S. Sudan: Any Extension And Roadmap Must Be Time Bound – UK envoy

By Deng Machol

UK Special Envoy for Sudan and South Sudan, Robert Fairweather [Right] and British Ambassador to South Sudan Jonny Baxter address the media in Juba on August 2, 2022
JUBA, South Sudan (PAV) – The United Kingdom’s special envoy to Sudan and South Sudan Mr. Robert Fairweather called on leaders of South Sudan to build trust by involving all signatories in the preparation of a roadmap aimed at extending fragile peace implementation deadline in South Sudan.

Mr. Fairweather said any possible extension must be inclusive, including all the 42 signatories to the peace deal not only two or nine people in order to build confidence.

Mr. Fairweather statement came after the President Salva Kiir Mayardit and his rival Deputy President  Dr. Riek Machar have allegedly agreed to extend the transitional period without providing any further details of the extension.

But Juba government denied any agreement reached to extend the peace government.

Fairweather said the international community want to see a roadmap with a details and actions.

“An extension to the peace agreement is not in itself a roadmap for implementation, what we would like to see is a roadmap which will shed some details of what action will be taken, who will be responsible for delivery of those actions, timeframe and how the implementation will be funded,” Fairweather told journalists in Juba on Tuesday, at the end of his five days itinerary to South Sudan.

According to the UK envoy, if there is a road map, there should be specific milestones, the only way to build confidence.

“Any extension and roadmap must be time bound – it cannot be open-ended. We cannot see an open-ended extension – there must be detailed,” said Fairweather during press conference at British embassy in Juba.

The UK Envoy added that they have seen extension and promises before but this need to be changed this time.

Amb. Fairweather said that the leaders must aim for the trust of the people of South Sudan and also the international community.

The parties to the 2018 revitalized peace deal are yet to graduate the 83,000 unified forces and also enact the permanent constitution and establishment of key institutions on justice, accountability, healing and reconciliation.

At the same event, Mr. Jonny Baxter, UK Ambassador to South Sudan said the UK is concerned for the slow implementation of the peace process.

“The peace agreement has not been implemented fasten enough and this risks a chance to achieve the durable peace South Sudan’s deserved, ” said Barter.

Amb. Baxter says some of the critical matters still pending in the peace deal does not require cash for it to be realized.

“Unblocking the legislation which are blocked, mutual meetings between the president and the vice presidents, opening up of civic space can be done without cost,” said Baxter.

The envoy urged the two principals to set aside their differences and work together in the implementation of peace deal.

The U.K government assured that they will continue to support the people of South Sudan despite the lack of political will from the leaders to the peace deal.

According to UK diplomats, 2018 peace deal is only solution to end the suffering of the people of South Sudan, called upon the leaders to “do as they say.”

Amb. Fairweather also said that the government need to show tremendous committed to peace and prosperity for the whole country and take responsibility that fall on the people who have the government in the country.


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