A Transformative African Agenda with the Órama Way For 2023- Keseena Chengadu

Keseena Chengadu, CEO Órama Corporate Services

Last year was an amazing experience forÓrama. We had a decent kick-off, meeting all the robust regulatory requirements and beefing up the team with some formidable fresh bloods and ignited our global presence through a series of events and campaigns –Our Óramaway to set forth our footprint and an overall magnificent journey from where we started.

2023 is full of prospects, looking back at the drawing board, the stage is set for a promising and astonishing adventure. While we are very optimistic about the future, we aim to deliver even better customer service experience to our clients, ensuring the best solutions are optimised to maximise their business growth.Óramameans Vision andour Óramais to make our company the ambassadors of our clients- accompany them in any African country they would like to establish while ensuring their head office is in good hands. The success and growth of our clients’ businesses defines our mission which is embedded in our morals and conducts, the very essence of our existence. Therefore, we are working assiduously to build a free-trade continent that can regain its influence within global markets by providing entrepreneurs, companies and investors with the opportunities to thrive and shape a prosperous future, to establish and expand their businesses globally based on good governance to ensure business development and sustainable growth across business verticals- That’s what we call the“Órama way”.

I welcome you all to embark on this awesome journey with us and I wish you all a happy and successful new year!

Keseena Chengadu, CEO Órama Corporate Services

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