Canon launches “Capture the action” photography competition to encourage photographers in the continent #CelebrateAfrica

By Thandisizwe Mgudlwa

Amine Djouahra,
Director of Sales and Marketing, Canon Central and North Africa

‘Capture the action’ is aimed to showcase the stars, theirperformance, and the intrepid stories behind their rise to the top.The competition celebrates Africa’s contribution to sports and bringsforth the stories of athletic achievement,” says Amine Djouahra,Director of Sales and Marketing, Canon Central and North Africa.“Canon as a brand has always been at the forefront of innovation andtechnology. This contest embodies of technological brilliance andsuperhuman performance, going beyond the realm of possibility. We arelooking forward to see some amazing actions captured from thecontinent as it’s hosting various international sports events indifferent African countries.Canon, a pioneer of innovative imaging products, announces its latestphotography competition – ‘Capture the Action’ – for upcomingphotographers in Africa in collaboration with Pan African Visions –one of the leading media outlets in African continent.Organisers explain that through this contest Canon is providing aplatform for people to showcase their talent and harness the power ofvisual storytelling. The competition is seeking entries ofphotographers that highlight the high and lows and big and small winsof athletes and performers across Africa. The contest is open forAfrican photographers aged 18 and over.Moreover, ‘Capture The Action’ contest is a chance to illustrate thespectacular moments of athletes in action and follow their journeys.It is also a celebration of Africa’s sports stars as well as thephotographers covering them. In pursuit of encouraging the communityof story tellers we’re providing a platform across social channels toshowcase the user generated content through #CelebrateAfrica. Focusingon this month’s genre of Sports photography, Canon wants to showcasemoments of athletic brilliance, triumph, and glory through thiscompetition which is to run until the 31st of July.The best sports photography shots submitted for this contest in Julystand to win some amazing  prizes and they will be chosen throughpublic voting and an exclusive jury panel cherry picked for thiscompetition.Canon will provide the following three prizes:    1st Prize- Canon EOS R5    2nd Prize- Canon EOS R7    3rd Prize- Canon PRO 200 Printer​Furthermore, Canon encourages African residents to share their bestimages of sports photography. Those wishing to participate can do soby uploading an original picture(s) meeting the criteria to enter thecompetition.They can also visit

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