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COVID-19: Going Natural Should Be Important Option for Africa – Tradi-Practitioner Atemkeng Njualem
May 1, 2020 | 0 Comments

By Boris Esono Nwenfor

Atemkeng Njualem is a herbalist, healer, founder at Dr Amwell, Human rights activist, business and motivational speaker

As the search for a cure for the coronavirus intensifies across Cameroon, and the world, many African leaders are turning their attention to the production of traditional medicines against the virus.

In an exclusive interview with Pan African Visions’ Cameroon reporter, Atemkeng Njualem, herbalist, healer, founder at Dr Amwell, Human rights activist, business and motivational speaker say it is time for everyone to go natural (using traditional medicines) concerning the solution for the coronavirus. Mr Atemkeng is already on the frontline with his coronavirus cure. He is following up with two COVID-19 cases.

Reporter: What is your understanding of the coronavirus?

Atemkeng: The coronavirus, by the way, is not new but this strain we have now of the virus is new.  The coronavirus as we know it is a large family of viruses that have been there and can be transmitted from person to person. Generally, these are viruses that are transmitted from animals and infect people with illnesses. The range of illnesses can be, common cold, fever, severe acute respiratory syndrome, and others.

 So this particular strain of the virus that was found in China and causing a lot of problems. Already in Cameroon, we have more than one thousand cases of the coronavirus and counting.

Reporter: What is your appraisal of the handling of the coronavirus by the Cameroon government?

Atemkeng: I think they have done a great job as awareness campaigns have been created, be it on mobile phones and grassroots campaigns that are ongoing. What is important about any campaign that is being made comes down to individual bases. It is a sense of telling us that personal hygiene is better. It still brakes down to personal awareness and personal consciousness. personal consciousness means the sense of you taking care of your health.

So the government is doing its part, and it is left for everyone to eat healthily and incorporate these campaigns into their lifestyle.

Reporter: You have posted a cure for the coronavirus on your Facebook page. How did that come about?

Atemkeng: Well I’ll let you know very clearly that we like alternative medicine we do not treat cases like conventional doctors. We treat illnesses from symptoms. We do not treat it like there is a problem here let us solve it as conventional medicine does. We (I cannot talk for others) treat illnesses in the form of restoring health and vitality. Now, when I looked at the coronavirus, I see certain things like the common cold and fever. However, Let me make it clear, Africans did not know common cold until the Europeans started coming to Africa, in the form of colonization and so on. They brought us this illness. We did not have upper respiratory tract infections until the Europeans started coming to Africa.

We have had a very great response when it comes to treating cases like the common cold with natural medicines especial in cases including fever because all the body needs in the presence of chlorophyll that comes from a plant which they use to trap sunlight. So when an illness is coming, I am looking at the symptoms of it and what the body requires naturally to recover.

Reporter: Do you have a cure for COVID-19?

Atemkeng: Of course, that is no problem for me to handle because I know what to provide the body with for it to be able to recover. You must take note that nobody can cure any sick in fact, the body heals itself so therefore if you give the body the necessary help it needs it will be able to recover itself from any illness. I have a remedy for it already in the market. I have received 2 cases confirmed in Bamenda and Douala for COVID-19 and I have sent remedies. That is going to be the first 2 cases I am handling and a very confident of the results we get.

Reporter: Let us talk about other persons looking for a solution to the virus in Cameroon. You have openly challenged Bishop Samuel Kleda to see whose treatment is better. Why so?

Atemkeng: Why not? In every honest society, people should compete. People should put their facts together and bring. If he (Bishop Kleda) has a remedy and he is sure it can work why does he bring it. I am sure of my remedy, and I am sure of my remedy and I am very open with it.

Reporter: But how many people have been cured with your remedy?

Atemkeng: We are just looking at the situation where the illness is just coming. In the whole country, we have about one thousand cases, it means the situation not yet like in other countries. However, people will want anything as a solution if the situation gets rampant. So asking me how many have you cured is a question that will answer itself however no one cures illness the body cures itself if you provide it when the support it needs. If there is a crisis in the country for Covid-19 people will want anything, from whoever is offering. Therefore, the managing of the problem will tell us how many I will cure.

Reporter: So what is the importance of traditional medicine in the fight against the coronavirus?

Atemkeng: Of course that is the only cure we have. That is the only solution we have. Nature will never deceive us. That is why I say let us test, compare whoever puts anything of nature to see if it gives us the result or not. I am in the field all the time and naturopaths come to buy my medicines to treat patients. Many make any kind of concoction all in the name of being naturopaths.

Reporter: You have hit out against scammers and hijackers who pose for herbalists. Why so?

Atemkeng: I have herbalists or naturopaths who buy remedies from me and sell. They are not naturopaths but have offices of naturopaths. They have units that they sell medicines in the name of naturopathic doctors. They buy, create, add or put other things in the mixture and sell.  There are also who combine anything they want (their mother or father told them that) and sell in the name of naturopathic medicine.

Some people think they can just go and bring plants from anywhere, mix it into any concoction and it will treat any illness. It is a serious problem out there and it is a problem.

If anybody puts his treatment and wants to tackle any treatment I am willing to face him in any competition. Let us see the patients and how they handle it and how effective they handle it. That is being professional.

Somebody who is a Reverend father who prays Monday to Saturday just come up and say he can treat the coronavirus, is that not doubtful? So if somebody today who is a Reverend father today, tomorrow he is talking politics, and he comes to tell me that he has a treatment ill doubt him. The naturopathic is not for money. Anybody who comes into the field to make money is not a naturopathic but just scammer and a hijacker. Somebody like me I want to fight them because I can challenge them with my remedies. If they have what they have I can put a solution down and they cannot challenge it. People who test my product or find out about my product know that it is something unique. This is what is required and what they want and they see the results and that is why they keep coming back. Good things do not hide.

Reporter: Any last word?

Atemkeng: Going natural is very important. So everyone needs to get some sense of reasoning and start going natural. It is the only solution we have because if they (West) bring us their illness and solutions, it is finished for us.

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Chelsea Center Back – Antonio Rüdiger Offers Le 1 Billion To Support Free Quality Education In Sierra Leone
January 21, 2020 | 0 Comments

By Uzman Unis Bah

Antonio Rüdiger & President Julius Maada Bio – photo credit. State House Com.

London, United Kingdom, Antonio Rüdiger has donated Le 1 Billion (USD 101,000) to support Sierra Leone’s Free Quality Education initiative.

