Museveni Apologizes Over Son Who Angered Kenyans

By Maniraguha Ferdinand

Gen Muhoozi recently threatened to capture Nairobi within two weeks (Photo, NMG)

President of Uganda, Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has apologized to Kenyans, two days after his son General Kainerugaba Muhoozi threatened to capture Nairobi in two weeks.

In series of Tweets posted by Muhoozi who was then Commander in Chief of  Ugandan Land Forces, he said that with his army, in weeks days he will be running over Nairobi, and make it one of Uganda’s districts.

These tweets angered Kenyans, accusing Muhoozi of being arrogant and disrespectful to the independent country and its newly sworn in President William Ruto.

In a statement this Wednesday, Museveni asked Kenyans for forgiveness, citing that Muhoozi made a big mistake.

“ I ask our Kenyan brothers and sisters to forgive us for tweets sent by General Muhoozi, former Commander of Land Forces here, regarding the election matters in that great country. It is not correct for Public officers, be they civilian or military, to comment or interfere in any way, in the internal affairs of brother countries”, Museveni wrote.

One day after the tweets, Muhoozi was replaced as Commander of  Ugandan Land Forces but promoted to the rank of full ‘General’.

In statement, Museveni described the promotion as a right thing because Muhoozi may have behaved badly in one way, and perform better in other duties.

“This is because this mistake is one aspect where he has acted negatively as a Public officer. There are, however, many other positive contributions the General has made and can still make” said.

“This is a time-tested formula – discourage the negative and encourage the positive. Very sorry, ndugu zetu Wakenya. Also sorry to the Ugandans who could have been annoyed by one of their officials meddling in the affairs of brother Kenya”, he added.

Muhoozi, the only son of Museveni has been controversial over his tweets, which some take as offending while others find them to be humorous.

He recently caused internet stir when he offered 100 tribal cows so that he could marry new Italy Prime Minister, Georgia Meloni.

It is rumoured that Muhoozi is set to replace his father as the president of Uganda in 2026 elections .




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