Canon Partner With Redington As Authorized Distributor In Kenya

By Samuel Ouma

Canon Central and North Africa (CCNA) on Friday announced its business partnership with Redington as a new authorized distributor in Kenya.

The new partnership aligns with Canon’s vision of expanding its African distribution network to meet the rapidly evolving demands of a growing market.

Through the partnership, Canon will access Redington’s extensive distribution network, which will help the company develop a more customer-centric strategy and improve coverage. This will enable greater accessibility of the company’s B2B portfolio of printers, copiers, scanners, large format printers, and solutions to various sectors throughout the East African country.

The collaboration will further increase the robustness and resilience of Canon’s printing ecosystem, ultimately promoting overall growth and development.

“In our organization, we place a high value on cultivating strong partnerships, and our collaboration with Redington, represents a significant milestone in our efforts to further expand our reach for the wide range of printing and copying offerings and fulfil the printing and scanning technology requirements across Kenya to match global standards,” said Eiji Ota, B2B BU Director, Canon Central and North Africa.

He added, “Canon is also dedicated to improving the understanding and value of its products and solutions among all partners through continued training and business development activities. By partnering with Redington, we have furthered our in-country stocking and distribution presence in Kenya to create a more sustainable footprint.

Canon will provide advanced large-format printers, such as the TM, TX, and TZ series, to the channel partners. These printers can meet all customer demands, from reproducing sharp text and exact lines to vibrant and accurate colour using a 5 to 12-colour ink system.

Also, through this partnership, channel partners will have access to a large selection of Canon scanner devices, including backlog scanning and digitizing tools like Scan2X.

“We are pleased to announce Redington’s strategic distribution partnership with Canon in Kenya, a collaboration that combines the strength of Canon’s cutting-edge imaging solutions with Redington’s robust capabilities to bring latest tech to markets. This synergistic collaboration will help transform the way Kenyans document and celebrate their world, paving the way for a wealth of creative opportunities and exceptional customer journeys,”  said Jeetendra Berry, President – IT Volume Distribution, Middle East, and Africa.

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