The player, meeting President Julius Maada Bio on the margins of the UK-Africa Investment Summit, said he was donating the money as his contribution to the President’s flagship project, which aims to support over two million children in primary and secondary schools in Sierra Leone.

The German professional footballer is born to Sierra Leonean parents in Germany. According to the governments press statement, “rüdiger assured the president that he was committed to supporting his government’s effort at rebranding the natural resource-rich country with huge potentials for investments.”

Rüdiger affirms his support for the West African nation “Sierra Leone is my home. I am not the talking type of a person; I am about action. You can count on us and do not hesitate. We are here to support your vision and agenda, especially on education. I am ready to take on my responsibility to change the narrative and image of Sierra Leone,” the presser states. 

Upon assuming power, Sierra Leone’s president has had series of overseas trips, with confidence, he believes the country needs to rebrand, and those trips are essential in boosting investors’ confidence, and attracting investors to the economically challenged nation. However, most of these trips reel with public criticism.

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Gambia Women’s Volleyball Team eyes gold at Olympic Qualifiers in Guinea
January 7, 2020 | 0 Comments

By Bakary Ceesay

The Gambia Women Beach Volleyball Team will head to Guinea Conakry this week for the Zone 2 Olympic Games  qualifications that serve off on January 8th through 12th 2020.

Abi Kujabi, the team captain says they have been training very hard for the task ahead and optimistic that their commitment and hard work will not go in vain.
“It’s obvious that we are bringing home the gold medal from Guinea and nothing can change that” says the 29 year old defender.

However, head coach Pa Barrow remains optimistic that the women team will weather the storm and claim Gold at  the Zone 2 Olympic qualifiers.

“We will be  using the Olympic qualifiers in Guinea for experience and finding out what we need to work on before the Olympic Games in Tokyo come 2020, the coach said.

Mariatou Gitteh who recently join the national team and is part of the pairs that will represent the country in Guinea for the Olympic qualifiers, showed her excitement for getting the national call up and stated that it’s a huge responsibility that she holds with high standard and will do her best to perform up to expectations.

“I’m so proud to be part of this winning team and there is no doubt that we bringing home the gold medal” says the  elated Mariatou.

Fatou IF Colley is the team accompanying referee to the Zone 2 Olympic qualifications.

The Olympic qualifiers will start on January 8th through the 12th 2020 in Guinea Conakry.

Team Delegations: Abi Kujabie, Saffie Sawaneh, Fatoumatta Ceesay and Mariatou Gitteh.

Officials: Pa Baboucarr Barrow Coach, Lamin Suwareh Head of Delegation and Fatou IF Colley Referee. 

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From Gabonews to Global Business Mogul: The story of Nicolas Pompigne-Mognard, Founder and Chairman of APO Group
December 16, 2019 | 0 Comments

By Ajong Mbapndah L

Our partnerships with world-leading multinational media platforms ensure our content is delivered to global audiences, says Nicolas Pompigne-Mognard

With a  client list that includes  global giants like Facebook, Uber, Marriott, Hilton, GE, Orange, DHL, Philips, the NBA, Standard Chartered Bank, Siemens, Canon, PwC, EY, McKinsey & Company, AccorHotels, flydubai, DP World, and others, the African Press Organisation Group, is  the indisputable leader when it comes to public relations, media relations, and press release distribution services in the continent.

Building the firm to the iconic status it enjoys today is the handiwork of Franco-Gabonese self-made entrepreneur Nicolas Pompigne-Mognard, the Founder, chairman and 100% owner of APO Group. In 2007, Nicolas was still a Journalist for the online Gabonese news outfit Gabonews when he took the risk of investing his savings of €10.000 into the creation of the APO Group. The investment proved to be a stroke of genius, and today, the Group works with more than 300 clients from government to international institutions, prominent personalities, and a myriad of companies across Africa, and the Middle East.

“Our reach across all 54 countries in Africa is unparalleled, but we also want to raise the profile of African organizations internationally, and our partnerships with world-leading multinational media platforms ensures our content is delivered to global audiences,” says Nicolas Pompigne-Mognard in an interview with Pan African Visions.

Though Pompigne-Mognard stepped down as CEO of the Group and appointed Lionel Reina to take over in December 2018, he remains very active on issues concerning the APO Group in diverse capacities. He sits on the Advisory Board of the Africa Hotel Investment Forum (AHIF), the premier hotel investment conference in Africa, and is also member of the Advisor Board of the EurAfrican Forum, an action-oriented platform that aims to foster stronger collaboration between Europe, and Africa.

While public and media relations  will remain the core business under the leadership of   Lionel Reina as  CEO, the APO Group plans to make acquisitions in the field of digital transformation , and data management, says Pompigne-Mognard .

“Our ultimate goal is to become the consulting firm of choice for all companies looking to grow across Africa,” says Pompigne-Mognard in the interview which also discusses the media landscape in Africa, helping the  next generation of African communicators, sponsorship of the World Rugby’s African association, and more.

Thanks for granting us this interview, Nicolas Pompigne-Mognard. As the Founder and Chairman of leading Pan-African communications consultancy ,APO Group, could you start by giving us an overview of the firm, and its standing in the global media landscape today?,

Nicolas Pompigne-Mognard : APO Group is a consulting firm operating across Africa. We provide public relations, media relations and press release distribution services and have developed a growing portfolio of turnkey solutions for the world’s leading brands. Our core business is in the production, distribution and monitoring of text, image and video to online, print, broadcast and social media, but we also provide a bridge between business communicators and the media by helping hundreds of diverse organizations build meaningful relations with journalists and the wider media community.

Our reach across all 54 countries in Africa is unparalleled, but we also want to raise the profile of African organizations internationally. Our partnerships with world-leading multinational media platforms ensure our content is delivered to global audiences. Recently we partnered with Getty Images, meaning our clients’ photos and videos reach their subscribers all over the world.

By opening up new audiences in this way, we can change the narrative around our continent, ensuring uplifting, positive and uniquely African stories reach as many people as possible.

It is our understanding that you started off as a journalist for a Gabonese media. What pushed you into creating the APO Group and how were you able to raise the seed capital?

Nicolas Pompigne-Mognard :I wanted to change the narrative about Africa. At the time, the majority of news being written about the continent was negative. I wanted to find a way of addressing that and ensuring more positive stories were getting out to international audience.

