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Buhari repeating Obasanjo, Jonathan’s mistakes – Ezekwesili
November 20, 2018 | 0 Comments

Says voting Atiku, Buhari, a resignation to low standards

… Nigerians’ lives devalued, cheapened under Buhari

By Olayinka Ajayi



Nigeria’s presidential candidate of the Allied Congress Party of Nigeria (ACPN), Dr. Oby Ezekwesili, has expressed dissatisfaction with the challenges confronting Nigeria, saying that the same mistakes of previous administrations were being repeated by President Muhammadu Buhari.

 Speaking in Abuja on Monday, one day after flagging off her campaign, Ezekwesili said Nigeria needed a leader like her to make the country realise its potential.

 She warned Nigerians not to resign to low standards by voting opposition parties, especially the Peoples Democratic Party or All Progressives Congress. 

It would be recalled that President Buhari had last week also warned Nigerians against voting the PDP in the forthcoming presidential elections, saying that any other party could produce the next president but not the PDP. 

 Ezekwesili said, “Sometimes it is hard to believe Nigeria’s greatness in the midst of our daily struggles, and as we watch our country repeat the same mistakes over and over again. It is hard to remember the contributions our country has made for freedom and peace across the African continent.

“I cannot stand it when we choose to accept mediocrity or resign ourselves to lowly standards. Nigeria can do much better. I care about Nigeria and Nigerians enough to know that the back-to-back failed leadership has held us back for far too long, and if we do not take a stand and take our country back, they would still be here in years to come, holding back our children and their children. God forbid!”

 She assured Nigerians that she would fulfil her electoral promises, adding that a situation where elected candidates deny their promises was bad for Nigeria’s growth.

 “The APC campaigned in 2015 on a manifesto that propagated the doctrine of restructuring. President Buhari went along with it every step of the way because it is all about getting into power for him. He won and then began to renege on his promises, including on restructuring. He suddenly remembered all the reasons why ‘structure is not the problem’ with Nigeria.

  “I want to reignite belief in Nigeria’s greatness by leading a government that would make clear promises to citizens and deliver on them, not like the current leadership which spent its first year in office denying all the promises it made to get into that office,” she added.

 She accused Buhari of placing a lesser value on the lives of Nigerians, warning that Nigerians needed to vote for a candidate who would take their well-being as a priority.

 The former Vice-President of World Bank explained that Nigeria’s current federal structure was not working and recommended a review.

 She said, “Entire communities and even local government areas in this country have been driven into hunger and poverty, as their sources of livelihoods are completely wiped out due to insecurity. The value of a Nigerian life has been devalued and cheapened. 

 “The structure of a federation is its skeleton. A functional structure gives shape, support, and aids the movement of the federation. No wonder Nigeria is handicapped under this dysfunctional structure.”

She added, “There was a time when the APC agreed on the need to restructure the federation and devolve more powers to the regions and states.”

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Imprisoned Cameroon journalist beseechs financial support
November 20, 2018 | 0 Comments

By Boris Esono (Buea-Cameroon)

Michel Biem Tong expected to appear before the Yaounde Military Tribunal on December 5

Michel Biem Tong expected to appear before the Yaounde Military Tribunal on December 5

Imprisoned journalist Michel Biem Tong has solicited help from Cameroonians especially financially as he languishes at the Kondengui Maximum security prison in Yaoundé.

Michel Biem Tong, a web journalist was arrested in late October and transferred to Kondengui after spending several weeks in a cell at the Gendarmerie headquarters and has since been charged with propagation of false statements, supporting terrorism and contempt against the Head of State.

Journalist Michel Biem Tong locked up at the Kondegui central prison has written to Cameroonians soliciting for support especially financially to help him during his stay in the prison cell.

It is from his prison that the journalist wrote an open letter where he indicated that he was mentally strong and thanked all those who have been supporting him since his arrest.

He reassures the people that before his innocence which he has never ceased to claim, his morals remain intact and he believes there is surely a good way out of all he is going through.

After expressing his gratitude to the people for their support, the journalist besought them to help him financially by saying “as everyone who has been to the Kondegui central prison can testify, the prison is extremely expensive and our survival only depends on our financial capacity”.

