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WiredUp, Africa’s First Publishing Platform for Science and Business Excellence on the Continent, Launches Call for Partnerships

September 21, 2022

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WiredUp, Africa’s first publishing platform for extraordinary stories about African changemakers, groundbreakers and torchbearers in STEAM, business and innovation, launched a call for partnerships today. The aim of the call is to partner with organisations in Africa and in the diaspora to help tell their stories in these sectors, to showcase their excellence and to shift the stereotypical narratives about Africa’s contributions to science and industry.

While research has shown that some African innovators have succeeded in creating new markets where many global giants have failed, the stories of these professionals and entrepreneurs remain largely untold. WiredUp, launched in 2020 as the world was managing a global pandemic and dealing with widespread job loss, was born from the realisation that there is a clear lack of coverage of African ingenuity in STEAM, business and innovation in mainstream media globally. The initiative is unapologetic about highlighting the accomplishments of African leaders in these fields as a way to contribute to the continent’s reputational equity and, by extension, economic growth.

Mimi Kalinda, Founder of WiredUp, said: “We are conscious of the fact that Africa, like all continents, faces some developmental challenges. This facet of our story has been exhaustively shared by mainstream media across the world. The good news is, Africa is growing beyond mere potential. Therefore, our narratives must be expanded. Our reality not only speaks of a continent that births great musicians and sports stars; African scientists, engineers, tech experts, mathematicians, business and industry leaders, and innovators in various fields are leapfrogging solutions to global issues. Our mission is to tell their extraordinary stories.

The call for partnerships is aimed at organisations that are doing outstanding work in STEAM, business and innovation, and that are looking to increase the visibility of their work globally. WiredUp offers a full suite of channels with growing engagement, subscribers and followers, including on its website and YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook pages. The platform has interviewed more than 40 innovators from 15 countries in Africa, including Ethiopia, Benin, South Africa, Nigeria, Ghana, Liberia, Uganda and Zimbabwe. Partners will have the opportunity to tell their stories and build awareness of their work.

Potential partners can reach the WiredUp team by visiting the organisation’s website or via social media.

About WiredUp

 WiredUp is a publishing platform for extraordinary stories about African changemakers, groundbreakers and torchbearers. The organisation highlights the accomplishments of leaders in STEAM, business and innovation. Their stories are the backbone of Africa’s narrative – its challenges at a local and global level, its homegrown solutions, and the impact of the continent’s remarkable development. WiredUp is unapologetic about showing the positive aspects of AfricaIt actively promotes African stories of success and triumph despite the odds, and is committed to balancing the narrative scales.

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