL local playlists: Each playlist will reflect the 35 markets spanning over 50 countries – from Japan to Argentina, from the UK to Ghana.
  • EQUAL Global Playlist: The “best-of” flagship playlist will contain music from EQUAL artists from all around the world, as the ultimate listening experience amplifying the EQUAL class of each month beyond borders.
  • EQUAL Artists of the Month: One artist from each participating market will be featured on the cover of their respective, local playlist.
  • Artist marketing: Each EQUAL Artist of the Month will be supported with organic and on-platform promotion throughout the Spotify editorial space – which has proven to propel significant growth on platform in both artists’ home countries and beyond.
  • Created By Women Playlist: The co-branded EQUAL + NOTEABLE playlist is the first of its kind, which will feature 40 songs 100% written, produced, and performed exclusively by women songwriters, producers, and artists from around the world. The new playlist will give fans a new dedicated place to discover music from a host of talented creators with diverse perspectives.

EQUAL Board: A network of organisations joining forces with Spotify to empower women around the world including: She’s the Music (US), Girls Rock Australia Network (Australia), She Said So (Italy), MEWEM Europa (Europe), Girls Connected (Canada), Music Women (Germany).

  • EQUAL Directory re-launch: Spotify is partnering with SoundGirls, to relaunch the EQUAL Directory, formally EQL Directory. The Directory allows women of all experiences and gender nonconforming creators to create a profile and claim their space in the community of women changing the game in audio. You can search The EQUAL Directory by region and audio discipline to find suitable candidates to hire for your next tours and events, studio projects, film and TV production, game audio, post production, podcasts, and more.

Facebook: @SpotifyKE | Instagram: @SpotifyKE | #SpotifyAfrica

Download the Spotify app via the Android or iOS app store or by heading to – to embed Spotify into a website – right click on any playlist, go to ‘share’ and copy embed code.

Spotify in numbers:  Over 356 million monthly active users / Over 158 million subscription users / Over 70m songs in the catalogue / Over 4 billion playlists available / Available across 178 markets

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Cameroon: Fisherman’s Diary Kang Quintus Unveiled As New Brand Ambassador For Orange.
April 28, 2021 | 0 Comments

By Boris Esono Nwenfor

If you have watched the movie you will realize that the message we wanted to portray in the film is all about promoting the education of the girl child and that is what the Orange Foundation stands for,says Kang Queentus

With the successful partnership that has been fostered between Kang Quintus and Orange Cameroun, the latter has unveiled the former as their newest Brand Ambassador. The announcement was made by Kang Quintus on his official social media handles this Wednesday, April 28.

The press conference officially announcing Kang Quintus as the new Brand Ambassador was presided over by the Chief Executive Officer of Orange Cameroon, Frédéric Debord.

Details of the contract have not been made public but the announcement has received a wave of positive comments on social media for Quintus and the Fisherman’s Diary. From Musicians like Ko-c to actors and national and international followers of Kang Quintus have all put out congratulatory messages to his social media handles. 

Speaking to Pan African Visions shortly after the official announcement was made Kang Quintus was very much elated to become a brand Ambassador for Orange looking at the collaborations both parties have been having.

“The objective now is to make sure that we go to other communities in Cameroon and make sure that the people that the film was produced to sensitize and educate get the film very close to them,” Kang Quintus told Pan African Visions in a telephone interview.

“If you have watched the movie you will realize that the message we wanted to portray in the film is all about promoting the education of the girl child and that is what the Orange Foundation stands for. This partnership is all about restating, re-emphasising the education of the girl child,” Kang Quintus added.

The movie that made waves last year has not faltered in attracting fans and the trophy cabinet has kept on increasing. The film and Kang Quintus picked up awards at the just ended Cameroon International Film Festival (CAMIFF).

Kang Quintus said: “CAMIFF has been growing from strength to strength and this year was my first attending the event. I was honoured and humbled to take home the Best overall actor of the festival and the best overall film. It was a great experience and I think CAMIFF will only get stronger as the year goes by.”

“The Fisherman’s Diary is just one per cent of what we have installed from Kang Quintus Films. There are a lot of projects I cannot talk about it now but we should just lookout for it.”