I was a journalist working as European correspondent for Gabonews back in 2007, and I had known for years how difficult it was to get hold of Africa-related press releases.

There simply wasn’t a way for the media to find public relations content all in one place. That connectivity didn’t exist.

So, APO Group was the result of creating a channel that communicators could use to tell their compelling stories to the rest of the world. 12 years later, we are the leading press release distribution firm in Africa and the Middle East.

As we have grown, we have built out our network, creating strategic alliances with internationally renowned organizations, we now have the network and reputation to deliver on that original vision of changing the narrative in Africa – and that’s something I’m really proud of.

APO Group is clearly a powerhouse today. Could you walk us through some of the memorable phases that you went through in growing the firm to where it is today? In other words, what are some of the challenges you faced and how did you overcome them?

Nicolas Pompigne-Mognard :At the beginning there were many challenges.

First up, there were no employees! It was just me. I was the Sales Manager, IT consultant, HR team – everything. I soon realized I needed help, but I was not prepared for how difficult it would be to find the right team to deliver what the company needed. The first hires I made did not work out, and it took a while before I discovered the right fit.

I discovered it was important to hire proven talents. To surround yourself with people who are better than you are at what they do. I began to understand that the true wealth of your company is your employees. Without them you are nothing.

As we have grown, our challenges have changed. I’d known for a long time that I was an ‘accidental’ CEO. If we were going to scale up and take APO Group to the next level, we needed to hire somebody with a proven track record. So, I stepped aside and brought in a new CEO – Lionel Reina – who joined us with a strong background as a former senior executive for Orange Business Services and Accenture. I’m happy to say, it has been a great success and the business continues to go from strength-to-strength.

I remain the owner of APO Group, but I am now Chairman, and am thoroughly enjoying the strategic side of the business, while also working on other projects.

Your growing list of clients includes corporate giants like Facebook, Uber, Marriott, Hilton, GE, Orange, DHL, Philips, the NBA, Standard Chartered Bank, Siemens, Canon, PwC, EY, McKinsey & Company, AccorHotels, flydubai, DP World. Can you shed some light on how you are able to attract such high profile clients? What draws them to APO Group and what is it you do to keep them in the face of competition?

Nicolas Pompigne-Mognard :We attract these clients because we represent their best – and in some cases only – chance of achieving what they need in terms of engagement with African media audiences.

These companies want professional advice and consultation, as well as help in building long-lasting strategies, but they also, fundamentally, need the best network to carry their message.

APO Group’s network covers the whole continent – including Eritrea and Somaliland, where no other distribution agencies can reach. We have dedicated huge time and resources to media research and building relationships and trust both with individual journalists and the titles they work for.

It is not a coincidence that dozens of the region’s most prominent Public Relations Agencies – 57 at the last count – rely on APO Group’s network to target the media they need.

But while clients may initially be drawn to our network, it is our level of experience and expertise that stands us out from the competition. We do not only deliver content to media, we work alongside them on a daily basis, coordinating press conferences, interviews, op-ed publications, speaker opportunities, photo and video production and social media management – so we are able to forge long-lasting relationships.

We now have the network and reputation to deliver on that original vision of changing the narrative in Africa – and that’s something I’m really proud of, says Nicolas Pompigne-Mognard.

In December 2018, you decided to step down as CEO of APO Group, may we know why, and how has the company fared under your successor?

Nicolas Pompigne-Mognard :As I mentioned, Lionel Reina took over as CEO earlier this year. Lionel is a proven success having worked as Vice President of Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Africa for Orange Business Services and Middle East Director for Accenture – and has a fantastic track record in helping companies scale up quickly and break new ground.

Under his stewardship, we have continued our strong growth trajectory and cemented several new strategic alliances that have enabled us to move into new industries – extending our influence into exciting areas like technology.

We have known each other for years and I couldn’t have dreamed of a better CEO.

What is your take on the state of the African media landscape?

Nicolas Pompigne-Mognard Firstly, it’s important to clarify that the media landscape in Africa is extremely diverse. There are 54 distinctly different countries on the continent, each with their own unique cultures and trends.

Generally speaking, there are huge challenges involved in ensuring the press are allowed to do their job without impediment. But they are evolving challenges. Ten years ago, there was genuine threat to life for journalists who dared to step out of line. Last year, out of 58 journalists killed on duty around the world, only six were African – and those were in the conflict zones of Somalia and the Central African Republic.

Now, the challenges are more insidious – and they are more like the ones you see all over the world. As well as arbitrary censorship in some countries, governments are able to infiltrate so-called ‘private’ media. The financial weakness of many media outlets makes them susceptible to political and financial influence that undermines their independence and diminishes their chances of providing fair and accurate reporting to the people they serve.

There has been a growing emphasis on the need for the African media to tell the African story, but you know very well the challenges that African press organs go through. Besides the sharing of press releases, what is it that APO is doing or planning to do to help empower the press in Africa?

Nicolas Pompigne-Mognard :It’s a really big problem. No-one is better equipped to tell African stories than African media, but they have significant challenges around digitalization, monetization and talent management.

But I believe the biggest issue of all is around the arrival of large, multinational media organizations taking market share and advertising revenue away from the local outlets.

Several international media organizations have expanded into Africa in the last few years. The BBC, for example, has opened its biggest office yet outside of the UK – in Kenya; The Washington Post has recently announced it is expanding into Africa, and European TV channel Euronews, has launched Africanews. The Huffington Post and Le Monde have created African subsidiaries, while CNN now has six programmes dedicated to Africa.

Most of these international media houses are investing in Africa because they see the potential for new audiences and new revenue streams – and the local African media are struggling to compete.

APO Group work closely with local press and try to facilitate conversations and relationships with our hugely influential client base. Many of our international clients have a real appetite for authentic African coverage, so our ability to make introductions and drive engagement can be extremely positive for the African media – as well as our clients.

Presenting the APO Group African Women in Media to Ugandan Journalist Nila Yasmin. Nicolas Pompigne-Mognard says It’s been a long ambition of his to help the next generation of African communicators in whatever way he can.

 Since you stepped down as CEO you have done quite some traveling across Africa to live the passion of helping entrepreneurship in Africa. What are some of the most remarkable things you have learned from the travels and interactions with people? And to all aspiring entrepreneurs out there, what is the recipe for success?

Nicolas Pompigne-Mognard :I’ve been lucky enough to visit universities all over Africa this year.

