South Sudan-A Commitment To Improving Livelihood For Trinity Energy

By Deng Machol

We have increased the number of stations across the country, but we want to keep expanding all over South Sudan, says Mariam Modong Dangasuk

JUBA, South Sudan – Trinity Energy will be more capable of meeting our population’s socio-economic needs and supply needs, says the head of programmes, Ms. Mariam Modong Dangasuk.

Trinity Energy Limited is one of South Sudan’s primary fuel providers. Since its inception in 2012, the company has become a prominent player in the East African energy landscape, supplying more than 40% of South Sudan’s energy requirements. Their mission is to be the leading energy provider. Trinity is devoted to sustainable methods and responsible company operations, and we strive to provide the best products and services possible.

Ms. Mariam Modong Dangasuk says they adhere to the best practice in the industry since they are committed to providing high-quality products. She added that this has motivated Trinity Energy to increase its investment in East Africa’s youngest nation by constructing the first oil refinery in Palouch, which will go into operation very soon.

Pan African Visions journalist Deng Machol interviewed Ms. Mariam Modong Dangasuk, Head of Operations at Trinity Energy Limited, on the 2023 energy outlook and impact projects underway.

Would you please let us know how the company has helped South Sudan satisfy its energy needs and thrive economically?

Mariam Modong Dangasuk : One of our core businesses is to supply substantial-high-quality fuel products to the country. In order to meet the supply and demand, Trinity Energy developed fuel storage in Nesitu. We also deliver to companies that want fuel for their generators and wholesale sales to other companies and institutions.

What potential do you see in South Sudan’s energy sector? What has to be done to maximize that potential?

Mariam Modong Dangasuk : South Sudan is one of the largest oil-producing countries in the continent. We currently produce, but our capacity to refine needs to be increased. A refinery in South Sudan would be a very astute investment potential. As Trinity energy, we have already begun working on the project to see how to establish the refinery in South Sudan.

What are some challenges the company has grappled with under your leadership?

Mariam Modong Dangasuk : When the conflict between Russia and Ukraine started, the price of crude oil increased, leading to an increase in raw materials and a global fuel shortage. This was such a challenge, but we overcame it by using our depot, which has almost six million cubic feet of storage, where we stored fuel and sold it to our customers at reasonable prices. If we had continued buying and selling without storing, the prices would have skyrocketed, and the situation would have been very different today.

Can you please comment on how business has fared in light of South Sudan’s increasing peace and stability?

Mariam Modong Dangasuk : The peace has enabled us to improve. We have increased the number of stations across the country, but we want to keep expanding all over South Sudan. Currently, we are working on a power plant to boost our power supply at Wau’s capital of Western Bahr el Ghazel State. This has been brought through peace and stability in the country.

Do you have any suggestions on how the government may enhance the country’s business climate?

Mariam Modong Dangasuk : Maintaining peace is critical to the country’s growth. In a peaceful environment, businesses grow, boosting the country’s economy and increasing employment opportunities for its people. It’s also attracting foreign investors to come to the country to invest and grow. Such an engagement would be made possible through a developed business environment.

Is Trinity Energy doing anything to give back to the community?

Mariam Modong Dangasuk : To grow, we must go with the community. Trinity’s growth is tied to the community, as the people around us play a key role in our business. A closely recalled incident that hit the world was the Covid-19 pandemic. Trinity Energy took the initiative to donate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) supplies to health facilities and further donated testing kits, two ventilators and over 100,000 Liters of fuel through the South Sudan Ministry of Health. We have been great champions for access to education, enabling us to sponsor many students through their education system all the way to the university level. We have done a lot and will continue because we know the community has played a vital role in our growth over time.

Trinity’s growth is tied to the community, as the people around us play a key role in our business, says Mariam Modong Dangasuk

Under your leadership, what does South Sudan anticipate from Trinity Energy?

Mariam Modong Dangasuk : We are keen to develop opportunities that will enable us to build the socio-economic fabric of society. Through our projects, we look forward to creating job opportunities and developing the region. We are working on developing a business hub to host other small entrepreneurs that can leverage on our presence. We are also continually investing in our communities, where we empower society.

Which problem in 2023 worries you the most, and why?

Mariam Modong Dangasuk : We are in a society that has not fully accepted that women can fit in fields that men have long dominated. As a young nation, we need all the intellect that we can get to build our country, but this will only be so if we offer equal opportunities to both genders. The tide is slowly changing to accommodate this new reality. Companies like Trinity Energy have opened the doors for women. I see a change that will revolutionize our country.

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