Chief Executive Officer of Orange Cameroon, Frédéric Debord with Kang Queentus

The Star Kang Quintus

Kang Quintus, Born on September 17, 1987, in Wum, Cameroon, is a multiple award-winning filmmaker. He is best known for “EKEI”, “REJECTED”, ‘REVERSE”, “JASON” “Side Chick Chronicles” and “The Fisherman’s Diary”.

He has more than ten awards to his name and is often referred to by his colleagues as The Method Actor because of his intense and passionate interpretation of his roles.

The Producer/ Executive Producer of Fisher’s Man Diary, Kang Quintus is driven by her dreams and an inspiration to both the young and old.  He is a man with fundamental decency, moral authority, unimpeachable integrity, and outstanding judgment, Legideon Newspaper reported.

The name Kang Quintus to the Cameroon Movie Industry is like a catalyst that will reinvigorate their resilience. He is a taciturn and soft-spoken character with a caressing baritone.

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Energy industry outlines aggressive African recovery in new book
March 17, 2021 | 0 Comments

The book details recommendations, case studies, and solutions for how the industry can reshape itself to enable a post-COVID-19 comeback.

The African Energy Chamber  officially launches its book titled, ‘African Energy Road to Recovery: How The African Energy Industry Can Reshape Itself For A Post COVID-19 Comeback’; The book details recommendations, case studies, and solutions for how the industry can reshape itself to enable a post-COVID-19 comeback.  

Africa’s oil and gas industry is facing extraordinary circumstances. An ongoing energy transition and new efforts to decarbonize the world are weighing on oil demand. The shale revolution is exacerbating these pressures. And of course, the Covid-19 pandemic has wrought havoc on markets around the world, accelerating and intensifying existing trends.

The African Energy Chamber hosted its virtual book launch for its first book titled ”African Energy Road to Recovery: How the African energy sector can reshape itself for a post-COVID-19 comeback” alongside its advisory board members, moderated by Verner Ayukegba, SVP at the African Energy Chamber on March, 16th at 4PM SAST.

The advisory board members, who lead the narrative within the book, provided insight into what the book has to offer and presented their own opinions and solutions to the sector’s recovery. “The book is an amazing thought process and is highly recommended to everyone as it gives important insight into the value chain. The opportunity for African independents is the prolific, hydrocarbon- rich basins within the continent. A credible plan for execution, supported by a strong management team, will always attract capital,” stated Kola Karim, CEO of Shoreline Natural Resources.

The book provides an in-depth look at the current African energy landscape through the provision of resources including maps and graphs, detailed analysis of risks and opportunities, and key insights from industry giants that provide a framework not only for moving forward in a post-COVID-19 context, but excelling. Through the presentation of interviews with industry experts and informative articles that seek to examine the entire energy value chain, the book is particularly critical in understanding the current context and catapulting Africa’s energy industry to success.

“There are some great discussion points in the book which seek to outline skills training and local content. NOC’s are working daily with international operators and having projects to foster the local content is really the right way to build skills and transfer knowledge,” stated Remi Mouchel, Director of Operations and Chairman of the Executive Board, IFP Training. “Everyone should take the time to buy this book,” stated Akinwole Omoboriowo II, Chairman, CEO of Genesis Energy Group. “The book is power packed with a lot of information and case studies. The beauty of energy transition is that it has been a deliberate policy for most African countries pre-Covid-19. The notion around producing power around technology has been very significant and as a result, reshaped Africa’s comeback post Covid.’’

“The book is power packed with a lot of information and case studies”

With the abundance of sizeable discoveries, emerging large-scale projects, and Africa’s exponential range of opportunities for investment and growth across the continent, the book provides information and recommendations critical for the continent in moving forward post-COVID-19. The book is based on the advice and knowledge of the AEC’s advisory board, a group of industry executives and experts that offer the best solutions to Africa’s industry, and is critical for every current and potential stakeholder.

“You need to create a good system upfront that addresses the physical, cyber and technological components of assets and addresses those issues in a way that maintains operational resiliency,” stated C. Derek Campbell, CEO of Energy & Natural Resources, Inc.  “The book does a good job of explaining technology and operational technology environment that comes together with African operators that need to look at how they operate in this industry 4.0 environment.”

