Nigeria: Gunmen Kill 10 in Kaduna, Several Others Injured

By Joshua Samuel

Ten persons were killed and numerous more were injured in a new attack by alleged Fulani gunmen in the Langson town in the Atyap Chiefdom, Zangon Kataf Local Government Area of Kaduna State.

According to a source who talked to PanAfricanVisions, the attackers struck around 9 p.m., fired randomly, and robbed a nearby store before being driven off by mobile police officers.

He continued by saying that those who had been hurt had been taken to the hospital for care.

The Atyap Community Development Association, ACDA, has passed a vote of no confidence on a portion of the security personnel stationed in the region to protect lives and property in response to the suspected Fulani militants’ renewed attacks on Atyap territory.

Dr. Sam Achie, the ACDA National President, revealed the information at the scene of the attack and bemoaned the government’s lack of response to the local attacks and failure to take preventative action to terminate the unpleasant situation.

I urge the government to follow through on its promises by apprehending the offenders, as it is aware of their whereabouts.

The Mopol in the Langson neighborhood, who are reported to have repulsed the assailants, were also commended by the ACDA National President. He made an appeal to them to continue the good work of protecting the country’s territorial integrity so that peace could reign.

“We have to safeguard our ancestral land because we have no other place to go to,” he added as he urged the populace to keep vigilant in defending their neighborhoods and properties from tyrants determined to take over their ancestral lands.

When confirming the incident, Mr. Francis Sani Zimbo, the head of the local government council, pleaded with the government to send more security to Zango Kataf to stop the ongoing attacks on innocent lives and property in the area.

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