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Kowry Energy Successfully Commissions Decentralised Solar Energy Solutions In Senegal, Nigeria And Mali

September 26, 2022

The analysis of the data provided by these digitised systems can provide solutions to drive demand management while accelerating the growth of local economies
Kowry Energy , a sustainability-driven energy service provider focused on power provision across Sub-Saharan Africa, is proud to announce the successful commissioning of four decentralised solar energy systems in Senegal, Nigeria and Mali within 16months of the company’s incorporation.Kowry Energy provides efficient and affordable hybrid energy systems that strengthen and empower communities and businesses. The analysis of the data provided by these digitised systems can provide solutions to drive demand management while accelerating the growth of local economies.The successfully commissioned projects are the first of several forming portfolios in each country that will be realised within three years.Senegal:Kowry Energy designed a 10 kWp PV decentralised solar energy system with battery storage for Sud Solar Systems to provide access to green and affordable electricity to two public buildings and seven micro-enterprises within the community of Bani in Southern Senegal. The system was designed to support income-generating activities to unlock the community’s economic potential.Nigeria:On behalf of Proserve Energy Services, Kowry Energy designed two 286 kWp PV solar energy systems for a plastic recycling plant and a food processing plant in Abuja, replacing 50% and almost 100%, respectively, of demand mainly from diesel generators. The rooftop-mounted solar systems collectively reduce CO2 emissions by 208,521kg per annum.Mali:In Djine, an agriculture hub in the cotton belt of Mali, Kowry Energy designed a 69 kWp PV hybrid energy system with battery storage and a backup generator for Access Energie. The project will provide reliable electricity to 3,000 residents, 40 businesses and ten public buildings.  Ndiarka Mbodji, CEO & Founder of Kowry Energy, said, “Countries across Africa have resiliently emerged from the pandemic and now face the uncertainty and challenges brought about by climate change, food and water insecurity. We have worked closely with our customers to remove unnecessary barriers to business growth in the local communities they serve; reliable and affordable clean electricity is the backbone of any economy, from which ever-lasting societal foundations can be built, and development can be sustainable. These inaugural projects prove our concept and demonstrate the demand for our unique offering. We look forward to deepening our relationship with our customers and partners in West Africa and to expanding our reach across Africa”.About Kowry Energy:
Kowry Energy is a sustainability-driven energy service provider focused on Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA). The company designs and delivers decentralised hybrid energy solutions with appropriate financing to local energy companies to power businesses and communities. Kowry Energy’s core value proposition is to scale energy access at pace with flexible and modular hybrid systems and to provide data-driven solutions for further growth. Kowry Energy is based in Berlin, Germany.

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