“I am encouraging people who have not bought their copies to do so. As we look into the future, post Covid-19, we are going to see this continued infusion, conversions of the operational technology world which is where the oil and gas industry has deep experience.,” stated Jovita Nsoh, Regional CTO Strategy  & Innovation, Microsoft. “I think South Africa is ready,” stated Nosizwe Macamo, Executive Chairman & Founder of Raise Africa Investments. “In the book, there is a whole section which talks about regulatory certainty. In South Africa, we are finally at a point where we have a bill that deals directly with what the upstream should look like. When I look at the mature oil producing countries, like Nigeria, there is so much African countries can actually learn from each other.’’

The Road to Recovery addresses these challenges head-on, detailing all of the major challenges facing African oil and gas stakeholders, as well as workable solutions that will keep the industry on a strong and stable growth path. Again and again, our oil and gas sector has proven its resilience and adaptability. The world still needs oil and gas, and Africa still holds enormous untapped potential. The African Energy Chamber will remain a committed partner of choice for the industry as we advance into an uncertain future.

The digital copy is currently available on Barnes and Noble:  and pre-orders on the following major platforms:

Amazon –

Google Play –

Barnes and Nobles –

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Universal Music Group and leading African streaming service Boomplay expand license to cover 47 countries across the continent
March 17, 2021 | 0 Comments

New licensing agreement will significantly boost the availability of UMG’s African and International repertoire to music fans across Africa

New markets include South Africa, Ethiopia, Côte d’Ivoire, Cameroon and Senegal; with UMG catalog now also widely available across French-speaking territories for first time.

Franck Kacou, Managing Director, Universal Music Africa
Franck Kacou, Managing Director, Universal Music Africa

LAGOS and SANTA MONICA, March 17, 2021  Boomplay, the leading music streaming and download service based in Africa and Universal Music Group (UMG), the world leader in music-based entertainment, today announced a new landmark licensing agreement that will extend licensing of UMG’s global music catalog from 7 to 47 countries across the African continent, as part of an extended relationship that will benefit African musicians and talent and expand the listening experience for Boomplay users across Africa.

In 2018, UMG became the first major global music company to license music to the service, which has continued to grow its audience reach and influence across Africa in recent years. Boomplay’s catalog currently stands at more than 50 million tracks and it boasts the largest repertoire of local African content globally, with 50million monthly active users (MAU). The renewal and expansion of this licensing deal with UMG, will enable African music fans across the continent to experience the best in both domestic African and International talent.

As one of the first entrants in Africa, Boomplay has been at the forefront of the music streaming market since 2015 and has a deep understanding of the local market. Now the leading African platform, in December 2020, Boomplay surpassed the 100 million app downloads milestone on Google Play. During this time, Boomplay has supported numerous African artists, across a variety of projects, including: The “concert of the year” – which saw UMG-signed Nigerian singer songwriter Tiwa Savage shut down Lagos with her debut performance of 49-99 and saw Boomplay invest in the first-ever documentary film focused on the history of Afrobeats.

Boomplay also gave away 250 million megabytes of data to users free of charge, so they could stream music online during the COVID-19 pandemic. Boomplay and UMG East Africa held conferences that brought together industry stakeholders to find ways of growing and supporting the African music community even further, as highlighted by Boomplay’s announcement to commit $1 million to support up-and-coming artists from the continent.

This agreement underscores UMG’s ongoing commitment to support and grow Africa’s domestic music ecosystems, while also creating new opportunities for Pan-African talent to reach new audiences domestically, regionally and around the world.

Over the past 5 years, UMG has taken a holistic approach to expanding operations across the continent, opening new divisions in Nigeria, as well as becoming the first major music company to establish divisions in Kenya, Côte d’Ivoire, Senegal, Cameroon and Morocco alongside UMG’s longstanding operations in South Africa. This presence will continue to grow throughout 2021 and beyond, as UMG continues to further extend the company’s ability to support domestic artists on the ground across Africa and globally.

