Russia Invites Malawi For Africa Summit After A Landmark Fertilizer Donation

By Joseph Dumbula

President Chakwera

The government of Russia has extended an invitation to Malawi President Lazarus Chakwera to attend the Russia-Africa in July this year, just slight a year after he called the Vladimir Putin led government to end its invasion on Ukraine.

The invitation comes after Russia donated 20,000 metric tonnes of fertilizer to Malawi where Minister of Agriculture Sam Kawale described the invitation as a demonstration of cordial relationship between Malawi and Russia,

Chakwera last year described “acts of war by Russia against Ukraine” as “a disturbing and destabilizing development”.

He indicated that, since Malawi’s national anthem is a prayer petitioning God for peace, he was praying for peace for the people of Russia and Ukraine and their lands.

“We also call on the Russian government to use its might and means to find a peaceful resolution to its grievances against Ukraine. We do this in recognition of the fact that Malawi’s peaceful posture towards other nations involves promoting peace between all nations,” he indicated.

But after the fertiliser donation days ago, Russian Ambassador to Malawi, Nikolai Krasilnikov, who represents Zimbabwe as well and said Chakwera is welcome to such summits that may result in African countries benefitting more from Russia.

“President [Vladimir] Putin has extended this invitation to Chakwera so that Malawi should be one of the African countries that are to benefit from Russia. It is just that Russia has some sanctions that are making it difficult for the country to help needy countries in time. But we believe that the two fora will yield much for Africa,” Krasilnikov said.

In reaction Kawale said the government has welcomed the invitation.

“We value the bilateral relationship as we seek to implement the Malawi 2063 [vision]. The invitation to this meeting is just out of the goodwill that Russia has for Malawi. For the agriculture sector to grow, we need to learn from other nations. As you are aware, this country is an agro-based economy,” Kawale said.

Meanwhile, Uralchem Representative Dmitry Shornikov said they are hoping the fertiliser will be used for the intended purpose.

He said their company is committed to supporting the country’s agriculture sector.

These engagements extend from deepening ties in North Africa to expanding its reach in the Central African Republic and the Sahel.

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