Cameroon: ICT University set to Launch its First Satellite into Space

The ambitious ICT-U SPACE PROGRAM would catapult the institution to the cutting edge of global nanosatellite technology innovation

By Boris Esono Nwenfor & Sonita Ngunyi Nwohtazie

R-L, ICT University Vice chancellor Prof Emmanuel Pondi, a student and Satellite Project Coordinator

Leading technological institution in Cameroon, the ICT University is set to break further grounds in the central African nation and sub-Sharan Africa as a whole with its first launch of a satellite into space in under two years, in partnership with Nanosatellite Missions Design LTD, NMD LTD.

This comes after the presentation of the design phase of the space mission which took place at the ICT University campus in Messasi, Yaounde, on Friday, November 25, 2022. According to officials of the ICT University, the satellite would be known as ICT-U SAT 1. The institution is not only looking at a single satellite in space but a constellation, with SAT 2, SAT 3, SAT 4, and so forth.

The initial calendar for the launch of the satellite is by mid-2024, and there is a possibility to achieve this by the end of the year 2023 but officials have stated that they want to stay prudent and do it in May 2024.

The ICT University is the leading institution in imparting technology-transformative knowledge and skills in Cameroon. It aims to train youngsters with skills that prepare them and the country for the ever-changing world.

ICT University students aided in the design and obtained a certification in Introduction to Space Mission Design

The satellite will be used for civilian purposes such as in medicine, and agriculture among others. The presentation was the first space mission designed by a Cameroonian University as part of the standard process towards the launch of its civilian satellite, under the umbrella of the ICTU Space Program, with a Nanosatellite Training and Certification series launched.

Through the process, ICT University students have expounded their knowledge by aiding in the design and also obtaining certification in Introduction to Space Mission Design; setting up ICTU’s Tiny-GS ground station capable of receiving satellite data directly on campus and accessing professional satellite and mission design software used by major space industries.

ICT University is thus positioning itself as a major human capacity developer in the Cameroonian space sector and the African space industry in general. The institution expects a rapid rise in its contribution to machine learning, neural networks and, other data science methods applied to nanosatellite space missions and they look ready for that rapid change. The ambitious ICT-U SPACE PROGRAM would catapult the institution to the cutting edge of global nanosatellite technology innovation.

Dr Ifriky, an expert in this domain said: “There is a creation of the ICT university space laboratory. This laboratory has two main objectives; the first is in the area of satellite technology, and the second is to use satellite technology to address some real challenges that Cameroon is facing. Some examples are optimizing agricultural yield across the entire country. Monitoring of key infrastructure for example; power distribution infrastructure will allow us to be able to respond efficiently and fast in case of any trouble. We can also talk about natural disasters and health management.”

“We set up the first University ground station capable of receiving data straight directly from the satellite and we had the first design of the ICT university space mission and the first design of the ICT university satellite it is the first design space mission and satellite design from a university in Cameroon.”

The ICT University is the leading institution in imparting technology-transformative knowledge and skills in Cameroon

Dr Ifriky added: “There are standard steps to launch a satellite and one of the first steps in design. Then you build, launch and operate. So, we had the first design this week of the space mission and the satellite. The satellite is going to be ICT-U SAT 1. The ambition is to have more satellites…”

About the ICT University

The ICT University Cameroon is a private institution based in Yaounde, which provides learning in the fields of ICT, renewable energies, telecommunications management, educational sciences and the development of managerial capacities specially targeted for Africa, Latin America, the Caribbean and Asia. It also has a French-speaking section in Cameroon.

ICT University started in 2010 and it currently serves more than 15, 000 students on-site and online. The University develops productive and relevant Diploma, Bachelor, Masters and Doctoral level scholars to utilize their research and training in solving the substantial problems in their countries.

The ICT University Foundation is registered and chartered in the USA. It is the funding organ of all ICT University campuses. It also funds donations of ICT equipment, E-Learning laboratories and E-Libraries for many universities in Africa. The headquarter of African campuses is in Cameroon and the ICT University campus was accredited by Cameroon’s Ministry of Higher Education in 2012.


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