Liberia:SUP launches ” Genuine Change Campaign “

By Konah Rufus


The University of Liberia-based Student Unification Party (SUP) has launched a campaign it refers to as “Genuine Change – the people’s agenda”– ahead of the 2023 presidential and legislative elections.

SUP Chairman Mustapha N. Kanneh told our Liberia correspondent in an exclusive interview recently in Monrovia that the campaign is aimed at promoting “massescracy” above democratic governance.

He said it’s important for Liberians to be told that democratic systems in Liberia and Africa at large have failed the people.

As such, he claimed that “massescracy” is the best leadership style that suits the governance systems of the continent, and Liberia.

“AS we have tagged this year’s anniversary ‘Advancing New Dawn of “Massescracy” through systemic transformation, democratic governance and electoral transparency in Liberia, a patriotic call for genuine change-the people’s agenda, we have come to remind our people how the democratic systems in Africa have failed,” he said.

Chairman Kanneh described “massescracy” as the government that provides rulership for the people, of the people, and by the people.

He noted that it’s a system that is void of a few rules, while the majority languish in tartars and obscurity.

Since the entry of democracy into the political sphere here, he said, there has been a huge form of political malpractices and bad leadership among the citizenry.

He claimed this not only affected Liberia but the African continent as a whole.

“The systemic transformation that we need to balance our government is far from the Weh-led administration,” Kanneh clarified.

“We can’t give [a] perfect scorecard to an administration that is surrounded by sanctioned government confidants. We will never say yes to a President like George Weah who leaves his fundamental responsibility to satisfy his social ego, using taxpayers’ money to support his unexplained travel,’’ he noted.

He also alleged insecurity, mysterious disappearances, and ritualistic deaths in the country.

Additionally, Kanneh lamented that poor healthcare delivery has become the companion of Liberians.

Kanneh alleged that the government bastardizes the uprightness of women, but yet gives aliens and foreigners the privilege to insult their existence.

He claimed that this is happening because of the crumbs government officials allegedly receive from foreigners and aliens.

“The case of fallen Princess Cooper is an example like many others,’’ chairman Kanneh noted.

Commenting on the 2023 presidential and legislative elections, he called for a free, fair, and transparent election.

“We want to emphatically make it clear that Madam Davidetta Brown-Lassanah, National Election Commission chairperson is wrongfully proceeding in the management process leading to the 2023 elections,” Kanneh warned.

He vowed that SUP will not settle for anything less than a free, fair, transparent, and credible election process in 2023.




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