ForAfrika’s Mozambican staff work to alleviate devastation caused by Cyclone Freddy

ForAfrika team in Mozambique

ForAfrika staff are working alongside communities battered by torrential rain and flooding caused by Cyclone Freddy, which made landfall in Mozambique on 24 February.

“Many people in Mozambique face food shortages, a possible cholera outbreak in Inhambane and loss of income due to the heavy rains we have suffered in the past week,” says ForAfrika’s country manager for Mozambique, Arsenio Mucavele, who grew up and was educated in the country.

“Our staff are on the ground in Inhambane Province, in the Vilankulo, Inhassoro and Govuro districts, and in Sofala Province, in the Nhamatanda, Dondo, Buzi and Muanza districts. We are working with approximately 200 000 people whose lives have been affected by the cyclone and its aftermath,” he says.

More than 163 300 people had been affected by rainfall and flooding generated by Cyclone Freddy across southern and central Mozambique by 28 February, the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs confirmed.

ForAfrika is providing communities with food assistance, and providing kitchen kits, blankets, tarpaulins and water purification equipment, with 20 staff members on the ground, says Mucavele. In Mozambique’s Sofala Province, ForAfrika is partnering with the World Food Programme to provide humanitarian assistance.

More than 27 800 houses were destroyed or damaged, of which 12 430 were flooded. Public infrastructure was damaged, with 408 classrooms destroyed, affecting nearly 20 700 pupils, and approximately 685km of road has been damaged. Nearly 270km2 of crops were affected.

“People who have been displaced or otherwise affected by the cyclone need food, shelter, water purification equipment and seeds to plant new crops. You can help by donating funds via our website,,” says Mucavele.

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