Tanzania: SAGCOT applauds kilosa district council for launching electronic livestock identification

By Michael Sikapundwa, Kilosa

SAGCOT’s project manager, John Banga

Southern Agricultural Growth Corridor of Tanzania ( SAGCOT ) ‘ project manager, John Banga has appreciated  Kilosa district council for implementing of national livestock policy of 2006 by launching electronic livestock identification which will register cattle, goats, sheep, and donkeys. A program expects to look for external markets and solutions to farmers’ and pastoralist conflicts.Banga made a statement over the weekend, during the farming and livestock meeting organized by the district commissioner with the collaboration of   SAGCOT, including farmers, pastoralists, financial institutions, agricultural researchers, and nongovernmental organizations ( NGOs ). Said animals’ tag earrings will provide the opportunity for the external market because it’ll simplify purchasing process since animal information is obtained electronically.‘’  a program will also increase production of strategic cash crops like cotton, rice, sisal, and horticultural products which were identified by regional authority meetings that invited  SAGCOT and other agricultural stakeholders. Thanks, district council we hope the increase of an individual income and district revenue ‘’ he said.Additionally, the government has already allocated funds to improve infrastructures like the tarmac road from Kilosa to Dar es Salaam, hope there will be daily exportation and importation of goods that will stimulate other economic activities between the two regions. Besides Kilosa is among of districts in Tanzania that produce soybeans that are nutritional and its demand is high in China due to Rusia and Ukraine war.District livestock official, Dr. Yuda Mgeni, said before launching the program, a district has already vaccinated animals   174,124 equal to 34 % in 2020/21 to 198,289  equal to 39 % in 2021/22.‘’ Apart from the provision of vaccination, in the financial year 2021/2022 has allocated Tanzanian shillings, 15,194,000/- for completion of  Ruaha abattoir ‘’ he explained.For his part, the revolutionary Party’s chairman in Kilosa district council, Amer Mbaraka, called upon the government to construct wild animals’ paths from Kilosa to other national parks, said their path was destroyed by the construction of the Tanzania Standard Gauge Railway ( SGR )hence forcing them to stay one side of a district then destroying people’s farms and threaten the security of the residents.

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