Boomplay users will now have access to UMG’s extensive catalog of both local and global recording artists and labels including: Tiwa Savage (Nigeria), Nasty C (SA), Mi Casa (SA), Sauti Sol (Kenya), Cassper Nyovest (SA), Toofan (Togo), Tekno (Nigeria), Suspect 95 (Côte d’Ivoire), Brenda Fassie (SA), Tenor (Cameroon), Black Coffee (SA), Dena Mwana (DRC), Singuila (DRC), Locko (Cameroon), Hugh Masekela (SA), Charlotte Dipanda (Cameroon), Diamond Platnumz (Tanzania), Alpha P (Nigeria), Tomi Owo (Nigeria), Cysoul (Cameroon), Major League Djz (SA), Fior De Bior (Côte d’Ivoire), Larry Gaaga (Nigeria), Prince Kaybee (SA) alongside international artists from the world’s largest music catalog including: Da Baby, Drake, Lil Baby, Justin Bieber, The Weeknd, Ariana Grande, Selena Gomez, Stevie Wonder, Billie Eilish, Booba, Dadju, Tasha Cobbs, Niska, Lionel Richie, Rihanna, Motown’s Catalog and Bob Marley.

UMG’s African Labels will also be supported under the new agreement including: Def Jam Africa, the continent’s first label dedicated entirely to the best in African hip-hop, afrobeat and trap music which launched in five countries in 2020, Motown Gospel Africa, AI Records, Afroforce1 and other distributed labels including: Kalawa Jazzmee, Aristokrat, Family Tree and Soulistic amongst others. The agreement also includes artists and labels distributed via Electromode and Ingrooves Music Group within the continent.

Recent projects include the release of Rhythms Of Zamunda: Music Inspired By Coming 2 America. The acclaimed 16-track Def Jam Africa compilation traces a musical roadmap through Western, Eastern, and South African soundscapes, introducing listeners to some of the continent’s most exciting artists was released last week.

Boomplay’s Director of Content & Strategy, Phil Choi, added “Since our original deal with UMG, the African music industry has seen exponential growth and made huge strides towards being the next powerhouse that it should be. We’re excited to continue partnering with the UMG team to help promote their African and international artists by bringing their catalogue to even more regions across Africa.

Franck Kacou, Managing Director, Universal Music Africa, who lead’s Universal Music Group’s activity across French-speaking Africa said, “We are excited for our artists and labels to be available now to music fans across these 25 French speaking countries, but also to reach audiences across the rest of the continent. Africa is rich with artistic talent and musical culture and continues to inspire millions of Africans for whom music is an essential part of their daily lives. Working alongside Boomplay, we will help introduce these talents to new audiences, as the appetite for music continues to grow throughout these countries.”

Sipho Dlamini, CEO, Universal Music Group, South Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa, said, “We are delighted to expand our relationship with Boomplay, who over the past few years have shown themselves to be dedicated to providing the best in music to fans across the continent. Through this extended agreement, Boomplay will now help supply improved access to the world’s largest and most diverse music catalog to their broad user base, as we continue to introduce the best in African and international music to the rapidly growing streaming audience across Africa.”

Tosin Sorinola, Director of Artist and Media relations said, “We are very optimistic that this expansion will further embed the blossoming relationship between both parties. As a platform, we are committed to ensuring that we help artists spread their music and that our users have access to all the music they love wherever they are. This expansion will afford us an opportunity to help open up more music to our users and opportunities for artists in the new regions.”

Sipho Dlamini, CEO, Universal Music Group, South Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa
Sipho Dlamini, CEO, Universal Music Group, South Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa

UMG content will now be available via Boomplay in the following markets: Angola, Benin, Botswana, Burkina Faso, Burundi, Cabo Verde, Cameroon, Central African Republic, Comoros, Congo, DRC, Côte d’Ivoire, Djibouti, Equatorial Guinea, Eritrea, Eswatini, Ethiopia, Gabon, Gambia, Ghana, Guinea Conakry, Guinea- Bissau, Kenya, Lesotho, Liberia, Madagascar, Malawi, Mali, Mauritania, Mauritius, Mozambique, Namibia, Niger, Nigeria, Rwanda, Sao Tomé and Principe, Senegal, Seychelles, Sierra Leone, Somalia, South Africa, Tanzania, Tchad, Togo, Uganda, Zambia & Zimbabwe.

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Cameroon: The Fisherman’s Diary Acquired by Netflix
March 1, 2021 | 3 Comments

By Boris Esono Nwenfor

Despite missing out on the final nomination for the Oscars, the Fisherman’s Diary is once more making news across the country and the world after it was acquired by Netflix.

