Burundian :President Sounds Alarm Bells On Possible Coup

By Maniraguha Ferdinand

President Ndayishimiye has a warning for those who want to over throw him

 President of Burundi, Major General Evariste Ndayishimiye has warned whoever is planning to overthrow him, saying  that he is ready to fight with them.

He said it while he was gracing the start of  new judiciary year on 2nd September,  in the  political capital, Gitega.

“Most powerful men became powerful due to their country. As the country thrives, they also thrive but instead of being humble, they opt to shrug their shoulders and being above the law”, he warned

“Dear judges, help to manage these people. Don’t play with a country”, he added.

Although Ndayishimiye didn’t name those whom he accused of plotting to overthrow him, Prime Minister Alain-Guillaume Bunyoni is rumoured not to be in good terms with president.

Bunyoni is one of the most powerful and feared men of Burundi, who served as Police Chief and Minister of internal security  during former President Nkurunziza’s tenure.

Ndayishimiye vowed to defeat those who want him out. “Let those who dare fight [me] slow down because they will never achieve that. Who dare threaten a general with a coup? Who is that?” he asked.

President Ndayishimiye told general population not to panic as he find a way of handling the situation.

“I have endured much turbulence, so that is nothing compared to what I have gone through. Burundi will never  know another coup or war. Those who dream it let them know that they have already failed” he said.

It is not clear what is going in Burundi but even after 2020 general elections, Ndayishimiye was seen as a low profile man compared to the powerful generals such as Bunyoni.

Burundi had never had prime minister position since 2005 when civil war ended, but it resurfaced in 2020 after elections and Bunyoni was named new Prime Minister, a move that some saw as a way of appeasing him.


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