Coding Africa To Initiate Mass Roll Out Of Digital Platform Across Africa

By Wallace Mawire

Coding Africa is an initiative developed by Kampay and its partners that aims to empower young people in Africa to find opportunities in technology and ensure they are prepared for the adoption of Web3, blockchain and cryptocurrency to better their lives and participate in the future. It is to initiate a mass digital rollout of its learning platform over the next two months with its partner organisations in Africa, Mr Chris Cleverly, the CEO of KamPay, for the organization mentioned.

A member of the ruling family of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), His Highness Sheikh Ahmed Bin Faisal Al-Qassimi, has given Coding Africa his full support for the initiative.

The organization has revealed that it will conduct the roll out in  Ghana, Zimbabwe, Kenya, South Africa, Zambia, Uganda and Nigeria.

They have also indicated that during this stage, they are looking to increase their number of users, gather feedback on the platform, and most importantly, introduce children to coding.

They add that in August 2022, they  will have a huge drive for mass rollout, including an influencer campaign, a public relations rollout, and a paid ad strategy. By October, they will be looking to have onboarded 400k users and over 250 organizations partnered with as well as over 10 million impressions across platforms spreading the knowledge of Coding Africa and its partners.

They also say that by implementing a “Learn to Earn” concept, they will enable students to invest in their abilities and make the most out of their education.

The Project currently has three fundamental elements, the Platform, Coding Events and Learn-to-Earn with additional developments currently in the works focused on later-stage learning and career opportunities.

Their learning platform is based on a Learn-to-Earn framework that allows students to unlock new levels and rewards as they keep progressing through their classes.

The design was carefully thought out to encourage students to keep investing their time in their learning and encourage them to dedicate themselves to classes.

The Learn-to-Earn functionality is still in the Beta stage as they ensure its safety, security, and usability.

Coding Africa’s lessons give access to tech-related information and offer the opportunity to understand the fundamentals of programming, which can positively impact the future of the kids and empower them with more and better options for their future.

Their launch event took place in Ghana, with 200 children having their first opportunity to explore the coding world.

The event was a huge success, with positive responses from the staff and children, and with the success, they look to swiftly expand across different locations.

In the future, since the success of their launch event, they have been hard at work planning out the next stages of the initiative.

Firstly, they are looking to expand their reach by supplying their platform to schools, charities and organisations for free in order to increase their users and gather additional feedback to help develop the platform itself.

‘We are also currently working on a teacher onboarding protocol. They currently have this system in place within Portugal, and we are working together to be able to use this approach abroad. In addition to this, we are also working together with a human resource platform, a web3 professional network for high potential talent that will help us provide opportunities for young adults to offer their professional services from the comfort of their own homes. Thus creating a sustainable and regenerative ecosystem, “said George Hung CEO/Founder of Coding Africa.

George said they are looking to replicate and expand as soon as possible, first focusing on additional events across Africa.

They also currently have contact with schools in Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, Zambia, and South Africa.

They are also working with Africa Agility to focus on an African female-orientation of Coding Africa as well as hopes for Coding Asia and beyond in the future.

Coding Africa recently appointed Zandile Matiwaza-Denga as its new Ambassador for its initiatives to empower the youths across the African continent. Zandile Matiwaza-Denga is the Vice President and co founder of the African Grain and Seed (AGS).

Coding Africa aims to provide quality technological education to all children across the African continent. With an evolving world, its mission is to prepare children for the future and to provide job opportunities in technological industries by bringing programmes such as python, Mobile App development and block-chain to better their lives and change the world said Mr Anthony Denga the Founder and President of Africa Grain and Seed and KamPay advisor.

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