Insurgents Are Infiltrating Resettlement Centres In Cabo Delgado, Says Study

By Jorge Joaquim

Insurgents are infiltrating resettlement centres for displaced people in Cabo Delgado, according to a study carried out by the Institute for Economic and Social Development.

The research data, collected in Cabo Delgado, Manica and Nampula provinces over a two-month period, also showed that due to the lack of basic services the population is more vulnerable and some have even allied with insurgents.

The research also points out that the bodies of the victims of the insurgents’ violence are not being removed or buried.

The insurgent group in Mozambique calls itself Ansar Al Sunna, or Followers of Tradition, but is known throughout Mozambique as al-Shabab. It has no known connection to the group of the same name in Somalia.

It has been occupying several districts in the Cabo Delgado province since 2017.

Their occupation of Cabo Delgado has been marked by the decapitation of civilians, abduction of young men, and enslavement of women.






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