UNICEF Launches Communication Campaign On Health, Highlighting Frontline Health Workers In Zimbabwe

By Wallace Mawire

Village health workers and nurses at primary health facilities are crucial in ensuring access to basic health services in Zimbabwe. To highlight their work, UNICEF is launching a “Champions of Health” communication campaign through different communication channels. The campaign will coincide with the upcoming World Water Day later this month, as well as World Health Day and the Immunization Week in April. 

Zimbabwe has made some notable progress in providing access to basic health services. This progress was primarily made possible by Zimbabwe’s adoption of the Primary Health Care approach supported by the contributions of the village health workers and the professional nurses in the delivery of primary healthcare services. They are instrumental in ensuring basic health services are available to those in need and generating demand for health services by the population, including immunization, which – together with Vitamin A supplementation – is one of the most cost-effective childhood health interventions.

Central in UNICEF’s communication campaign on health are the profiles of village health workers and professional nurses, which will be featured on the website of UNICEF Zimbabwe www.unicef.org/zimbabwe and social media. Media will be invited to cover stories on the village health workers and professional nurses following media briefings and through media visits in the field. A radio campaign with Public Service Announcements with messages from frontline health workers will be broadcast on Star FM and community radios.

The communication on health will also highlight the collaboration between the Ministry of Health and Child Care, UNICEF and health partners in supporting the work of village health workers and professional nurses.


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