It’s long been an ambition of mine to help the next generation of African communicators in whatever way I can. By running these seminars all over the continent, I’ve seen first-hand the passion and commitment of young journalism and communications students as they complete their studies.

As for a recipe for entrepreneurial success, there is no magic dust, unfortunately! You need to identify an opportunity or make sure you are solving a specific problem in a new and compelling way. Plus, of course, you need a lot of hard work – and a good deal of luck!

 Talking from experience, what recommendations do you have for a more robust relationship between businesses and the media in Africa?

Nicolas Pompigne-Mognard :In the current climate of fake news and misinformation, the most valuable thing you can bring to that relationship is trust and credibility.

Both businesses and the media have a duty of care to their readership to provide accurate information. As soon as original press release content is called into question, that relationship can be irrevocably damaged.

For APO Group, as a news distributor, we have a responsibility to be a credible Primary Information Provider. We are that bridge between business and the media. A such, our reputation is on the line every time a press release goes out. 

It’s why we have always maintained a strong set of checks and balances to ensure the authenticity of the news we publish. Most important of all, we have made it a fundamental rule never to relinquish a human editorial presence. We will always check the validity of our news sources, and if we have any doubt whatsoever, we simply don’t publish.

LONDON, ENGLAND – NOVEMBER 12: Nicolas Pompigne-Mognard, Founder and CEO of APO Group and Abdelaziz Bougja, Chairman of World Rugby’s African association, Rugby Africa during the signing ceremony of the agreement under which APO Group becomes the main Official Sponsor of Rugby Africa, at Royal Garden Hotel on November 12, 2017 in London, England. (Photo by Eamonn M. McCormack/Getty Images for APO Group)

 We see the APO building strong partnerships notably in rugby. How is this working out and with the global appeal of sports, any extra dividends you see for Africa through such partnerships?

Nicolas Pompigne-Mognard :Sport has the power to inspire millions of people and help put Africa in the global spotlight.

APO Group’s role in raising the profile of African sport has largely focused on rugby. In November 2017, APO Group became the Main Official Sponsor of World Rugby’s African association, Rugby Africa, the governing body of rugby in Africa. This is the highest level of sponsorship, and the partnership has recently been extended until 2024. Rugby is developing at an unprecedented pace in Africa and is now the fastest growing sport on the continent. The popularity of the game is booming all over Africa. Ten African nations are currently placed in the top-50 of the world rankings and more women and men, girls and boys, are playing than ever before.

The players are inspirational role models for the next generations of young Africans who are discovering the sport. Although few may know this, out of 105 countries playing rugby competitively, one-third are African and there are many talents in Africa who deserve more recognition by the general public. In 2017, growth in player registration in African nations (excluding South Africa) was 66%, against an overall global increase of 27%. In the female game, the number of registered players increased by 50% in 2017 alone. This phenomenal growth at grass roots level is starting to bear fruit on the international scene.

 Any projections for 2020, from where it is at this point? What next for APO Group?

Nicolas Pompigne-Mognard: After delivering 60% growth in 2018, our plan is to maintain a 40% yearly growth until 2024. Our ultimate goal is to become the consulting firm of choice for all companies looking to grow across Africa.

Lionel’s main area of focus for 2020 is to develop new integrated services and turnkey solutions to continue to help corporations to expand across Africa. We are also looking to make an acquisition in the field of Digital Transformation, AI and Data management. But our core business will remain Public Relations and Media Relations.

In my role as Chairman, I will have more time to continue to promote existing projects and new initiatives in several areas, including our rugby in Africa, female entrepreneurship and student conferences and internships.

So, as you can see, we are very optimistic about the future of the continent!

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Gambia: Former Scorpions Captain Appointed Assistant Coach National U-17
November 4, 2019 | 0 Comments

Abdou Jammeh , known for his sobriquet T-Boy  Former Scorpions Captain and Defender  is been appointed by the Gambia Football Federation as Assistant Coach of the National U-17 Scorpions.

Jammeh 33 a native of Bakau played for all of Gambia’s national categories.

He kicked off national call with the U-17 in 2002 and in 2003 with the National U-20 before heightened to U-23 and Olympic side in 2004.

T- Boy was promoted to the Senior National team from 2005 to 2015 where he later became Captain of the team. He hung his boots after the 2015 AFCON campaign giving way to the current crop of youngsters under Scorpions Coach Tom Saintfiet.

The new Assistant U-17  Coach has played for more than ten clubs across Europe, Asia and Africa where he made movements while pursuing for higher career status.

He opened up his stint with local club Steve Biko FC from 2002-2004 before moving to Esperance Sportive De Zaris and won the FA Cup with the Tunis giants. After two years of his North African sojourn, T-Boy moved up further to Russia where he attracted FC Textile telecom in 2007. He moved a little away to club rivals FC Torpedo in Moscow in 2008 and was featured in 26 matches.

One of Abdou’s biggest moves has been in 2009 when he moved to Belgian League One side SK Lierse. He has been a fan favorite at all of the Club’s matches when he was been featured. This time, Lierse was at its peak and recorded remarkable progress at the domestic front.

 The former Scorpions Captain had spells with Kazma Sporting Club in Kuwait, Rops FC in Finland, Al Fahaheel SC in Kuwait, Al Shamal Sports Club, Qatar and ended up his active career with PKNS Football Club in Malaysia.

Abdou is a holder of FA of Finland’s UEFA B licence coaching convention. He will work as Assistant Coach to National U-17 gaffer Abdoulie Bojang whom he worked under while playing for the giant killers Steve Biko in 2013 when he returned to local football in the Gambia.

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Gambia:Scorpions Provisional Squad For Afcon Qualifiers Unveiled
October 25, 2019 | 0 Comments

By Bakary Ceesay

Scorpions Coach Tom Saintfiet has released Gambia’s provisional list for Afcon 2021 Qualifiers proper. The Scorpions will open their Group D campaign to the Palancas Negras on the 13th November away in Luanda and play home to the Leopards of DR Congo on the 18th November, 2019.

The provisional list of 36 players according to Saintfiet would be trimmed down shortly to the required number that would be used for both legs.

The “Saint” has retained almost the squad of players that qualified the country from the Afcon preliminaries to the Group proper. Saudi based Goal keeper Modou Jobe (Toldo) tops the list for goal keepers and is expected to make a return after a stellar performance at the preliminaries when the Gambia played its final match at home to Djibouti (3-2) on penalties after a one all draw at full time and eventually qualified to the Group Proper.