He adds that those who want to support him could get to his family so that their support could reach him. Michel Biem Tong is expected to appear before the Yaounde Military Tribunal on December 5, 2018 to answer charges brought before him.

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Buhari’s refusal to obey court orders,a national embarrassment — Prof. Soyinka
November 20, 2018 | 0 Comments
As Nwachukwu ‎Adebanjo others insist on restructuring
By Olayinka Ajayi
Wole Soyinka

Wole Soyinka

Renown  Proffesor of Literature. Wole Soyinka has described  President Muhamadu Buhari’s non adherence to court orders on the release of former national security adviser Dasuki, and Leader of the Shiite movement El-zazaki as a national embarrassment. 

Speaking yesterday at a program tagged: ‘Handshakes across Nigeria theme: Nigeria beyound oil’
Soyinka said:” Forgiveness is a virtue. Although, I have the same temperament with my late friend Tai Sholarin. But It is a national embarrassment that our president has refused to obey laws. Citizens should not be the one to choose the laws to obey. Christan Association of Nigeria CAN went to president Buhari to demand the release of El-Zazaki. If the people say stop the bloodbirth, you have no right to say no.’
 Soyinka who reiterated the need for a restructured Nigeria added: ‘Every state must be given the maximum power over their resources. while some people are committed  to growing rice, the governor of Alibum said his commitment is never to see his people being used as househelps across Nigeria’
He (Soyinka) further tasked Nigerian youths to take up the responsibility of leadership. “‘ I say to young generation, is it not about time to takeover! The youth are substantial to take over the government. it is time to get together among yourselves and choose a representative that will bring about an authentic change not a slogan. As what ‎we are looking at is not just a handshake sacross Nigeria but a hasndshake across history.”
In the same vein,‎Rtd. General, Senator Ike Nwachuku ‎stressed on  the need for a united Nigeria .
According to him: “As Nigeria’s zero into the 2019 general elections to elect political leaders and representatives for the next dispensation, the preservation of Nigeria’s unity in diversity and sovereignty should be paramont. People might differ in their understanding but the corporate existence of Nigeria and it\’s survival is work in progress.”
‘While some countries. have been able to admirably harness their diversities to their immense advantages, ours threw up mixed results.‎ As we have operated in fits and starts. our ways are uncertain, such that our collective destiny as a people flutters.’
Nwanchukwu however urge the Independent Electoral Commision (INEC) on the responsibility of trust bestowed on them as electortal umpire come 2019. “As we prepare for the general elections, it is pertinent to remind INEC that theirs is a sacred trust. Though a‎ppointed by the government, they are responsible to the people of Nigeria. For the forthcoming elections, INEC must aim at bettering the enviable conduct of the 2015 generals by Prof. Attahiru Jega. I will urge all candidates across boad to embrace peacefully the verdic of Nigerians at the polls as Nigeria is bigger than our political, ethnic, cultural, religious and sectarian differences. Also, we expecting the signing of the ‘Article of Faith on Restructuring of Nigeria by Political Parties’.
‎Chieftain of Afenifere, Chief Ayo Adebasnjo lamented that’ It is still pardonable for the one that do not have a certificate but it\’s disturbing that the Vice-president Prof. Yemi Osibajo would say he does not know the meaning of restructuring.
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Cameroon: Two Buea University staff abducted
November 20, 2018 | 0 Comments

By Boris Esono (Buea-Cameroon)

At least two members of staff of the University of Buea has been abducted by unidentified gunmen, the Vice Chancellor of the institution Ngomo Horace Manga has revealed.

Mr George Arrey, a contract officer at the Research and Cooperation Office and Dr. Doumta Charles , Lecturer and Head of Service for Records at the Faculty of Health Sciences were abducted on the 10 and 16 November respectively, the Vice Chancellor said in an official statement

“These acts are meant to intimidate, create fear and panic among staff and students and disrupt the smooth functioning of the acaemic year,” the Vice Chancellor said.

Students and teachers have been the target of armed men since the escalation of the crisis in the North West and South West regions of Cameroon.

It’s just been over a week that Dr. Paul Mbufong, lecturer at the University of Bamenda was buried after he was murdered in Bambili. The University of Bamenda has since accused armed men of carrying the act.

Reports from Bamenda and Buea indicate a timid presence of students on both university campuses as with the rising insecurity.

