Nigerians Will Experience More Hardship and Economic Failure Under Tinubu’s Government- Primate Ayodele Reveals

By Joshua Samuel

On Friday, Primate Elijah Ayodele, the head of INRI Evangelical Spiritual Church, responded to Bola Tinubu’s election as president of Nigeria in the just-concluded presidential election.

God is against Tinubu’s win, according to Primate Ayodele, who also predicted that the next administration will be marked by sadness, hardship, failure, and economic disappointment.

He declared that the new government will not be any better than the outgoing one because the people’s will was stolen in a statement via his media assistant, Osho Oluwatosin.

He argued that the APC aims to create confusion in the religious community and that it is not God’s intention for Christians to hold positions of leadership in Nigeria.

“I am seeing a new government of grief, misery, failure, and economic disappointment,” claims Ayodele. “There will be greater pain” since God has never approved another APC administration for Nigerians.

“Nigeria won’t be respected worldwide under this new administration; it won’t get better than what we had under the outgoing administration.

“God did not approve of this governance for us. But, these people have berated God, trying to cause commotion in the religious community despite the fact that God has rejected them.

God has not authorized Nigeria becoming an Islamic republic, and he has not indicated that Christians would not serve in the government.

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