Voters Will No Longer Be Manipulated With The New Rule On Cash Withdrawal Limits- CAN President

By Joshua Samuel

According to Most Reverend Daniel Okoh, President of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), the Central Bank of Nigeria’s cash withdrawal limit policy would prevent politicians from influencing voters in the upcoming presidential election.

The religious leader also warned that the dollar’s value may increase because certain politicians would utilize it for illegal activities. At the thanksgiving service for the newly elected President of the Nigeria Region of the Organization of African Instituted Churches, Okoh announced this.

The strategy is aimed at politicians who have hoarded their way into elective offices, according to the president of CAN, who was represented by the immediate president of OAIC, Napo Emuchay. He claims that the CBN’s cash withdrawal policy is an effective way to combat the threat of vote-buying.

Politicians will be particularly impacted since they keep large sums of money in their accounts to avoid paying taxes or recovering lost funds, he claimed.

“Politicians are preparing, so one thing that is likely to happen today is that the price of dollars will soar. They are unable to get to the bank with all of the collected money. When the new currency is introduced, they want to buy dollars to exchange them.

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