The Vice Chancellor of the University of Buea has cautioned his members  of staff and students to take various security measure around neighbourhoods where their security and safety could be threatened.

“The University (of Buea) is recommending that staff and students residing along the Muea to Mile 14 neighbourhoods to be vigilant and seek alternative accomodation in safe areas while the State is putting in place measures to protect the staff, students and University property,” the Vice Chancellor Ngomo Horace Manga said.

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Cameroon: Anglophone General Conference Postponed for the second time
November 20, 2018 | 0 Comments

By Boris Esono (Buea-Cameroon)

Cardinal Tumi

Cardinal Tumi

The Anglophone General Conference, AGC has been postponed for the second time. According to reports from some local media, the reason for its postponement is due to the fact that the government has refused authorization for the conference.

A press conference by Cardinal Tumi will be granted on November 20 in Douala to reveal the reason for the postponement.

It should be recalled that there has been some opposition to the holding of the conference in Buea. Most notably is the Mayor of the Buea council who on numerous occasions has reiterated his stance that no such conference will take place.

Recently, the spokesman for the conference, Dr. Simon Munzu pulled out due to threats for his live. He was replaced by Elie Smith who is a strong promoter of the conference.

The AGC was initially fixed for July 25, 2018 but was later adjourned to Nov 21 and 22 which has witnessed another shift to a yet to be disclosed date. Will the 3rd Edition of the AGC hold? A question many are now asking.

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Angola Oil & Gas 2019 Conference & Exhibition Promotes New Petroleum Investment, Signals Resurgence of Angolan Economy
November 20, 2018 | 0 Comments
A resurgent Angola with a new political mandate and investment priorities will be the focal point of the Angola Oil & Gas 2019 Conference and Exhibition to be held from June 3-7, 2019 in Luanda
LUANDA, Angola, November 19, 2018/ — The 2019 Angola Oil & Gas Conference and Exhibition, to be held in

Diamantino Pedro Azevedo, Minster of Mineral Resources and Petroleum, Angola

Diamantino Pedro Azevedo, Minster of Mineral Resources and Petroleum, Angola

Luanda from June 3 to 7, 2019, is officially endorsed by the Ministry of Mineral Resources and Petroleum of Angola and organized by Africa Oil & Power; Angola Oil & Gas 2019 supports the government’s goal to bring greater investments to Angolan oil fields and highlight the recent reforms made by President João Lourenço that will significantly boost Angola’s competitiveness; The conference will be a platform for the government to disclose new opportunities for the oil industry in Angola, including the licensing of new petroleum blocks, new legislation for gas exploration and investment, exploration of marginal oil fields, onshore exploration and investments in all areas of the petroleum supply chain.

A resurgent Angola with a new political mandate and investment priorities will be the focal point of the Angola Oil & Gas 2019 Conference and Exhibition to be held from June 3-7, 2019 in Luanda. Angola Oil & Gas 2019 will be the main event of the national oil industry for this revitalized sector, addressing the new investment climate under the leadership of President João Lourenço, the role of a new national oil and gas agency in the development of the sector, and the issuance of new licenses for exploration and production companies. The Ministry of Mineral Resources and Petroleum is working in partnership with organizer Africa Oil & Power ( to produce the country’s largest investment conference in years.

“Angola has been one of the world’s leading producers of oil and gas, and under the new administration of President João Lourenço, we are focused on revitalizing and increasing our potential exponentially. We intend with this conference to maximize the value created for the Angolan economy by bringing investors who can increase the competitiveness in the oil market and use the Angolan oil industry as the main catalyst for boosting the economy in general,” said the Minister of Mineral Resources and Petroleum of the country, Diamantino Pedro Azevedo. “The sector has seen several changes, including a sustained drop in oil prices. Thanks to the reforms, Angola is stronger and better positioned in the current investment climate. We look forward to using Angola Oil & Gas 2019 as a platform to capitalize on new business and spark new interest in the industry as projects move forward.”

Angola Oil & Gas 2019 will be the ultimate venue for the presentation of oil and gas projects, ongoing exploration activity, mergers and acquisitions and the presentation of companies operating in Africa’s second largest oil producer, with 1.5 million barrels per day. The conference will be the definitive platform for the government to disclose details about the 2019 oil and gas licensing round and to unveil new legislation for gas exploration and investment in marginal oil fields. Also a focal point of the program will be the creation of a new National Agency for Petroleum and Gas, which in 2019 will assume oil and gas licensing responsibilities.

