The African Energy Chamber (AEC) Welcomes the Appointment of Jude Kearney as Chair Export-Import Bank of the United States (US-Eximbank)

The African Energy Chamber congratulates and welcomes the appointment of Jude Kearney as Chair of the sub-Saharan Africa Committee at US-Eximbank, recognizing that a new era of improved cooperation regarding energy investments, development and trading between Africa and the U.S. is now in sight

As a lawyer, Mr. Kearney has been a pioneer in developing Africa-specific practices in U.S. firms
The African Energy Chamber (AEC) , as the voice of the African energy sector, extends its congratulations to Jude Kearney, Managing Partner for Africa’s International Law Firm, ASAFO & Co and an advisory board member of the AEC, for his appointment as Chair of the sub-Saharan Africa Advisory Committee for the Export-Import Bank of the United States (US-Eximbank).At a time when Africa is seeking strengthened cooperation with U.S. energy companies, technology providers and investors to maximize the production and exploitation of its vast yet unexploited hydrocarbon resources, the appointment of Kearney as the Chairman of the sub-Saharan Africa Advisory Committee spells good news for Africa largely due to the executive’s dedication to helping African energy stakeholders and policymakers maximize upstream, midstream and downstream operations.Established by the U.S. Congress, the sub-Saharan Africa Advisory Committee supports the US-Eximbank develop and implement policies and programs aimed at expanding financial support for companies and services in sub-Saharan Africa. Having provided more than $12 billion in investment across sub-Saharan Africa over the past decade and with African-hydrocarbon producing countries seeking improved ties with U.S. companies and investors to address critical energy challenges, the AEC believes that this appointment will bring in a new era of partnerships in energy investment and trading, further driving socioeconomic development across both the African and U.S. economies.“The Chamber welcomes the appointment of Kearney at US-Eximbank, and we believe that he has what it takes to help Africa take advantage of the massive opportunities present across the continent’s oil and gas sector, driving socioeconomic growth on the back of U.S. expertise, technologies and investment. While energy market trends provide an opportunity for Africa to utilize local resources for energy market growth, we believe that global cooperation as well as institutions such as the US-Eximbank will be vital for fast-tracking oil and gas exploitation,” states NJ Ayuk, the Executive Chairman of the AEC.With over 20 years of extensive experience in oil & gas, project finance, mergers and acquisitions and privatizations in Africa, coupled with his dedication to making energy poverty history across the continent by 2030, the AEC believes Kearney is well positioned to strengthen existing U.S.-Africa partnerships whilst creating new collaborations regarding oil and gas investment, development, monetization and exploitation. In addition to his roles within the US-Eximbank and ASAFO & Co, Kearney is the Chairman of the Board of Directors for nonprofit organization, Winrock International, where the executive works to increase economic opportunities, sustain natural resources and protect the environment for disadvantaged communities in the U.S and across the world. Prior to his current roles, Kearney served in the Clinton Administration as the Deputy Assistant Secretary for Service Industries and Trade Finance and was chief advisor on African policies. As such, Kearney represents the ideal person to lead the continent into a new era of energy development on the back of strengthened U.S. cooperation and partnerships.

*Source African Energy Chamber

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