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Malawi: Former President Mutharika asks incumbent Chakwera to resign

September 16, 2022

By Joseph Dumbula [caption id="attachment_100480" align="alignnone" width="1200"] Former President Mutharika says the current government has brought nothing but misery for Malawians[/caption] Peter Mutharika, Malawi’s former President has come into the news again after outrightly demanding the resignation of Lazarus Chakwera whose government he accuses of failing to tame corruption and various socio-economic ills including a rise in the cost of living. Mutharika has further proposed that the Southern African nation should now have a caretaker government or government of national unity. His calls have however been described as political malice by government spokesperson Gospel Kazako. Speaking to the media earlier this week, Mutharika who lost to Chakwera in a 2020 court sanction fresh presidential poll insisted that his regime was upright in dealing with such problems. ‘’The country is faced with a shortage of forex and fuel and the government is yet to start procuring fertilizer for input subsidy programme. But worse still, the President [Chakwera] is travelling to the United States for the United Nations General Assembly when the nation is in the middle of an economic crisis. This is unfortunate,’’ said the 82-year-old who is president for the Democratic Progressive Party. Mutharika also criticized Malawians for not voting for him even though he claimed to have said the Chakwera regime is not fit for the mantle. “It over two years now and he hasn’t changed anything or tried to manage anything. I think he should resign; the government should resign. After he resigns, there must be a caretaker government or government of national unity,” said Mutharika. Mutharika said the opposition DPP is ready to assist and added that the party has experts in various sectors who can help in recovering the Malawi economy which he said is collapsing. [caption id="attachment_100481" align="alignnone" width="1280"] Gospel Kazako.[/caption] The former president further indicated that after the caretaker government, there must be elections within 90 days. But Kazako has slammed Mutharika for focusing on intentions to divide Malawians. ‘This is not that time for usual politics. We find his statements wanting and not worth because the current leadership has in place proper measures to contain challenges being referred to,’’ he said. After leaving office, Mutharika has been holding a series of press briefings in which he has been critical of the Tonse leadership which has nine political parties in total.  

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