The event will gather key governmental officials and C-level executives spanning the spectrum of the energy industry for a packed agenda of keynote presentations, moderated panel discussions, an exhibition, and networking gatherings. Angola Oil & Gas will put a premium on deal making and relationship brokering as Angola aims to attract investment in all segments of the petroleum industry. African ministers of petroleum will attend the event, as well as international investors and decision-makers.

“This is the time for global oil and gas investors, and Africa-focused companies, to take a fresh look at Angola,” said Africa Oil & Power CEO Guillaume Doane. “The petroleum industry is set to benefit from the impetus provided by a new political administration and favorable oil prices, as well as the increasing influence of local companies. Angola Oil & Gas 2019 will be the catalyst for economic activity and investment in Angola, a platform to showcase the country’s enormous potential, explain the projects and meet the key actors.”

A comprehensive report on the Angolan energy sector entitled Africa Energy Series Angola 2019 will also be produced in tandem with the conference. The book will be an official investment tool for the Angolan oil and gas industry and will feature interviews and resources on Angola’s most pressing energy issues and opportunities, including the acquisition of new licenses and new exploration of the offshore basins, strategies for reversing oil production declines, the potential for onshore oil and gas exploration, the emerging role of LNG, building a strong domestic sector and diversifying the economy through downstream efforts.


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Atiku says he will boost oil investment, cut subsidies in election manifesto
November 20, 2018 | 0 Comments

By Teslim Olawore

Atiku Abubakar

Atiku Abubakar

Atiku Abubakar, Nigeria’s opposition presidential candidate has promised to boost Nigerian upstream oil and gas production and downstream production by attracting more investments, if he is elected president in the February general elections.

Atiku, presidential candidate of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), will run against incumbent president Muhammadu Buhari, under whose watch Nigeria’s economy suffered from the low oil prices that reduced export revenues. Nigeria’s oil industry also suffered from vandalism, and militant attacks on oil infrastructure in most of 2016 and early 2017.

While unveiling his policy plan on Monday, he pledged more transparency and efficiency in the management of the institutions in the oil and gas industry. If elected president, Atiku’s federal government will work to create an incentive regime to grow oil and gas resource bases, re-consider the introduction of bid rounds for marginal fields and bid rounds for blocks.

Inventors will be incentivized to tap unexploited resources in the mature Niger Delta Basin through policies that will encourage infill drilling, enhanced oil recovery, improved oil recovery, pressure maintenance, and full-field delineation and development. Exploration of the frontier areas inland will also be incentivized, Abubakar said.

The candidate will also incentivize the building of modular refineries in the northern parts of Nigeria, and partially privatize the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC), according to his plan.

Atiku also pledged to deploy modern technology in pipeline surveillance and other security enhancements. The candidate promises to intensify the government’s dialog with the local communities in the oil-production regions.

Just last week, Atiku said that Niger Delta communities could keep all of the revenues that the oil-rich province produces. In an interview with the Africa Report, former Vice President Atiku Abubakar suggested that a sharing scheme might still be better for everyone.

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2019 will be takeoff year for Ghana – Finance Minister
November 20, 2018 | 0 Comments

By Papisdaff Abdullah

Ken Ofori Atta

Ken Ofori Atta

Ghana’s Finance Minister Ken Ofori Atta has promised that 2019 will be a take-off year for the West African nation. He says the government of President Akufo Addo plans to execute projects to lift the nation to the next level. The minister said they would be able to raise enough resources to fund their government’s ambitious programs in the 2019 Budget contrary to doubts by some analysts. Ken Ofori Atta enumerated that Ghana is expecting to raise $2billion from bond issued this year, the Sinohydro deal, the Minerals Act expected to securitize royalties from 500 million to 700 million dollars and Ghc1.8 billion annual GETFUND revenue to complete Education projects.