Captains Omar Colley and Pa Modou Jagne (Nda) are both in the list while youngsters Ablie Jallow, Ebrima Colley and Alasana Manneh all inclusive in the list are also expected to make a comeback following their great performances at home recently.

Hamza Barry, Modou Barrow, Sulayman Marreh and Babucarr Trawally (Steve) are also again called up in the provisional list and Saintfiet is highly hopeful of the stars’ return to the Scorpions forth coming campaigns.

  1. Modou JOBE                                    (Jeddah FC, Saudi Arabia)
  2. Sheikh SIBI                                       (Virtus Verona, Italy)
  3. Baboucarr GAYE                              (SG Wattenscheid, Germany)
  4. Alagie NYABALLY                           (GPA)
  5. Pa Modou JAGNE                            (FC Zürich, Switzerland)
  6. Ibou TOURAY                                   ( Salford City, England),
  7. Omar COLLEY                                  (Sampdoria, Italy),
  8. Mohammed MBYE                           (Mjällby, Sweden)
  9. Bubacarr SANNEH                           (Göztepe, Turkey)
  10. Sulayman BOJANG                          (Kongsvinger IL, Norway)
  11. Ngine Faye NJIE                               (Gamtel)
  12. Hamidou BOJANG                           (Real de Banjul, Gambia)
  13. Alieu JATTA                                      (Casa Sports, Senegal)
  14. Alasana MANNEH                            (Górnik Zabrze, Poland)
  15. Dawda NGUM                                    (FC Roskilde, Denmark)
  16. Ebou ADAMS                                     (Forest Green, England)
  17. Ebrima SOHNA                                 (Gambia)
  18. Sulayman MARREH                         (KAS Eupen, Belgium)
  19. Hamza BARRY                                   (Hajduk Split, Croatia)
  20. Ablie JALLOW                                   (AC Ajaccio, France)
  21. Ebrima COLLEY                                 (Atalanta, Italy)
  22. Sheriff SINYAN                                  (Lillestrøm, Norway)
  23. Bun SANNEH                                     (Génération Foot, Senegal)
  24. Modou BARROW                               (Denizlispor, Turkey)
  25. Assan CEESAY                                    (FC Zürich, Switzerland)
  26. Bubacarr JOBE                                    (Mjällby, Sweden)
  27. Ali SOWE                                              (CSKA Sofia, Bulgaria)
  28. Bubacarr ’Steve‘ TRAWALLY           (Ajman, UAE)
  29. Adama JAMMEH                               (Etoile du Sahel, Tunisia)
  30. Muhammed BADAMOSI                  (FUS Rabat, Morocco)
  31. Musa BARROW                                  (Atalanta, Italy)
  32. Bakery JATTA                                      (Hamburger SV, Germany)
  33. Nuha MARONG KRUBALLY            (Racing Santander, Spain)
  34. Musa JUWARA                                   (FC Bologna, Italy)
  35. Kalifa MANNEH                                 (Carrarese, Italy)
  36. Lamin JALLOW                                  (Salernitana, Italy)
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Gambia unveils Squad for 2021 AFCON Qualifiers
October 2, 2019 | 0 Comments

By Bakary Ceesay

Scorpions of Gambia

Gambia Scorpions Head Coach Tom Saintfiet has finalised his 20-man squad for the upcoming 2021 AFCON Preliminary Round Qualifiers against Djibouti  at  the Stade Gouled in Djibouti City on 9th October, 2019.  

This final selection follows the submission of his 28-man provisional squad list.

Sulayman MARREH was reported by his club as having an injury and is therefore unable to take part in the upcoming matches.

 Ibou TOURAY and Ebou ADAMS, both plying their trade in League Two in England, requested permission to concentrate on their respective club duties.

Bun SANNEH has been excused by the Head Coach to focus on international duties with the WAFU team currently in Senegal competing for the WAFU Cup of Nations.

Baboucarr GAYE, Adama JAMMEH and local based players Alagie NYABALLY and Ngine Faye NJIE were also amongst those who did not make the final squad but remain in contention for selection in the future.

Scorpion’s final 20-man squad:- Goalkeepers: Modou JOBE (Jeddah FC, Saudi Arabia), Sheikh SIBI (Virtus Verona, Italy)

Defenders: Pa Modou JAGNE (FC Zürich, Switzerland), Omar COLLEY (Sampdoria, Italy), Mohammed MBYE (Mjällby, Sweden), Bubacarr SANNEH (Göztepe, Turkey), Sulayman BOJANG (Kongsvinger IL, Norway), Dadi Dodou GAYE (KFUM Oslo, Norway)

Midfielders: Alasana MANNEH (Górnik Zabrze, Poland), Dawda NGUM (FC Roskilde, Denmark), Hamza BARRY (Hajduk Split, Croatia), Ablie JALLOW (AC Ajaccio, France), Ebrima COLLEY (Atalanta, Italy), Sheriff SINYAN (Lillestrøm, Norway)

Forwards: Assan CEESAY (FC Zürich, Switzerland), Bubacarr JOBE (Mjällby, Sweden), Ali SOWE (CSKA Sofia, Bulgaria), Yusupha NJIE (Boavista, Portugal), Muhammed BADAMOSI (FUS Rabat, Morocco), Musa BARROW (Atalanta, Italy).

The players summoned will begin their journey to Djibouti via Istanbul on Monday 7th October, with the first leg scheduled to take place at the Stade Gouled in Djibouti City on Wednesday 9th October with a 7pm kick-off.

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Gambia: Female League Coaches Conclude Intermediate Training
October 1, 2019 | 0 Comments

By Bakary Ceesay

The five days Coaching training eye marked for GFF Female League Coaches from Div 1 and 2 has ended on Sunday 29th September, 2019 at the National Technical Training Center in Yundum.

The training organized by the German-Gambian Women’s Football partnership is aimed at strengthening the knowledge of the Female League Coaches in the beautiful game while also honing their skills in some game management skills ahead of the new League season in December.

Speaking at the closing ceremony over the weekend, training Coordinator Monika Staab said the course is key and timely ahead of the beginning of a new season. She noted that the training will help coaches to recollect and learn from the previous season.
“It was an intensive week of sessions and I am glad that we were able to refresh our minds on the past season to do better this time around. All the first and second division female club coaches were here and we shared great experience together” she said. She thanked the participants for their steadfast and dedication. “You all are a step ahead because we have ‘C’ and ‘D’ license holders with us”.
The renowned Women’s football expert however urged the coaches to be persistent in their quest while keeping the communication amongst them. She reminded the Coaches about her passion for women’s football and willingness to develop it higher.“I love Women’s football and want to develop and work with them. My next big task is to play Women’s Super Nawettan”, she said. She concluded by thanking the President Lamin Kaba Bajo for been the biggest supporter of Women’s football. “I have never seen a person so passionate about women’s football than Mr Bajo. I can tell you he is the main reason why I am still here”.

