Rwanda: Former Minister Transferred To Prison Over Corruption

By Maniraguha Ferdinand

Bamporiki was sentenced 5 year term jail

A high court in Rwanda’s capital Kigali, has handed  a 5 year jail term to Bamporiki Edouard, former State Minister in charge of Culture over corruption charges.

Bamporiki, an outspoken young leader from the ruling party, RPF Inkotanyi was removed from the post in May 2022.

Prosecutors accused him of using his powers as a Minister, to blackmail a local businessman in order to get graft from him.

It is alleged that Bamporiki told businessman that he should give him corruption in order to help him in reopening the factory which had been closeb by city council over some irregularities.

Bamporiki pleaded guilty  but he challenged a 4 year term jail he was given by lower court, due to the fact that he believes the corruption he had received, was a sign of gratitude from the businessman.

The high court rejected his appeal because he did not provide ample evidence to prove his innocence.

Bamporiki was on bail but his bail expired after losing the case at the high court. Immediately after court pronounced its judgment, investigation officers went to take Bamporiki to prison.


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