“One of the issues I’ve heard a lot about is the issue of whether we have the resources for these ambitious programs that we have taken and I just want to assure Honorable Members like we saw in the first three months we were able to one way or the other bring $2.25 billion dollars equivalent in cedis to support the work that we had to do when we came into power in the same vain this year we went to the market we were able to raise $ 2billion dollars which is the highest we’ve raised at the lowest interest rate with longest maturity and it was four times oversubscribed” he said.

“As you know Moodies has upgraded us to B+ so we are in a strong position. I think the Sinohydro deal, you all have seen what we are looking to do and I think the Vice President has negotiated very soundly so that resource envelope would also be available” the minister added.

The Finance Minister said Ghana is similarly fixated on Domestic Revenue mobilization vis-a-vis measures to curb leakages and corruption in the financial sector hence the allocation of Ghc180million to the Special Prosecutor to police the Public purse.

“the area we are going to need your help is the issue of domestic revenue mobilization which means  we deal with GRA in a much more positive and aggressive way of profit to taxes and deal with corruption and that is why we put so much money behind Martin Amidu”.

According to him, next year is going to be a serious working year for Ghana’s economic takeoff.

“Next year is going to be a seriously working year with regards to making sure the leakages are out, implementing this roll outs of infrastructure and industrialization which is another billion dollars we are looking to put behind so that we truly take off as a country”.

Ghana’s 2019 budget is anchored on strategic pillars of infrastructure expansion, Agriculture modernization, industrialization, Entrepreneurship, Improving Efficiency in Revenue Mobilization and Protecting the Public Purse as well as Social Interventions.


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Sierra Leone:141 Students withdrawn from COMAHS
November 19, 2018 | 0 Comments

By Ishmael Sallieu Koroma

Brima Bah

Brima Bah

The Acting Deputy Registrar in the College of Medicine, Brima Bah, has said about one hundred and fourteen (114) students at College of Medicine and Allied Health Sciences (COMAHS) have been withdrawn from pre-med one and two in the medical course.

Brima Bah made this statement today on SLBC’s Morning Coffee Program where he disclosed that the withdrawn students in the college of Medicine will not be able to continue their Programme at the college.

‘’Those that have c4 and better in all the science subjects in physics, science, math, English  and Biology they will  go to pre- med two . That means they are able to go straight to year 1 medicine,’’ he said, adding that for those in Pre-med 1if they pass they will be going over to pre- med 2.

The Acting Registrar said the criteria to pass from pre-, med 1 to pre –med 2 is that the student should pass all four his or her subjects including math’s, physics, Biology and chemistry adding that the students should passed all the subjects with not less than fifty percent in each of the subjects and at the end of the day the University is looking for an average of 55%minimum to be promoted.

He further said if the student doesn’t meet the requirement  of 55% but have 50% he or she will have the opportunity to repeat in pre-med 1 adding that if the students do not meet of the 50 % in any of the four subjects , the students will be not be able to repeat again .

‘’For pre-med 2, it’s little bit different, the four core subjects which are Biology, Chemistry, math’s and physics .First of all the very first criterion is the students should pass them with not less than 50%, that means you have cleared, but if you failed one of them with 40% or better you will have the opportunity to sit a reference provided the student making 170% average on the three other subjects’’

Mr. Bah further explained that if the student in pre – med 2 failed two subjects of the four the subjects but has an average of 120% of the two other subjects would have an opportunity again to sit to a re-sit exams adding that if at all the students does not fall in these two situations then the students will not be able to re-sit any exams in the pre-med 2 stating that its part of the regulation at the College of Medicine.

When asked whether it is the highest number of withdrawn students at COMAHS, the acting deputy Registrar replied ’’well I didn’t want to say yes, but I think the number is very high really ‘’.

The deputy Registrar said they at college of medicine were there to train doctors and medical people adding that they want to have people that are fit to go through the course and at the end of the day they will be able to live to the job market.

He said all the students affected can meet the authorities in the college and they will have the opportunity for an explanation on their status and grades for their pre –med in the medical course.

The over one hundred withdrawn students from COMAHS have brewed up serious debate about the means through which senior secondary School students acquired their results as most of them cannot defend their colourful results when they are admitted into the university system with some civil society activists advocating for a blanket entrance exams on all faculties into the University Of Sierra Leone.