For his part, Gambia Football Federation Boss Mr Lamin Kaaba Bajo, expressed satisfaction on the outcome of the Gambia-German partnership saying the short term project expansion to a long term of two years is as a result of Monika’s great achievements.
President Bajo said that the Federation will always develop women football “not only in quantity but quality” and has no doubt that this course will have great impact in the coming league season. “I am sure that the coming season will be competitive. Work starts today and you must all endeavor to make the best use of the knowledge gained here”.
Mr Bajo promised that his executive would continue to ensure that all the necessary support is given. “Women’s football has gained lots of potentials. The impact would be visible within the two years and could be expanded again. The future of Football is Women Football”, he noted
Participant Veronic Malak on behalf of her colleagues, thanked the Course Coordinator Monica Staab for the relentless efforts for making the event happen as promised. She also thanked the GFF President for championing the course of Women’s football. All participants were presented a certificate of attendance.

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FIFA MA Course For Gambian Referees Underway At NTTC
October 1, 2019 | 0 Comments

By Bakary Ceesay

A five days Course for the training of Member Associations’ Referees was opened on Sunday 29th September- 3rd October, 2019 at the Gambia Football Federation National Technical Training Centre (NTTC) in Yundum.

The program an annual FIFA funded activity is meant to enhance the capacities of referees and to further abreast the arbitrars the new amendments of the laws of the game while also sharpening their skills in game management.

Speaking at the opening ceremony over the weekend, GFF President Lamin Kaba Bajo described the day as joyous moment for the Federation.

Mr Bajo highlighted the vitality that the Federation attaches to refereeing. “We may be a small country and struggling to achieve in Football but we’re able to produce best referees on the Continent and that should be a pride for every Gambian” he said.

He expressed appreciation to FIFA and CAF for the continues support rendered to the GFF while reiterating his office’s will to continue to give support to referees citing the recently trained 30 female referees been the first cohort eyemarked for matches in the Female Leagues “will help us a long way in filling the gap”, he noted.

He nonetheless urged the local instructors and the Referees Association to ensure that women are given the opportunity to officiate in the forthcoming leagues and help them grow. ”

I urge you to keep an eye on them. Support, guide and help them grow bigger and better in women’s Football. We want to see our women’s football progress massively and independently handled by themselves”, he echoed.

President Bajo who also serves as Referees Committee Chairman continued to challenge the participants to be humble, polite, and to be content at all times to what they have.

He cited Papa Gassama, Mawdo Jallow, Omar Sallah and Isatou Touray amongst others as having successful careers in the field and thus urged others to emulate from them while advising them to associate themselves with successful people and to adopt mentors.

Course Director Ali Ahmed expressed his pleasure to be at the Smiling Coast for the first time and said that FIFA and CAF are very particular on Integrity as a cardinal principle of Referees and therefore cited Papa Gassama’s Personality as an example for all aspiring referees.

“I am very happy that you have such quality and personalities like Papa Gassama. The Gambia is becoming famous thanks to personalities like Gassama and everyone should be proud of that”.

 He said the Gambia is one country on top of refereeing on the continent and urged the men in black to make best use of the opportunity.

Both GFF General Secretary Lamin M Jassey and the Acting Referee Association President and Referee Committee member John Frank Mendy both described refereeing as a noble profession and expressed pride in the potential and level of commitment and excellence in Gambian Referees. GS Jassey reiterated the football leadership’s commitment to the growth and development of Referees in the Gambia.

 He cited the GFF President’s ardent desire and personal commitment devoted to the cause of referees. “I have worked with many past Executive Committees at Football House but the commitment and the level of willingness I see in Mr Bajo towards referees is unprecedented”, he echoed.
The course has thirty participants out of which 24 are men and 6 Women.


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Football:Gambia Coach Saintfiet Ahead Of Scorpions away game to Djibouti
October 1, 2019 | 0 Comments

By By Bakary Ceesay


Ahead of the start of matches for the Africa Cup of Nations 2021 preliminary Qualifiers across the continent, the Gambia National Team, Scorpions are one of the few to be watched when they take on The Riverains de la Mer Rouge (Shoremen of the Red Sea) of Djibouti on Wednesday 9th October in Djibouti City.

Speaking to the journalists his base in Europe, Saintfiet sounded upbeat about the Scorpions readiness for what he described “an important game” for the Gambia.

Asked about the release of his final squad, the “Saint” disclosed that the list of final players for the double header will be announced on Wednesday 2nd October, 2019. “We always call the biggest squad to take to the game and there are reasons for that because players are still with their clubs playing, injuries could happen and sometimes cancellations. Some players already informed us that they prefer playing for their clubs, that is shocking news and unfortunate but we always anticipate for that. The final squad list will be announced on Wednesday so that we will be ready for the trip to Djibouti”.

On the team’s technical preparation hence the tight schedule for both the away and home legs, Saintfiet said the team accepted its defeat to Angola in the World Cup Qualifiers “because Angola is one of the major football nations in Africa in the past fifteen years”. He described the exit as a frustrating one “but difficult task”. He thanked the players for putting up a great fight while also felicitating the GFF for the provision of all logistics required for the period. He said the focus for the Scorpions is now on Djibouti and would make all efforts to amend what was not achieved in the WC Qualifiers.

“The game is arranged for Wednesday and there is not much time for us because our players are still in action with their clubs in Europe and when they are released for the match, we will only have one training session with them. I am in daily contact with my technical staff and we are as well analyzing the Djibouti videos”.

He said Djibouti is not a bad side. “I respect them but i value my team also because our aim is to qualify the country to the group stages of the Afcon and that we have to perform on the pitch and have players who want to die for their country”. Saintfiet however remained cautious about referees decisions in such crucial games but ” we will keep the ball possession and be more efficient in front of goal”, he noted.