This latest achievement for the Cameroonian movie had been teased for some time now by its frontline star Kang Quintus, who had intimated something big, will be dropping on March 1.

“After making it to the Oscars list, The Fisherman’s Diary has now become the 1st Cameroonian Film to be acquired by Netflix. This is big news for the Cameroon Film Industry and a proud moment for all Cameroonians… Many more Cameroon Films to follow,” Kang Quintus wrote.

It has been an unforgettable year for the movie after picking up various awards last year and taking the Cameroonian movie scene by storm. Last year the Fisherman’s Diary was one of the major success stories for the Cameroonian movie industry picking up awards in the country and beyond. At the Golden Movie Awards in Ghana and the African Movie Academy Awards (AMAA) in Nigeria, the Film snapped up 10 awards, adding to awards in Instanbul, Cameroon, and a host of other countries.

And in 2021 the movie picked up from where it left off and was selected for the 93rd Oscars. Unfortunately, the film did not make the final cut.

 “The Fisherman’s Diary a big thank you to the following artists for all the Amazing Soundtracks in the movie: Ewube, Salatiel, Mr Leo, Awu, Vernyuy Tina, Fhish, Lesline, Belvia and Achuo. Details on when the film will be available on the Netflix platform will be announced soon,” Kang Quintus added.

Speaking about the development, the Executive Producer of the Film, Kang Quintus, excitedly explains, “We are happy to have made history with this film. For us, aside from being a good reward for hard work, this deal grants the opportunity for our content to reach a global audience. Hopefully, this would be the first amongst many, not just for me and the team, but for other Cameroonian filmmakers,” Kang Quintus said in a press release.

In the same press release FilmOne Entertainment Managing Director Moses Baptope said: “The Fisherman’s Diary is our first deal with a Cameroonian filmmaker. We are excited because it aligns with our visions to go beyond Nigeria, becoming a Pan-African brand that projects the best African content to the world. Netflix affords us access to a global audience, and judging by the film’s impact, and its numerous awards, we have little doubt that it will be well received the world over.”

The Cameroon film industry is gradually bringing itself to the forefront of the African movie industry. With constant film releases, and awards won, both nationally and internationally, the Cameroonian public should rest assured that they are very close to taking over in due time, and the Fisherman’s Diary is setting the pace.

An insight into The Fisherman’s Diary

The movie directed by Enah Johnscott and produced by Kang Quintus is a storey of a 12-year-old Ekah (Faith Fidel) who got inspired by Malala Yousalzai, the youngest noble prize winner.

She is determined to go to school in a village of fishermen where it is considered taboo. He drives to break this adage gets her embroiled with her father Solomon (Kang Quintus) experience with girl child education, critiqsite reported.

The film features other actors such as Ramsey Nouah, Onyama Laura, Neba Godwill, Mayohchu, Daphne Njie and Faith Fidel.

About Netflix

Netflix, Inc. is an American over-the-top content platform and production company headquartered in Los Gatos, California. The company’s primary business is a subscription-based streaming service offering online streaming from a library of films and television series, including those produced in-house. In January 2021, Netflix reached 203.7 million subscribers, including 73 million in the United States.

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Cameroon: Achiri Victor, DavLinks Launches Online Platforms to Market Cameroonian Movies
January 23, 2021 | 0 Comments

By Boris Esono Nwenfor

Apart from the tremendous improvement in the quality and quantity of films told in Cameroon in particular and Africa at large, there is still a lapse when it comes to the marketing of these films in Cameroon. Most Cameroonians are yet to be exposed to the many films being produced year in year out in Cameroon.

It is for this reason that is created. has as its objectives to see into it that the Cameroonian population has access to the many films that are being produced in Cameroon at a minimal cost and in a very convenient way.

Launched on January 20, 2021, DAVLINKS comes in as a movie distribution platform, where Cameroonians can pay and watch top-class Cameroonian films produced in Cameroon by Cameroonian filmmakers.

It is a project of a group of Cameroonians headed by former Biggy237 Housemate and Movie Producer Achiri Victor. It is geared towards solving the problem of movie consumption in Cameroon.

