Cameroon: Littoral Governor Takes Stringent Measures Following “Microbes” Gang Violence In Douala

By Synthia Lateu

Screenshot of suspected microbes gang obstructing circulation in Douala

Samuel Dieudonné Ivaha Diboua, Governor of the Littoral Region, Cameroon’s economic capital, has taken a wide range of stringent measures following the chaos caused by a reported “Microbes” gang that led to several injuries, according to local reports.

Inhabitants of some neighbourhoods in Douala are still recovering from the terror they experienced earlier this week, after the group armed with cutlasses and knives took over the streets, attacking people on the way in neighbourhoods like Akwa, Beedi, Bonapriso, Makea, Bonamoussadi, Bessengue, Makepe, New bell amongst others, compelling vendors to close their shops and bars.

Videos on social media showed the population running profusely, seeking refuge in their homes for fear of being robbed of their goods and money. Other images circulated online showed several persons left with wounds on their bodies and arms.

In a crisis meeting, the governor of the Littoral Region, Samuel Dieudonné Ivaha Diboua, condemned the situation while announcing several measures to bring back order. “Motorcycles are no more going to collect people from 8 pm- 6 am, till the time that the population will be ready to fight against those who are bringing bad news here and there” Governor Ivaha Diboua stated, promising a systematic questioning of fake news peddlers by law enforcement, including on social networks.

Governor Ivaha Diboua further banned drinking establishments, game rooms and other places of pleasure from operating in some neighbourhoods. The population has also been prohibited from carrying machetes, knives and sharp objects along.

The measures that took effect on Wednesday, December 14, have not gone down with inhabitants who questioned how they can resolve an emergency at that given time.

“After 8 pm, aggressions will multiply with no bikes. Because the quarters mentioned like Bonamoussadi, and areas like Bijou, bikes are needed there. So, with the decision, we will have more attacks there. Mostly in taxis.” an inhabitant told Equinox Television.

According to the President of the Bike Riders’ Association in Cameroon, about 130 bikes are in the keeping of security forces following the new measures. This is not the first time that the deadly group has racked havoc in Douala. Back in 2020, 14 suspects said to be linked to the group were arrested after having caused attacked civilians.

Cameroon-info reports that this same gang had carried out a similar attack in 2019 after the death of one of theirs. They took turns in vandalizing property, harnessing citizens and ransacking people’s properties in New Bell. The attacks were so violent and organized that it took government authorities a considerable amount of time to return peace and order to the New Bell neighbourhood.

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