Reacting to any new kind of approach for the away leg, he said the team will provide effective tactics and make best use of the chances provided “because it is an away leg”. He hailed his players as trust worthy and determined to do something for their country. “I believe in the players because they are ready to fight and die. I am convinced that with the players we have, we can achieve our aims to qualify the Gambia to the Afcon and that is our ultimate”, he concluded.

Meanwhile the Scorpions are expected to fly out of town over the weekend to Djibouti via Istanbul where a brief convergence for the players across Europe would be arranged shortly before taking off to the horn of Africa.

The game is scheduled for Wednesday 9th October in Djibouti city with the return leg in Banjul on Sunday 13th October at the Independence Stadium in Bakau.

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16 coaches from Africa shortlisted as “Future Stars” by Arsenal and WorldRemit
September 20, 2019 | 0 Comments
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Arsenal and WorldRemit launch second edition of Future Stars
August 22, 2019 | 0 Comments
Two community football coaches, one male and one female, will attend an exclusive training programme with Arsenal Football Development coaches in London

LONDON, United Kingdom, August 22, 2019/ — Arsenal and online money transfer service, WorldRemit (, are offering one male and one female football coach from Africa or the Americas the chance to attend an exclusive training programme with Arsenal Football Development coaches in London.

Now in its second edition, the “Future Stars” programme was developed by WorldRemit and Arsenal to celebrate the positive impact that grassroots youth football coaches have on their communities, helping the children they train to develop life skills both on and off the pitch.

Future Stars is free to apply for and open to youth team (under 16s) coaches from across Africa and the Americas. WorldRemit will sponsor two winners, one male and one female, to fly to London for a personalised coaching programme with Arsenal Football Development coaches. Through the programme, 20 shortlisted coaches will be rewarded with Arsenal shirts for their youth squad.

Apply now

Entries are now open on or via a chatbot on the WorldRemit Facebook page ( until 4 September. To enter, coaches simply need to complete a short application form explaining why they deserve to be granted this unique training opportunity and how they would use it to build a lasting legacy of positive change through football.

How it works

1. From the online applications, 20 coaches will be shortlisted to receive Arsenal youth shirts for their team. Applicants will be assessed against the following criteria by a panel of judges including Catherine Wines, Co-Founder at WorldRemit; Simon McManus, Head Coach at Arsenal Football Development; and Marc Thorogood, Business Manager at Arsenal Football Development.

Selection criteria:

  • The commitment of the coach to improving the lives of their community
  • The impact the coach has had on young people within their community
  • The strength of the coach’s proposal to pass on their training on their return home

2. From the shortlist of 20, the judging panel will select eight coaches as finalists – four male and four female.

3. The eight finalists’ stories will be shared on and the winners will be chosen based on a public vote on the website.

Andrew Stewart, Managing Director for the Middle East and Africa at WorldRemit, said: “Our customers work hard every day to send money home to support their communities. Inspired by them, we developed the Future Stars programme with Arsenal to shine a spotlight on youth community coaches who use their passion for football to build a better future for others.

“The standard of applications for last year’s programme exceeded our expectations. We’re excited to build on this success and celebrate the incredible contributions of male and female coaches from across Africa and the Americas.”

Simon McManus, Head Coach at Arsenal Football Development said: “Community engagement has always been at the heart of everything we do and we continue to work hard to promote greater levels of participation in sport, both in north London and around the world.”

“The Future Stars programme is all about recognising youth coaches across Africa and the Americas who bring communities together and are changing lives through football. We are looking forward to celebrating them and welcoming the two winning coaches to train with us at the Emirates!”

Last year’s Future Stars winner was Hamisi Mohamed from Young Talents Soccer Academy. Hamisi founded Young Talents, a mixed academy outside Nairobi, Kenya, to bring young members of his community together and help them avoid falling into tribalism, drug abuse and crime.

Hamisi said: “Training with Arsenal Football Development was the opportunity of a lifetime. For my own coaching, it was amazing to hear about the Arsenal coaching philosophy and how it can bring teams of all levels together. The exchange of ideas and practices is beneficial for both sides and leads to a higher standard of football at a grassroots level. Good luck to this year’s Future Stars!”

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Technology is the game changer for sports betting, argues ICE Africa speaker, Seun Methowe
August 21, 2019 | 0 Comments

Seun Methowe, Head of Advertising and Partnership Sales, DAZN

Seun Methowe, Head of Advertising and Partnership Sales, DAZN

Seun Methowe, Head of Advertising and Partnership Sales, at global live sport OTT platform, DAZN, believes that new technologies and in particular streaming will create more demand from upwardly mobile players and lead to a transformation in the way that betting brands and broadcasters engage with the market.

Speaking ahead of his appearance at October’s ICE Africa where he will be one of 65 thought leaders contributing to the event’s learning streams, Methowe, confirmed: “DAZN’s platform is the number one football destination on the continent with more than 20m users drawn from throughout the regulated gaming economies.  We are already working with major broadcasters and betting firms across Africa and there’s no doubt that technology will revolutionize the consumption of live and original sports content.”

He added: “New markets in entertainment, including virtual and fantasy football, are trends that experts in the gambling and betting industry will need to explore. Millennials in Africa are upwardly mobile and aspirational with huge numbers digesting information on sports, news and entertainment platforms with social media contributing to the ‘fuelling’ of this information digest.

“Content providers within the gaming industry are looking towards the creation of sustainable models and with a huge population base in excess of 1.3bn the potential in Africa is massive. ICE Africa is a powerful networking platform for stakeholders and therefore invaluable to any operator, decision maker or executive in the industry to garner knowledge and the opportunities that exist to grow their businesses.”

ICE Africa (2-3 October, Sandton Convention Centre, South Africa) provides an invaluable opportunity for operators, regulators and suppliers to meet, network, share best practice and see the very latest gaming products and services from the industry’s leading innovators.  Described by industry observers as ‘A showcase event that Africa can be proud of’ attendees will benefit from a programme of engaging content including Thought Leadership, Training, Regulation, Online vs. Retail, Integrated Resorts, Branding, Marketing, Sports and eSports.  Seun Methowe will be part of the panel entitled: Sports Content: How will the growth of streaming services impact sports betting and horse racing?

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Universal Music Nigeria releases Jizzle’s Debut Album, ‘Finally’
August 17, 2019 | 0 Comments

By Bakary Ceesay


By: Bakary Ceesay

 Finally, Universal Music Nigeria releases Gambia’s afro pop artiste  Jizzle’s 1st album, Finally.  There have been many months of anticipation for the album, from the Biggest In The Game artist. 

