Tanzania: Make timely decisions in serving the people, Deputy Minister tells public servants in Simiyu Region

By Frank Aman in Simiyu Region

Deputy Minister of State, President’s Office (Good Governance and Public Services) Mr. Deogratias Ndejembi ,,

Public servants who are working in various government and public institutions in Simiyu region, have been urged to commit themselves and stop working in the habit of just ‘fulfilling’ their responsibilities instead they should make correct and timely decisions in serving the people of the Region and to all Tanzanians at large.

The Deputy Minister of State, President’s Office (Good Governance and Public Services) Mr.  Deogratias Ndejembi made the call when he visited Simiyu Regional Commissioner’s Office and he also instructed all Employees to stop involving in acts that would undermine their title and positions they have.

At meeting sessions held at Simiyu RC’s Office, Mr Ndejembi said that in order to achieve the goal of 70 percent of the implementation of the Projects coordinated by the Government through Tanzania Social Action Fund  (TASAF) in Simiyu Region, all public servants must change their attitude in implementation of such projects set by the government.

Mr.  Ndejembi criticized the behavior of some employees who do not fulfill their duty to serve the people and engage in their personal activities which are not aimed at implementing the projects set by the government in serving the Residents of Simiyu region.

He said that the Government will not turn a blind eye to Public Servants who use time and Government expenses to do their personal activities to earn income instead of carrying out his/her duties that he have been assigned to accomplish that puts him or her in that position where the main goal is to serve the residents of Simiyu Region.

He said that the Government does not prevent people from doing personal business, but that activity they are involving in should not interfere with the time of the Government and it should not also spend money or other expenses and equipments of the Government for personal benefit.

He insisted that public servants should realize that they are in that place to provide services and increase Productivity in the implementation of Governmental Duties.

“Each one you in his or her area should not work according to his/her habits, you should ask yourself this question why I am in that position or office, the duty is to serve the people, we should not use the Government’s time and resources in doing our personal activities, each one of us should ask himself what he or she is in that position”  he said.

Adding that public servants are there to increase productivity and serve the people because they have been chosen to be  there by President Samia Suluhu Hassan to provide services to the Residents of Simiyu region.

For his part, the Simiyu Regional Commissioner, Dr. Yahaya Nawanda assured the Deputy Minister that the Region will continue to manage Public Servants to carry out their duties assigned by the Government in order to increase Productivity in the performance of the Government in serving the Citizens.

Regarding the Tasaf projects, Mr Nawanda said that he had met with all District Commissioners and the current status of Tasaf projects are at 70 percent of implementation and promised within one month it will be completed.

He said that as the regional office did in the Covid Fund projects, the Region will continue to implement all government projects coordinated by Tasaf on time.

“We have agreed well as a Region to have one voice, in terms of Tasaf projects we are doing well and we have reached 70 percent of the implementation of those projects, as we did well in the Covid projects, let’s do the same in the Tasaf projects,” he said.

For his part, Bariadi District Commissioner, Mr. Lupakisyo Kapange who is the Chairman of all the District Commissioners of all five Districts of Simiyu Region said that he has already informed his colleagues and they will complete the projects within the time promised by the the Simiyu Region Commissioner.

“As the Regional Commissioner said, I have already informed my colleagues that within three weeks, the RC will provide you with a clear report on the implementation of all development projects, especially those coordinated by Tasaf, as we did in the COViD fund projects, so we will continue to do in all projects coordinated by Tasaf, so  Within three weeks, the RC will give you feedback on how each District implemented its projects,” he said.

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