“We call on the entire Cameroonian audience and lovers of Cameroonian culture to rally behind this project to get this particular problem of distribution solved. We can only initiate the idea, but with your help, we can make it big,” a communiqué from DAVLINKS noted.

In the past years in Cameroon, entertainment has been growing at a geometric rate. Filmmaking is one of those facets have gotten a greater share of its growth to, from way back film making in Cameroon has been witnessing remarkable progress in terms of passing the intended message to the audience, better cameras and other filming equipment’s are now used to enhance viewing. Quality is one of the most remarkable areas of growth in the filming profession coupled with professional modes of filming.

How to stream or download movies on DAVLINKS

Go to DAVlinks website (; scroll to the preferred movie; select stream (25-XAF) or download (1000XAF) as preferred; select payment method (MTN/ORANGE Mobile Money or Master Card); process transactions; All set, relax and enjoy. These services are also available to the international community.


There is nothing we focus more on as a company than the quality of our services, customer happiness and the ease with which we allow our clients to access our services. If you ever have any suggestions on how we can improve, please feel free to let us know!


We seek to be the benchmark for Cameroonian movie distributions and exposure of Cameroonian movies to its natives and the world at large and also to Bring filmmakers and movie lovers together with a vision to reach 5 million subscribers in five years.

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Fisherman’s Diary Puts Cameroon Film Industry on Global Map With Oscars Representation
January 11, 2021 | 0 Comments

By Boris Esono Nwenfor

Cameroonian Movie The Fisherman's Diary picks up from where it left in 2020
Cameroonian Movie The Fisherman’s Diary picks up from where it left in 2020

Picking up from where it left behind in 2020, Cameroonian movie The Fisherman’s Diary is going full steam ahead in 2021. The movie fronted by Kang Quintus and Faith Fidel and Directed by Enah Johnscott has been accepted to represent Cameroon at the 93rd edition of the Oscars.

“The movie becomes the 1st ever Cameroon film to achieve this milestone. Thank you to the Cameroon Oscars committee and CFI,” Kang Quintus posted.

“It is a statement that the Cameroonian film industry is doing a lot of work. We have stepped up the game a little bit and it is quite a humble experience that the Fisherman’s Diary is the first-ever Cameroonian film to be accepted into the Oscars to represent Cameroon,” Kang Quintus told Pan African Visions in a telephone interview. 

“I am very humble and it tells us that whatever we are doing here we are doing the right thing and a lot of work is to be done. I can tell you that this is the beginning of many great films as we are heading to August and we are open to partway for that to be possible.”

With the Fisherman’s Diary already making headways, Kang Quintus is already envisaging the production of a new movie before the year ends. “The Fisherman’s Diary is the beginning of many films to come from Kang Quintus Films,” Kang Quintus said.

“As soon as we are done with the marketing and distribution of this film we are getting to preproduction for the next film and all of that is in the pipeline. We have to put all energy behind the Fisherman’s Diary right now because it has to get all the attention it deserves.”

“There are many awards that we have submitted this film to and as soon as the good news comes in we are going to make it public,” Kang Quintus, the Best actor of the 2020 Golden Movie Awards said. 

Last year the Fisherman’s Diary was one of the major success stories for the Cameroonian movie industry picking up awards in the country and beyond. At the Golden Movie Awards in Ghana and the African Movie Academy Awards (AMAA) in Nigeria, the Film snapped up 10 awards, adding to awards in Instanbul, Cameroon, and a host of other countries.

The movie fronted by Kang Quintus and Faith Fidel has won big at the Golden Movie Awards in Ghana and the African Movie Academy Awards (AMAA) in Nigeria.
The movie fronted by Kang Quintus and Faith Fidel has won big at the Golden Movie Awards in Ghana and the African Movie Academy Awards (AMAA) in Nigeria.

An insight into The Fisherman’s Diary

The movie directed by Enah Johnscott and produced by Kang Quintus is a storey of a 12-year-old Ekah (Faith Fidel) who got inspired by Malala Yousalzai, the youngest noble prize winner.

She is determined to go to school in a village of fishermen where it is considered as taboo. He drives to break this adage gets her embroiled with her father Solomon (Kang Quintus) experience with girl child education, critiqsite reported.

The film features other actors such as Ramses Nouah, Onyama Laura, Neba Godwill, Mayohchu and Daphne Njie.