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Buhari starts re-election campaign
November 19, 2018 | 0 Comments

By Teslim Olawore

Buhari and running mate Osinbajo at the launch of the campaign-manual

Buhari and running mate Osinbajo at the launch of the campaign-manual

Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari launched his manifesto on Sunday, hoping his anti-corruption agenda
will be enough to win him a second term at the general election next year.

Buhari, a military ruler in the early 1980s, in 2015 became the first opposition candidate to oust an incumbent
president through the ballot box.

His focus on corruption may be offset by Nigeria’s slow growth. The country emerged from its first recession in
a quarter of a century – largely caused by low crude prices – last year.

In his first term, Buhari ordered government revenues and funds recovered in corruption investigations to be
placed in a central bank account known as the Treasury Single Account (TSA).

That had protected government coffers from corruption when oil receipts – which make up two-thirds of
revenues – were low, he said.

“We are committed to deepening the work we started thisfirst term such that the nation’s assets and resources
continue to be organised and utilised to do good for the common man,” he said at the manifesto launch.

Buhari said Nigeria had a chance to make “a break from its tainted past which favoured an opportunistic few”.
Despite the president’s focus on tackling corruption, there have not been any significant convictions related to
graft in his first term. The main opposition party has accused Buhari of focusing on its members, which the
presidency denies.

The campaign team of opposition candidate, former vice president Atiku Abubakar, said Buhari’s manifesto was
an “anti-climax” and did not address Nigerians’ economic problems.

“If the state of the average Nigerian has not improved in the last three and a half years, more of the same is
obviously not what they need,” it said in an emailed statement.
Abubakar is expected to unveil his policy plans on Monday.

The president set education as a policy priority, vowing to overhaul buildings and subjects taught at 10,000
schools in each year of the four-year term, and retrain teachers to focus on science, technology and mathematics.
He said there was “scope for over 15 million new jobs” by expanding a nationwide vocational skills programme
and improving access to credit for entrepreneurs and artisans.


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Cameroon:Significant Course Of Correction Needed To Avoid State Collapse-Dr Chris Fomunyoh
November 19, 2018 | 0 Comments

By Ajong Mbapndah L

Dr Chris Fomunyoh  says the government should release all political prisoners and detainees not charged with violent crimes and held solely because of the Anglophone crisis, and create an enabling environment for high-level, genuine dialogue to seek long lasting solutions

Dr Chris Fomunyoh says the government should release all political prisoners and detainees not charged with violent crimes and held solely because of the Anglophone crisis, and create an enabling environment for high-level, genuine dialogue to seek long lasting solutions

The president of The Fomunyoh Foundation (TFF), Dr. Christopher Fomunyoh has expressed concerns over the process and outcome of the recent presidential elections in Cameroon.  In a strongly worded statement issued today, Dr Fomunyoh, a highly respected expert on democracy and electoral matters in Africa said, while the efforts of the citizens and candidates were commendable, it was regrettable that their hopes for genuine democracy and meaningful change through the ballot box did not materialize, putting the legitimacy of the presidential election in question.

In a previous statement released in July, Fomunyoh had shared concerns on the political and security environment in the country, and categorically stated that the country was ill-prepared for the poll. He had also said the handling of the whole electoral process had left many Cameroonian wondering about the impact of these polls and the future of democracy in the country. This included concerns about the inability to conduct elections in the Anglophone regions of the North West, and South West; the lack of transparency in the tabulation and transmission of election results nationally; the contentious litigation of electoral disputes, and lack of unanimous acceptance of results.

He lamented that the killings in the Anglophone regions continue unabated, and every additional loss of life deepens the pain and suffering and further undermines prospects for national reconciliation. He added that the legitimacy of the presidential election outcome is contested by the main opposition candidate and many Cameroonians.

“Cameroon is more divided, more polarized, more fragile and more insecure than ever before in its modern history. Despite the legal trappings of today’s government, its legitimacy is seriously questioned by millions of our fellow compatriots and friends of Cameroon across the world. The credibility of many of our key institutions, including the newly established Constitutional Council, is at stake. Force, physical violence, hate speech, and ethnic stigmatization have become instruments of choice in public discourse and impact negatively interactions between state authorities and civilian populations,” Fomunyoh said

I call on the government to take concrete measures to regain peace, rebuild the country’s reputation and restore the dignity of Cameroonians.

