Nigeria: Nations and Large Institutions Give us Loans Because We Can Pay Back-Buhari

By Joshua Samuel

Nigerian loans are approved by nations and institutions, according to President Muhammadu Buhari. The President addressed the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of Nigeria on Wednesday at a meeting held at the White House (CBCN).

According to Buhari, lenders have complete faith in Nigeria’s ability to make use of its resources and make loan repayments. The governments and organizations agreed to help our development with loans because they believe in us. However, he denounced the demolition of oil infrastructure, which reduced revenue production. The President gave the clergymen assurances that the government would take saboteurs more seriously.

Buhari continued by saying that difficulties in the past, such as coups and civil war, have equipped the country for survival. “We are grateful that Nigeria still exists. We must never forget that more than a million people lost their lives to ensure the survival of the country, he remarked.

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