KNH Fights Off Claims Of Negligence After A Two-Year-Old Baby Dies At The Facility

By Samuel Ouma

Kenya’s Kenyatta National Hospital has revealed what caused the death of a boy who was admitted with a fork jembe (digging hoe) lodged in his head.

In a statement, KNH Board Chairman George Ooko said the boy was brought to the facility at 6:30 PM (EAT) on October 10, 2022, and was received at the facility’s emergency section.

Immediately, specialists commenced investigations to determine the safest management approach and the preliminary assessment result revealed that the toddler’s brain was affected.

“Clinical examinations and investigations on the patient, including CT scans and blood tests, confirmed penetrating injury into the brain, brain swelling with ongoing bleeding, and possible infection,” said Ooko.

Additionally, his blood clot ability was impaired, which required correction before any surgical intervention. A process of correcting the detected anomalies by giving blood products and medication while monitoring the patient’s response was immediately commenced.

However, the patient’s condition continued to deteriorate despite the interventions.

Ooko disclosed that the blood deficit and clotting became acceptable by 8 am on October 11, 2022, and a decision to proceed with the removal of the foreign object was made.

Unfortunately, the boy breathed while in the theatre.

“In theatre, the patient developed complications, and resuscitation attempts were futile,” added Ooko.

Kenyans had reacted angrily to the baby’s death, accusing the hospital of negligence.


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