Ghana: Intruder Arrested For Breaching Ammunition Depot Fencing

By Maxwell Nkansah

The Ghana Armed Forces personnel at the Base Ammunition Depot in Michel Camp, have arrested a middle-aged man who was in the process of breaching the perimeter fence in order to gain entry into the Ammunition Depot.

The suspect, Yaw Boateng, claimed he was from Ashaiman Tulaku and was trying to access the Ammunition Depot to seek aluminum-plated materials for sale.

Upon his arrest, 18 pieces of aluminum plate, iron pickets, and a broken street light lamp holder were found among his possessions. He has been handed over to the Police CID for further action.

GAF, however, wishes to caution the general public that the Base Ammunition Depot is a highly sensitive and restricted security zone that is out of bounds to the general public.

For their own safety and that of others, it is strongly advised that the public desists from tampering with the perimeter fence or attempting to gain any unauthorized access, as there could be serious repercussions for such actions.

Intruders and encroachers are also cautioned of dire consequences for their actions if they fail to pay heed to the numerous public warnings and education on the need to stay clear of a high-security zone such as an Ammunition Depot.

GAF therefore kindly requests the cooperation and support of all stakeholders and the general public in ensuring the security and safety of all.


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