Cameroon: South West CPDM Central Committee Canvases for Votes

By Sonita Ngunyi Nwohtazie

Senator Mbella Moki Charles, a former Mayor of Buea says he is running on achievements and not promises

BUEA, March 6 – Less than a week to the Senatorial elections, the Cameron Peoples Democratic Movement, CPDM, the ruling party in the country say they are prepared, to deliver a one hundred per cent victory for their party come March 12.

Peter Mafany Mosenge, permanent head of the South West CPDM Central Committee, called on members and candidates to be supportive during this election period. “I am calling on all my militants to come out in their numbers to vote because we need to win the elections and for this to be realised, we all need to vote for our candidates,” Mafany Mosonge reminded militants.

This year’s senatorial election will take place on March 12, 2023, across the country as only regional and municipal councillors, and mayors are eligible to vote. In the upcoming senatorial election, only the CPDM Party is taking part in the South West Region.

Senator Mbella Moki Charles, a former Mayor of Buea and president of the SW Regional league of FECAFOOT, a man who says he is running on achievements and not promises is on the verge of winning another mandate for his CPDM party. He urged his fellow militants to give him their maximum support.

“All we wish during this election process is to achieve the required results. The party chose me because of the record I have and I must say that running on a record is not the same as running on a promise. So that record automatically stands out clearly and distinguished,” Senator Mbella Moki Charles said.

The CPDM Party is the only party taking part in the upcoming Senatorial election in the South West Region.

“It gives me hope that the people of the region and the militants of the CPDM party with whom I have worked through difficult moments and of course moments of pleasure will now recognize their hunting dog and allow it to chase the votes for them. We shall work day and night on the streets, in homes and their bedrooms in a very brotherly fashion with hope that the results that are going to be declared from the region are those that are going to be.”

“As we can see, it is one of the regions that has provided a single list for the CPDM not because it was easy to arrive at but because of commitment, loyalty and collaboration with the CPDM party in the region,” Senator Mbella Moki added.

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