Rwanda fears attacks from DR Congo

By Maniraguha Ferdinand

Rwanda says that Congo may attack any time soon

Rwanda has expressed concerns over Democratic Republic of Congo ‘s remarks which could result into attacks in the near future.

A statement from the spokesperson office of Rwandan government, asserted that DR Congo behaves as if it is preparing the war.

It comes a day after Congolese government issued a communiqué which says that It is ready to pay any price so that the Eastern part of the country becomes peaceful.

Congo has been accusing Rwanda of supporting M23 rebels which dislodged government forces from many localities in Eastern Kivu provinces.

A regional summit held in Luanda, Angola in mid November 2022, requested M23 rebels to retreat back from the territories it occupy so that peaceful negotiations could start.

The summit also urged foreign rebel groups on Congolese soil, to lay down their arms and go back home. Among those groups is FDLR who is made up by Rwandans who are accused of involving in 1994 genocide.

The Government of Rwanda in new statement said that Congo is violating Luanda decisions by “continuing to provide weapons and fighting alongside several illegal armed groups in Eastern DRC. This also constitutes a clear violation of the Nairobi Process, which is aimed at disarmament and demobilization of these armed groups, and a threat to Rwanda’s security”.

Rwanda also accuses Congo of hiring mercenaries  and labels it as “a clear indication that the DRC is preparing for war, and not peace”.

“The DRC statement avoids key decisions of the November summit, and concludes with what can only be seen as a threat of imminent attacks on Rwanda” the statement reads.

Rwanda has been in feuds since early last year after M23 rebels resume fighting.

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