Malawi: Opposition, Govt split over President Chakwera’s New Year statement

By Joseph Dumbula

Different perspectives on Maliawi from former President Mutharika and his successor Lazarus Chakwera. Photo credit (AFP Photo/AMOS GUMULIRA)

A war of words has ensued between government and the opposition Democratic progressive Party after the party which is headed by former leader Peter Mutharika said President Lazarus Chakwera’s New Year statement lacked meaning in dealing with economic woes facing the nation.

In the address, Chakwera said he will be naming a lean cabinet at the end of the year and that he is setting means of dealing with corruption.

“What you will see is a Cabinet focused on delivery. This is because I believe that giving our energies and resources a renewed focus on delivery is necessary for us, as a nation, this year in order to sustain and expedite our progress on the path of economic recovery that we embarked on a year ago.

“As you know, the year 2022 was a difficult year for the economies of the world. The sharp rise in the cost of living that was triggered by supply chain disruptions and high inflation on imported commodities emanating from two years of Covid pandemic and one year of war in Europe has spared no nation and no continent,” Chakwera said in a televised address.

However, Shadreck Namalomba spokesperson for DPP, said they believe that the speech by Chakwera lacked sense of direction and showed disregard on the problems Malawians are facing.

But in reaction, Gospel Kazako, minister of information said that the DPP lacks positive criticism saying it is full of negativity towards every government decision.

Kazako has since said government is focused on finding lasting solutions to problems the citizenry is facing.

‘’ We are not amused at all. They have been against all decisions and ideas we make. But we insist that we will manage this nation our way and despite that sort of negativity from the opposition,’’ said Kazako.

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