The film has won best film in India and New York, picking up Best director, best film, best soundtrack and best production nominations at the prestigious PAMA in Paris, France.

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Cameroon: The Fisherman’s Diary Gets 15 Nominations at Ghana Golden Movie Awards
November 23, 2020 | 0 Comments

By Boris Esono Nwenfor

Kang Quintus and Faith Fidel
Kang Quintus and Faith Fidel

Cameroonian movie The Fisherman’s Diary has received fifteen (15) nominations at the Ghana Golden Movie Awards. This is a record that The Fisherman’s Diary has been able to set as no film from Cameroon has been able to get that at an international festival.

“We have had 61 festival selections so far in 29 countries internationally. Recently, we became the first film to win 6 awards at the Festiva Ecrans Noirs in Yaounde. It is a sign to say we have a product that does not only cut across Cameroonians but cuts across the national boundaries,” Kang Quintus told Pan African Visions.

The Fisherman's Diary amongst the nominees for Official Golden Movie
The Fisherman’s Diary amongst the nominees for Official Golden Movie

“We have made waves in 29 countries and 6 nominations in a festival like that with other great films in Africa and we dominating the entire festival is an honour for not just me but the entire country Cameroon. It tells us that the Cameroonian cinema is there and we are ready to compete with any other country and not just in Africa but the world at large.”

Kang Quintus has been nominated in 2 categories; Best Actor and Best Sound Editor and he say it is a humbling experience. “It tells you that whatever you want to do in life you should do it right. Take your time, make sure that everything is 200 per cent and do not settle for 100 per cent. Shoot for 200 per cent and if you end up with 100 per cent you are still perfect but if you shoot for 100 and end up with 50 per cent it is a failure,” Kang Quintus said, as he continues the national tour of the Fisherman’s Diary.

“It was a lot of time and talent that went into the project and this is just a reflection of hard work that went into the film.”

Faith Fidel, the young actress continues to make headway into the movie industry as she was nominated in three categories. She was nominated under the categories of Best Actress, Most Promising Actor, and Golden Discovery.

Fisherman’s Diary Premiers in Buea/Limbe Back on

Following the killing of six children at Mother Francisca International Bilingual School in Kumba, South West Region of Cameroon on October 24, 2020, the Management of Kang Quintus Films cancelled the premiers of the movie in Buea and Limbe. The premiers were to be held October 30 for Buea and October 31 in Limbe.

Speaking to Kang Quintus he says work is underway to have the movie premiere in Buea and Limbe. “Right now we are currently talking with our sponsors Orange Cameroon, the Ministry of Arts and Culture, and other well-wishers of the project,” He said.

“We are looking at how to reschedule the date probably it might be this week or next week for Buea and Limbe but we are working on it. This decision will be communicated soonest.”  

Kang Quintus nominated for Best Actor in a Drama
Kang Quintus nominated for Best Actor in a Drama

Complete Nominations

Best Actor – Kang Quintus

Best Actress – Faith Fidel

Best Overall Film – The Fisherman’s Diary

Best Director – Enah Johnscott

Best Cinematographer – Rene Ettat

Best Screenplay – Enah Johnscott and Proxy Buh Melvin

Best supporting Actress – Ndamo Damarise

Best Supporting Actor – Cosson Chinepoh

Best Art Director – Nkanya Nkwai

Most Promising Actor – Faith Fidel

Best Sound Editor – Kang Quintus

Golden Discovery Actor – Faith Fidel

Best Soundtrack – Ewube Official

Best Indigenous Film – The Fisherman’s Diary

Best Editor – Diba J Blerk

About the Fisherman’s Diary

The movie directed by Enah Johnscott and produced by Kang Quintus is a storey of a 12-year-old Ekah (Faith Fidel) who got inspired by Malala Yousalzai, the youngest noble prize winner.

She is determined to go to school in a village of fishermen where it is considered as taboo. He drives to break this adage gets her embroiled with her father Solomon (Kang Quintus) experience with girl child education, critiqsite reported.

The film features other actors such as Ramses Nouah, Onyama Laura, Neba Godwill, Mayohchu and Daphne Njie.

The film has won best film in India and New York, picking up Best director, best film, best soundtrack and best production nominations at the prestigious PAMA in Paris, France.

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