I call on the government to take concrete measures to regain peace, rebuild the country’s reputation and restore the dignity of Cameroonians.

He however, demanded a significant course of correction to avoid more violence, further disintegration, and eventual state collapse. He concluded his statement by the submission of a ten point recommendations saying,

On Peace and Security: We need a holistic, comprehensive approach to stop the killings.


1) Release all political prisoners and detainees not charged with violent crimes and held solely because of the Anglophone crisis, and create an enabling environment for high-level, genuine dialogue to seek long lasting solutions.


2) Order an immediate ceasefire and lift curfews in the North West and South West regions to restore normalcy, enable youth to resume gainful employment, and facilitate the return of hundreds of thousands of internally displaced persons and refugees.


3) Stop immediately the killings and destruction of property in Anglophone regions, and all forms of violence against civilians and security personnel.


On Elections: The contested legitimacy of the electoral outcome cannot be ignored.


4) To dissipate the lingering cloud of illegitimacy over the election results, commit an international reputable auditing firm such as Price Waterhouse Cooper or Deloitte & Touche to conduct a technical audit of ELECAM documents related to the October 2018 presidential poll.


5) Make public the findings of such international audit in order to restore confidence in elections and the institutions in charge of electoral administration and oversight.


6) Launch immediately a high level Ad Hoc Committee on reforms to review the Constitution, election laws and other legal instruments, and propose by a set deadline recommendations on major reforms that must be undertaken in all sectors.


7) Assign the chairmanship of the Ad Hoc Reform Committee to an independent, seasoned, and well  respected jurist with an in-depth understanding of democratic governance processes.


8) Commit to implementing the reforms as soon as they are enacted, and prior to any further elections at the local, regional or national levels.


9) Under the new electoral framework to emerge from the Ad Hoc Reform Committee, organize early presidential elections that would allow for more transparent and credible polls whose legitimacy will not be questioned.


10) Avoid the manipulation of security and administrative services and pull back the country from the negative spiral of hate speech, ethnic stigmatization, violence and harassment of independent professionals, notably journalists, lawyers and teachers, who are pillars of every democratic society.

“I call on the government to take concrete measures to regain peace, rebuild the country’s reputation and restore the dignity of Cameroonians. This requires extraordinary steps, including those listed above, to address head-on the multiple crises we confront at this time,” Fomunyoh concluded his statement.

Fomunyoh, pictured here with Alassane Ouatrarra of Ivory Coast has a good track record of helping to facilitate dialogue and establishing democracies across Africa

Fomunyoh, pictured here with Alassane Ouatrarra of Ivory Coast has a good track record of helping to facilitate dialogue and establishing democracies across Africa

Fomunyoh who also doubles as Senior Associate and Regional Director for Africa and that Washington DC ,based National Democratic Institute is one of the first high profile opinion leaders to share proposals on the way forward for Cameroon as post-election tensions persist. Though he has resisted calls to run for President himself, many in Cameroon today  think that he may be one of those with right pedigree to play a mediating role in federating opinions as the country faces unprecedented crisis.



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Sports: Buhari Congratulates Super Eagles for 2019 AFCON Qualification
November 17, 2018 | 0 Comments

By Teslim Olawore

President Muhammadu Buhari on Saturday send a congratulatory message to the Super Eagles of Nigeria on
their qualification for the 2019 Africa Cup of Nations.

The team’s 1-1 draw against the Bafana Bafana of South Africa in Johannesburg on Saturday had secured the
team the ticket.

In a statement by the Special Adviser on Media and publicity, Mr Femi Adesina, the President joined millions
of football-loving Nigerians in commending the team for theirspirited and disciplined performance against a
very formidable opponent which earned them qualification with the final match against Seychelles a mere

Having keenly followed the senior national football team’s progress in the qualifying stages, President Buhari
was enthused by their confidence, sense of patriotism and professionalism, and recommended these attributes to
other Nigerians.

He also commended the effort of the coaching crew, the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) and the Supporters
Club, especially Nigerians residing in South Africa who turned out in great numbers to cheer the players, for a
job well-done, and assured them of the unflinching support of the Federal Government going forward.

The President however wished the young Nigerian football ambassadors more successes as they prepare for the
AFCON tournament in Cameroon.

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