Mozambican Carriers On South African Route Suspend Activities

By Jorge Joaquim

Mozambican carriers operating buses from Maputo to Durban in South Africa decided to temporarily halt activities, following an attack on Saturday by unknown groups, who set fire to six Mozambique-registered vehicles, including a passenger bus with about 35 passengers.

The bandits also took some of the passengers’ belongings, including cash. The fear of travelling to Durban is also present among passengers, so much so that, according to the carriers, the terminals in Maputo are empty because nobody wants to take the risk.

Mozambican transporters are considering changing routes to enter South Africa, abandoning the Ponta de Ouro border route and using the one they used 30 years ago, which passes through the kingdom of E-Swatini, said the president of the association of international road transporters in downtown Maputo, Frederico Lopes.

The idea should be discussed with other carriers that are on the South African side and endorsed by the Mozambican transport ministry, he said, speaking in reaction to the case of another Mozambican vehicle that was set alight yesterday afternoon in South Africa on its way to Durban.

The case happened in a place where Mozambican transporters thought it was an alternative to other problematic route, which means that the miscreants realized and went there to vandalise yet another vehicle, Lopes said, adding that even with that change of route under discussion the transporters are afraid because they do not know whether they will be followed or not.


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