Cameroon: Parliamentary Network for Youth Advocacy sets sight on Digital Economy

By Boris Esono Nwenfor & Sonita Ngunyi Nwohtazie

Coordinator of the Parliamentary Network for Youth Advocacy, Honourable Joshua Osih, MPs and Members of the SW Regional Council

The Coordinator of the Parliamentary Network for Youth Advocacy, Honourable Nambangi Joshua Osih and his delegation of Parliamentarians on October 13, rounded off a one-day visit to Buea, the chief town of the South West Region with the visit in a prelude to a roadshow to promote and valorise entrepreneurship and agro-pastoral ventures with the youths.

The Members of Parliament had the opportunity to visit some institutions in Buea such as the University of Buea, and the South West Regional Assembly and had a session at the Disarmament, Demobilization and Reintegration Center for ex-separatist fighters. At the University of Buea, Vice-Chancellor Ngomo Horace Manga assured the MPs that training in UB is tailored to respond to national development, one of which is the Digital Economy.

He said: “With the reputation that the digital sector has created especially within Fako, speaks of the professional training we give our students, especially in the computer engineering sector. With the huge capital demands in this sector, we have been forced to admit more students just to attest that graduates from our technical departments are seen doing extremely great and easily find jobs or create jobs for themselves, an example is the silicon mountain.”

Ngomo Horace Manga added: “This is a sector in which all our computerized activities take place in the University of Buea. With finance being one of our biggest challenges which if taken into consideration by our Members of Parliament, the digital economy will not only improve in the University of Buea but in Cameroon at large and would take a progressive shape in creating more jobs.”

Over the last decade, information technologies (IT) have revolutionized the way people and businesses carry out their daily activities worldwide. There is abundant evidence that the upsurge of technology has been a major contributor to fundamental economic change, notably the growth in global production and the distribution of intangible goods and services. As a result, the digital economy has become the new focus for economic growth in developing countries.

“There is no place better than Buea to witness what is happening. We are here to prepare for that visit (a roadshow to promote and valorise entrepreneurship and agro-pastoral ventures with the youths), Joshua Osih, Coordinator of the Parliamentary Network for Youth Advocacy told journalists.

With the prevailing sociopolitical crisis that has been rocking the two English-speaking Regions, many youths have had to abandon their homes and seek shelter elsewhere with others even going out of the country. It was an opportunity for the coordinator to call for peace to return to the Region.

“We are calling for peace to return (to the South West) and that is why we had to go and see what is going on at the DDR centre in Buea. We talked to the Governor of the SW on how the government can better contribute to ushering peace back into the region.”

“As we head into a budgetary session for November, it is also very important for parliamentarians to better understand the priorities here in the South West. It is a region in the middle of a crisis and if we in parliament do not understand where the priorities are or what has to be done in the NW and SW, we cannot take the right decisions. We need to make informed decisions and us being here will help us ahead of the November session,” Joshua Osih added.


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