Ruto Leads Kenyans In Celebrating 59th Independence Day

By Samuel Ouma

Kenya, on Monday, December 12, 2022, marked its 59th Independence Day with colourful ceremonies held across the country.

President William Ruto presided over the ceremony at Nyayo Stadium in Nairobi. During the celebrations, President Ruto highlighted his government’s achievements since he ascended to power on September 13, 2022.

Some of the achievements include the appointment of four Court of Appeal, two Environment and Land Court, and 20 High Court Judges. It has also increased the actualization of the Judiciary Fund, which will escalate the allocation of resources to match the need to enhance access to justice throughout Kenya.

On police independence, Ruto’s administration has executed the necessary instrument to actualize the financial independence of the National Police Service in the realization.

As a result, it has re-oriented policing operations from a heavy and illegitimate reliance on illegal and extra-judicial interventions, which frequently entail such intolerable violations as abduction, torture, disappearance, and murder.

“There is now consensus that a new policing paradigm is at hand, and it is possible to achieve a high level of security for our citizens and also observe their rights and freedoms to the greatest extent,” said President Ruto.

President Ruto also launched the Hustler Fund on November 30, an innovative revolving fund combining credit and savings, to support and empower many Kenyans to access affordable credit.

As of Monday morning, the Fund had disbursed Ksh7.5 billion (US$61.1 million). At the same time, 15.4 million Kenyans had registered for the Fund.

“Before the expiry of the 14-day repayment period, Ksh 1.1 billion has since been repaid and nearly Ksh400 million mobilised in savings . It is clear under this programme, that Kenyans have found a platform to save. Clearly, Kenyans know the value of borrowing and paying contrary to the rhetoric of sceptics. By all accounts, this is revolutionary,” said Ruto.

On farming, the government, in partnership with a private sector, has engaged suppliers to import 6 million bags of fertilizer. A consignment of two million bags has already landed at the port of Mombasa, and the remaining 4 million will arrive in the first week of January in time for the long rains.

The government also pledged to continue to subsidize the price of fertilizer, and farmers will buy at Ksh3,500 (US$35) a bag.

There are also plans to double the land under irrigation from the current 670,000 acres to 3 million acres.

On climate change, Ruto’s administration plans to grow 15 billion trees on 11 million hectares in every part of Kenya by 2030. This programme will be implemented through the Ministry of Environment in collaboration with county governments and many other stakeholders, local and foreign.

Furthermore, there is a programme to increase the supply of affordable housing at the rate of 200,000 new units every year, which will lower the cost of living for urban dwellers and make the dream of home ownership possible for most Kenyans.

To increase teacher to learner ratio in our primary and secondary schools, the government has embarked on the single largest recruitment of teachers in independent Kenya by providing resources to the Teachers Service Commission to recruit 30,000 teachers.

On sports, Kenya targets to play at the 2030 World Cup and host the 2027 Africa Cup of Nations.








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