Tanzania: Government Allocates Sh3.7 Billion For Road Projects In Bariadi District

By Frank Aman, Simiyu Region

Bariadi District councilors..

The Government in Simiyu Region through the Tanzania Rural and Urban Roads Agency (TARURA) has allocated Sh3.7 Billion for the Construction and Repair of Roads projects with a length of 384 kilometers connecting various Urban and Rural areas in Bariadi District Council.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with Pan African Visions in relation to the Road Projects implemented by the Government under the leadership of the Sixth Phase of President Samia Suluhu Hassan, the Tanzania Rural and Urban Roads Agency (TARURA) for Simiyu Region, Eng Mathias Mugorozi said that the Government has allocated  Sh2.161 Billion for Bariadi Rural Roads and Sh86.9 million for roads located in Bariadi Town areas.

He said that these funds are among the funds that come from various Tax and Charge’s fees that cost Sh1 Billion and other funds have come from the Road Fund amounting to Sh661.76 that will build 101Km in rural areas and Construction of 6.3Km which are in rural areas which are difficult to pass especially when  of the Rainy season.

He also added that an amount of Sh1 billion has been allocated for the construction of roads at the asphalt level and to install street lights at the Nkololo ward located in the Bariadi District Council, and through various charges, the government expect to build 28.53km, while the Tanzania Road Fund expected to built 43Km and to repair these infrastructures with a length of 12Km for Sh500 million.

“Thus, my call to the Residents of Bariadi District and Simiyu Region in general to take care and protect these infrastructure that are being built and repaired so that they can be passable throughout the year and also to abandon the habit of stealing road signs, theft of metals used to affix names of roads  and you should also stop road pollution that also causes these damage,” he said.

Mr.  Mugorozi said that the costs will also involve the construction and repair of 384.16Km in Bariadi Urban areas, and Sh2.161 will be used in rural areas and the construction of roads to asphalt level in the Nkololo area which will cost Sh1 billion through various governmental fees where  Sh661 million has also come from the Road Fund.

He said that in Bariadi rural, the construction of roads with a length of 607.49km and it’s maintenance through the Road Fund is amounting to Sh661.76 million, which will be used for the construction of 101km for Sh202 million, 6.3km in rough areas and the construction of  15.57km for Sh36 million and also the construction of Bridges that connecting various urban and rural areas is expected to cost Sh125 million.

He added that road repairs for the Simiyu Region and its districts have been carried out in 2021/2022 and other projects have already started for this financial year 2022/2023, including the construction of the road project from Mahaha to Matale Wards through the government funds where this area was seen as an island due to road blockage  that connects those areas since the country gained independence, this area was impassable due to the lack of a bridge and a moram-level road.

He also added that TARURA has built a bridge and to open this road for Sh500 million in the areas that connects Mwasinasi and Ihusi which were impassable for the entire time since the country gained independence, so it will enable and connect the people of those areas to reach other areas of Simiyu region including  the construction of a bridge from Uhunwa to Nkindwa B where the people of this area had to use ferries to reach those areas.


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