 The album is made up of twelve tracks representing the sounds of Afro pop, Afrobeat, and Afrofuzion with elements of Hip Hop.

The lyrics are very catchy with a sing along type of vibrations with topics that all elements of his fans can identify with.  As a multi-talented artist, Jizzle has produced five songs on the album with the production from top Gambian producers Shyboy, Endy Official, and J Live Music. Machine Man Tim from the UK and J Masta from Sweden also make hot beats on the album.

Jizzle is dubbed as the artist in the Gambia that can take Gambian music to an international market and make it successfully on the mainstream platform.  “My main goal with my music is to take Gambian music to the next level.  Finally means the world to me and I put a lot of myself in it for the world to love and enjoy,” expresses Jizzle.

He features a number of West African Artists, Dip Doundou Guiss, Samba, Peuzzi, Bm Jaay, and Hakill from Senegal.  Shaydee represents Nigeria and Gee from The Gambia.  Jizzle is a very unique type of artist and his style is very different compared to a lot of artists. He is able to capture his audience through a variation of different languages from English to Mandinka, Fula, and Wolof.

 “I am very happy with the response that I have been getting from my first album, Finally.  I feel like the whole world loves this project. The outpour of love and support for my first album has been breathtaking. I am humbled by my fans and ask that continue to buy my music,” explains Jizzle in jubilation.

 Jizzle does not take for granted his natural musical ability and quality. He employs both exuberance and brainpower to pull off conscious, sweet songs viable in today’s pop-culture. Finally, is a testament to Jizzle’s love for music and natural star quality.

 He  is currently embarking on a three-week European Tour in Sweden, Italy, and Germany to promote Finally.  All of his shows will display his dynamic stage presence and performance. ALBUM DOWNLOAD LINK:

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Team Gambia announced for 2019 African Games
August 17, 2019 | 0 Comments

By Bakary Ceesay

 A squad of 21 athletes and officials has  fly Gambia’s flag high at this year’s 12th edition of the African Games to be held in Morocco from August 16-31.

The team will have representation in 5 out of 26 sporting disciplines being contested at the games.

As per the norm at the African Games, Team Gambia’s biggest contingent will come from athletics with a total of 9 athletes. Other disciplines that will form part of the team are: beach volleyball, swimming, judo and basketball 3×3.

Formerly known as All Africa games, the African Games is an important multi-sport event and the premier pinnacle of continental games held every four years – one year before the Olympic Games.

Team Gambia comprises of Olympians Adama Jammeh and Gina Bass on the tracks, beach volleyball continental cup finalist Abie Kujabie/Fatoumatta Ceesay and Qatar prince cup winners Sainey Jawo/Mbye Babou Jarra, World Championship contestant Abdourahman Ceesay and his partner for Judo and experienced swimmers and basketball 3×3 superstars.

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Gambia Head Coach Unveil Scorpions’ Provisional List for FIFA World Cup 2022 Qualifiers
August 17, 2019 | 0 Comments

By Bakary Ceesay

Coach Tom Saintfiet has had his contract with the Gambia extended for two more years.

Coach Tom Saintfiet has had his contract with the Gambia extended for two more years.

Gambia National team Scorpions Head Coach Tom Saintfiet has made public a list of 41 players in a provisional selection for the upcoming FIFA World Cup 2022 qualifiers encounter against Angola.

The squad contains many familiar names that have been part of recent positive results, including the recent double 1-0 wins over African powerhouses Guinea and Morocco. There are also spaces for some young and upcoming players who have been identified for selection, including Momodou Bojang, the Brikama United star striker who impressed with his two-goal haul against Raja Casablanca in the first leg of their CAF Champions League encounter.

“This is a provisional list as per FIFA regulations, however, there is still time for more names to be added. Nonetheless, I am very satisfied with this pool of players which is a combination of experienced heads and young, hungry players eager to make their mark,” Saintfiet explained.

“We understand as coaches that most of the discussion will be about who is not here, but we prefer to focus on the players we have here. This selection is not against anyone but an endorsement of the work most of these players have put in so far. However, we don’t want to take it easy now and we know that we must work harder even though we have enjoyed some fantastic results recently. We want to progress to the group stages and we feel that the players selected here will give us the best possible chance to achieve that.”

The first leg is scheduled to take place at the Independence Stadium on Friday 6th September at 5pm with the return in Angola on Tuesday 10th September. The winners over the two legs will progress to the group stage where each group winner will advance to the final round of playoffs to seal a place at the FIFA World Cup 2022 to be held in Qatar.

Invitations will be sent out next week before a final 23-man selection will be finalised and announced at a scheduled press conference on Thursday 29th August.

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Sierra Leone: Sports Ministry rejects the appointment of Sellas Tetteh as new coach of Leones stars
August 15, 2019 | 0 Comments

By Ishmael Sallieu Koroma

Minister of Sports Ibrahim Nyelenkeh

Sierra Leone’s Sports Ministry has rejected the appointment of former Ghanaian under 20 head coach Sellas Tetteh as the new coach of Leones Stars following announcement by the Sierra Leone Football Association (SLFA) on Tuesday, a press statement from the Sports Ministry  on Wednesday has said.

According to the Ministry in charge of Sport, they received reports from the Director of Sports and the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry who were on the interview panel expressing their dissatisfaction on the process which they say did not come to a logical conclusion.

‘’The report of the Ministry’s representatives also observed that representatives from the Sierra Leone Football Association on the interview panel came with a premeditated mind of appointing the said coach. Therefore, the Ministry does not recognise Sellas Tetteh as the Head Coach of the Sierra Leone Team because the process was incomplete,’’ a statement from the Sports Ministry.

Earlier on Tuesday the Sierra Leone FA said in a statement that ‘’After a thorough interview process by the Sierra Leone Football Association Head Coach Recruitment Committee and based on scores earned by the various candidates, the Executive Committee of the Football Association wishes to announce to the general public and the football family the appointment of Mr. Sellas Tetteh Teivi as Head Coach of the National Senior Team (Leone Stars)’’

Disagreement between the Sierra Leone FA and the Sports Ministry is not a  new phenomenon with the small West African country as this has been the case in almost successive administration of the state which has sometimes led the country to receive a ban from FIFA for government interference into the matter of the FA for which it has no jurisdiction.


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Cameroun (News paper )
July 15, 2019 | 0 Comments

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Lapiro de Mbanga interview – May 2011
July 15, 2019 | 0 Comments

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