Cameroon: Buea Paramount Ruler Touts Vision At U.S State Department

By Ajong Mbapndah L

, Chief Endeley with Gregory Morrison ,Director Office of Central African Affairs

The US State Department got a zest of Bakweri culture today with the presence of the paramount ruler of Buea , Chief Dr. Robert Esuka Endeley. Dressed in traditional regalia and accompanied by a delegation of three, the stop at the US State Department was a major highlight of a charm offensive by Chief Endeley to sell his vision and engage with key partners and the diaspora as he puts in place the foundation of a transformative agenda for his people.

At the State Department, Chief Endeley held talks with Gregory Morrison, Director Office of Central African Affairs, Samantha Powell, and Anthony Navarrete of the Cameroon Desk.

The visit had the dual purpose of selling the vision he has for the Bakweri people to rebuild and re- enhance their culture and plans for the annual cultural festival to unite the people.

According to Chief Endeley, the talks were very fruitful, and a number of important partnership options were explored with the State Department Officials. Citing the example of the Opportunities Industrialization Center-OIC, Chief Endeley lauded the partnership that already exists between the US and Buea . With the influx of internally displaced people to Buea, Chief Endeley expressed the hope that more of such centers could  help in the provision of social cohesion   for people whose lives have been shattered.

Chief Endeley and his Delegation with State Department Officials

While the crisis in the English-speaking Regions were also in discussion, Chief Endeley maintained that the core purpose of the visit was his vision for Buea, and partnerships that could push it forward. For Chief Dr Endeley, it was time for brain gain instead of brain. As the diaspora returns home, Chief Endeley said it was imperative to have amenities and structures in place that enhance their livelihood.

Accompanied  to the State Department by Dr Samuel Moki, Madam Elsie Effange, and Mr Battiston Lyonga, Chief Endeley left the State Department with hope on prospects of more coming from the US and the vibrant diaspora.

Buoyed  by the unbridled excitement during his massively attended coronation in March 2022, Chief Dr Endeley has remain resolute in the quest for a new dawn for Buea.

“One of the priorities of my reign is to see the return of our annual cultural festival called Mbando … This should be the one ritual ceremony that every child born of a Mokpe parent in any corner of the world looks up to… I believe we can have an annual Mbando ceremony where we rotate the venue between our seven Sub-divisions of Fako (Tiko, Limbe I, II, III, Buea, and Muyuka) on an annual or bi-annual basis, ” Chief Endeley said at his coronation.

Chief Endeley was accompanied by Dr Samuel Moki, Madam Elsie Effange, and Mr Battiston Lyonga, Chief Endeley

“As the Mbando kicks off and gains steam, we should consider the construction of a Bakweri Cultural Centre; it will also house a Museum and Library. This will be a building that will host multipurpose offices and an event hall. A Menyoli Library or Monangai auditorium within that facility would be a wonderful thing to have. We could have a Musonge ballroom in that facility too. This building will be the testimony of our unity for generations to come; it will be an example to our children. This will be an ideal place for us to put the statues of some of our Mokpe prominent cultural and political icons,” Chief Endeley said.

The outreach to potential institutional partners and the diaspora is geared towards rallying support for his vision. More meetings and engagements are on schedule for the Chief and his delegation in the days ahead.







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